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Nokia starts shipping N93 and N73

24 July, 2006 | Read the news | Post your comment
Nokia starts shipping N93 and N73 - read the full textToday Nokia announced that they officially start shipping of the Nokia N93 and the Nokia N73 models. Both phones feature a 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) camera with autofocus, Carl-Zeiss lens and mechanical shutter. What is more, each of them has a large 2.4" 262K-color TFT display with a QVGA...


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how to see tv on n73

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  • 2011-12-20 18:26
  • PEqe

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2008-02-27 15:49 from M@T2 - click to readyes dud

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  • 2011-08-29 09:27
  • vGhY

Can you watch tv on nokia n73?

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  • 2008-02-27 15:49
  • M@T2

IF you want to record your active call through the recorder using in Nokia N73 first time it will record but later on the the phone got restart. It will not recorded.

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  • 2006-10-25 10:20
  • RKeM

Im about to get either the N93 or the N73. I dont know which one to get. I saw pics online and it seems the N73 is better, but shouldn't the n93 be better. Anyway If someone can reply and let me know if the n93 is worth it?

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  • 2006-10-19 17:55
  • 4cbw

the n93 "better then the k800 anyday" it's your opinion mr no name fanboy. Not needed thanx. I was actually deciding to pick up this phone, but after seeing its size, and how it felt in my hand, and in my pocket. I turned it down. Although the features on it are nice. Taking pictures with it took to many steps, I didnt like that either, it was like having a transformer in my hand! I did like the wireless lan feature however i dont like looking on a small screen for email i prefer my mini laptop thanx. I guess ill be sticking with my k800i for awhile. Fits me fine fits in my pocket, is small, and easy to take pictures with. Honestly though i was really hoping this nokia would be my next phone, Just sad it didnt fit my needs.

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  • 2006-09-08 00:53
  • 5%rr

phone is brilliant , the camera is clear the looks and features are good ,overall 10/10, better than the k800i any day

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  • 2006-09-02 11:50
  • pw9{

hi ppl, im stuck lol im deciding if i should get a N73 or N80? i currently have the N70 and i cant fault it but im dieing to upgrade so?

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  • 2006-08-23 01:54
  • myru

when will the n93 arriving in uk i am dieing to get one please let me know when it will be arriving?????

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  • 2006-08-22 22:14
  • iLNx

Ihave seen lots of mobile phones but the N73 is the gorgeous one amoung rest of the phones people will love to use such mobiles and thanks to nokia who is representing such a technologies in front of us and may god bless to NOKIA for enhancing us by there efforts.

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  • 2006-08-22 20:28
  • PTn8

i have n73 and its great

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  • 2006-08-17 22:56
  • SkEn

Does anyone know when N73 will b available in Australia? Love to get my hands on one of those!

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  • 2006-08-16 07:02
  • RN8b

Personally i think the n93 is just an update of the n90 and the n73 is an update of the n70 but the n73 is more or less the same as the n80 except the n80 is slide theses phones are all so similar. i have the n80 and my brother had the n90 and a mate has the n70 all these phones are great but something a bit different would be nice the k800i is a hard competitor to beat

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  • 2006-08-10 20:29
  • TkPb

I took da N91 on contract last tuesday da 1/08/06 en on thursday returned it for da 4th time all fones froze on me either while bluetoothing or downloading.Nokia tried to turn a horse en trailor in a parking lot?too much in too little space. Nokia sort out please. And in future dont advertise da fones before dey are released

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  • 2006-08-10 10:41
  • Ghc5

N93 and N73 are both in high definition when it comes to video and stills! Bigger screen - the better!

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  • 2006-08-09 20:37
  • P@Yf

I want the N73! Any phones that fold ( N90..N93) Break easily!

But maybe the N93 has Well Structure.

Does anyone know the Price of N93?

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  • 2006-08-05 13:24
  • iFrj

i am just about to buy a nokia n73 and i am not sure which colours are good i dont like the deep plum or the mettalic red but i like the black colour on the back, does anyone know what colour that is. be most greatfull.

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  • 2006-08-05 10:58
  • iLTH

Ohhh!!!...Very good....

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  • 2006-08-05 07:25
  • npwE

any one know abt the Cost and Date of release in AUS...
dying to have N73...

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  • 2006-08-03 09:32
  • Rxex

hey does any one know when is nokia n95 coming out in newzealand ........... if some one does please mail me on

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  • 2006-08-01 11:16
  • TSDA

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