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Nokia 8800 Sirocco coming soon

Nokia 8800 Sirocco coming soon - read the full textThe new Nokia 8800 reincarnation - the Sirocco Edition, comes as an updated version of the highly successful fashionable model of the Finnish manufacturer. We usually refrain from publishing rumors about would-be mobiles that are not officially announced by the manufacturer. In the case with...


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The Indian press is running a story and the jist is how motorola is slowly eating into nokias market share..... if nokia keep coming with gimmiki phones like 8800 Sirocco and not have a clear technology / value proposition we can soon expect motorola / se and others to overtake nokia .... funny thought ... headlines will read "gum boot maker finally gets the boot"

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  • 2006-08-28 13:16
  • w4q8

Looking forward to getting this handset with the improved battery life , should be one of the better new nokia releases

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  • 2006-08-28 12:46
  • S35r

this phone looks smaller than 8800, or thats what it looks like

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  • 2006-08-28 12:42
  • n0r4

looks like a dent hitted by a hammer or someone pressed it too hard!

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  • 2006-08-28 11:24
  • ijsq

This is just gonna be another one of nokia big let downs, all the N sries phones have major flaws nokia really are letting themselves slip, i've been using a nokia for about 5 years but have now switched to the K800i which looks a million times better than this handset, and what's whith the indentation in the middle it looks like this phone has been dropped, this is just gonna be another over priced waste of metal, they have but a new battery in this model but it still gonna need a good charge very often, i dont see the big attraction to his or the 8800/8801, the buttons are hard to press, although it may seem to have a stylish business look the phone isn't gonna be very reliable, tke my advice and go to sony ericsson, im sorry nokia but you really are letting the side down.

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  • 2006-08-28 10:12
  • S35r

This phone looks all like all the other Nokia's in the 80 series.
Shiny, gimmicky, over priced.

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  • 2006-08-28 09:44
  • Gh6A

r u mad this mobile looks soo cool .. r u in ur senses...

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  • 2006-08-28 08:52
  • PSdv

yes it will surely be nice can t wait to get am saving my money and i hope to get it in green color

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  • 2006-08-28 08:50
  • mXyw

It's difficult to distinguish every detail in those photos, but in my opinion, the keypad and context buttons looked better on the old version. So, lookwise, i still prefer my 8800 SE. As far as the features and battery life go (if the info posted is correct), there's no contest there. Everyone knows the 8800 has poor features and battery life, but then again, it's not a phone about features, it's all about looks and class and exclusivness. So, if Nokia were to remain true to their original concept, they would have either made some feature upgrades and keep the design as it is, and release the 8800i or something (like they did with the 8910 and 8910i) or make some more dramatic or even total changes in the looks, and come out with a new model with whatever features they see fit (in which case, the features listed for the Sirocco Edition are even poorer now then the ones on 8800 were at the time of its release). But hey, Nokia must have done some research and their marketing department must have reached the conclussion this is a good idea and the new edition will sell big time. Time will tell.

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  • 2006-08-28 08:49
  • mAMY

well it is a nice phone,i like its

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  • 2006-08-28 07:39
  • YHCx

The phone is already on sale in Singapore. It has 128mb of internal memory. Its going at s$1488.

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  • 2006-08-28 06:33
  • PUjJ

ya the dent on this phone seems to bother me and the new design on the keypad i still need to see this phone and hold it in person to really get the feel of how it might be

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  • 2006-08-28 02:35
  • jKrA

both colours are good.
I think Mr will be like it...
I like this model too.

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  • 2006-08-28 02:32
  • nqpc

i really like this phone the design too. phone didn't come out yets so no body see its in reallize yet so how come they have a comment

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  • 2006-08-28 02:04
  • kMRv

phone is so sick !!! im gonna get it.

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  • 2006-08-28 01:09
  • j7JK

I recently bought the Nokia 8801 or 8800 and I really like it. This new series called Sirocco, looks the same except for that dent that they put in the middle of the phone, which I don’t like. (Only my opinion). The only thing that I wish for in this new series is more battery life, the ability to put added memory (micro SD or some other), and maybe 3g with a higher resolution on the camera.

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  • 2006-08-28 00:30
  • kP4%

This phone looks sooo cool....not sure which one colour option looks better though. What does everyone else think...

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  • 2006-08-28 00:27
  • n1iS

This phone looks pretty ugly actually. I've had an 8801, which was nice but this one in my opinion looks horrible.

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  • 2006-08-28 00:24
  • QDjn

I think the original 8800 looks nicer. Its something about the new look I do not like. But I'm sure its still a great phone. Still rather have the original though.

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  • 2006-08-28 00:03
  • nEGs

yeah, usually the only people who say the phone is ugly, are the people that cant buy one. when i baught the 8800 i couldnt belive how beautiful the phone was and the sirocco edition is even nicer than the 8800. it was the most beautiful handset i have ever seen in my life. but i got bored with it because of the features, so i baught a sony ericsson w810i. i love the w810i and the way it looks, but in looks it doesnt compare to the 8800, no phone does. i can not wait for this to come out. im not sure if im going to buy it yet becuase of the features. i wasnt satisfied with the battery life on the 8800 or the mp3 player, and the worse thing was it didnt have a memory card slot and it had low memory so you couldnt fit media files on it. im only going to get this phone if it has a memory card slot and better battery life.

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  • 2006-08-27 22:58
  • 43Ta

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