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Sony Ericsson K320, Z558 and more

Sony Ericsson K320, Z558 and more - read the full textAfter some heavy action from the Nokia camp this week, Sony Ericsson strikes back with several new and updated models such as the Sony Ericsson K320, Sony Ericsson Z558, Sony Ericsson W830, Sony Ericsson W958c and Sony Ericsson Z550a models. Sony Ericsson K320 The Sony Ericsson K320...


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sony ericson is best as compare to nokia provides all pleasures of mobile n especially when it cum to muzic n display n camera performance n the main thing is prize is v affordable as compare to nokia i think se is the best

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  • 2006-10-01 13:26
  • Rxfy

The N95 will be out in the first quarter of 2007. Don't you see how close that is from now? The N93 came out in July, and now they already announced the N95. I like the N95 for its 5megapixel camera but how can you bring out it so fast. They should release it in the 2nd Quarter so that they will be able to bring out a bug free phone.
All N93 owners(including me) should be pissed. People like to have the latest phone, but why come out with it so quick?

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  • 2006-10-01 12:52
  • 4mDW

i think one should give credit to se 'coz despite of fact that they have less market share compre to other brands, the had made some of the top class models in the past

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  • 2006-10-01 10:55
  • PGhC

Why doesnt sony make smartphones in the mid-price segment. only nokia explores that area. i am a chronic sony user and i like the ir products very much. they are still in 1.9 inches screen when nokia has given 2.4 inches screen for N73 a mid segment smart phone. think of it sony.....

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  • 2006-10-01 07:04
  • SYaC

Oh my, it's very suprising indeed to see what the mobile technology have changed us. But unfortunately, it doesn't make us wiser.

Frankly, I'm a bit fan of SE, yes! Do I like N? Yes! But I tend to base my judgement on my need (and hopefully all other, too).
Let's be honest, why would we complaining about a feature (or lack of it) when we don't really use them in our daily life?

I like SE for their simplicity, but I regret how they put the features 'scaterred' in different models. It just confuses me in making decision. I like N for their features, but please make more simple designs and also lower price.
If any of them (or any other brands) could just make a phone which well balanced in features-design-price, I would gladly choose it regardless the brand.

By the way, good for SE for their ideas, and well done N for the N95 (still, regretfully for the high price, though).

For you guys: Peace!

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  • 2006-10-01 01:31
  • UDMs

I missed those time when there were only two SE k series (k750, k500 and its variants) where I could not even get close to buying any high-end phones but now there are plenty of k series phones. I like it that SE preserve the style and design of their phones just like some car manufacturer (eg. mercedes).

because there weren't much phones released by SE at that time I ended up starting with nokia, then because of the reason I've mentioned below in my previous post, I changed to another brand.

I really wonder how the z558 would looks cool with the touch screen but with a clamshell I don't know. I guess I'll try it for myself when it is released. maybe it'll be better than what I expect.

the watch also looks awesome. you can control the music from there and even control the calls. If I'm in a class room, I don't need to bother taking out the phone from my pocket and get the lecturers attention. I can see who is calling and hangup if I want to with the watch..hehe.

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  • 2006-09-30 16:37
  • PUiy

if what its nokia sells more and now it have MORE technology in a single handset! sony ericsson (and any other manufacturer will try to do that) i am not a nokia fan boy neither a sony ericsson one but i do really get piss off when someone says things about someone (or manufacturer) that are not true.

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  • 2006-09-30 16:02
  • Pv9c

@Pv9c (noname)
That is the second time I read that you have said something about the handphone before the product is released.
I think you are heavy fans from Nokia; yah Nokia is sure very happy that they have a heavy fans like you.
We can say well, N95 has 'the most complete features' until now. But to say that N95 is 'the best handphone' (hmm too premature). The complete is not always the best. And the most important is how can you say N95 is the best before you try it?
That's my opinion, we wait what our friends here will say.

And we must also remember, to be the best handset is not easy because our need is different. Maybe for you the most expensive is the best but for other people maybe Nokia 1110 even is better than N93 (for example).

If I looked at the last production, it seems that for low to mid range phone SE and Nokia produce similar phone. That's why the SE lovers and Nokia lovers fight each other than with other producer like Motorola or Samsung etc.

We can look at :
Nokia 1110/1112 vs SE J100
Nokia 2310/6030 vs SE J230
Nokia 6101/6103 vs SE Z520/530
Nokia 6070 vs SE K 310
etc etc
And I think SE K 320 is also to compete with Nokia 6080; and as usually SE give more features with the lower price.

But for the mid to high the real difference is that Nokia produce almost with Symbian and SE produce more without Symbian.

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  • 2006-09-30 01:16
  • 5xGQ

Both Nokia and SE are making efforts to gain market share, i dont consider myself a Nokia fanboy nor a SE fanboy, ive got to admit that certain SE phones are very appealing design and functionalywise. But the bad thing about SE is that they tend to fail pretty often... ive bought 2 handsets from SE and both got screwed within the first month of use. SW and HW talking. SE left a bad impression on me and although i find some of its models very appealing, Nokia has never let me down. Im using N3250 and im lovin it. Its been three months already and it functions like the first day.

I know that w800, k750 and their respective cousins take better photos... but man i dont need perfect pics i just need some normal, nice pics for seeing on my phone. Id go with the reliability of my 3250 (and ive got many applications installed in this baby) than the beautiful camera but crappy durability of the SE handsets.

Those are just my 2 cents.

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  • 2006-09-30 01:02
  • B7Aa

nokia fanboys are so lame. basically all fanboys are lame. do not make wierd market predictions when your not an expert yourself.

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  • 2006-09-29 20:57
  • Ui%4

I would love to have a new wrist watch from sonyericsson look good!...I think sony made a good damn phone so far! I used to have nokia but when I turn to sonyericsson, man I never turn back! so does my friends. sonyericsson make very good screen resolution and good useful functions. what nokia have as their base of a good manufacture except rip off customer? nokia phones are so simple and basic cheap stuff and expensive price tag! sonyericsson have so much potential to make the best phone and cheap price...they make good colore tv,nice pc,very exciting game console...etc. what nokia ever good at? they only make phone! and not very good at it

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  • 2006-09-29 20:25
  • PSxR

nokia fans are really getting annoying. They're the first reason why I don't like nokia even if I've used nokia phones before (3 nokia phones). I feel embarrassed to use it (not in front of people but to myself).

people should compare phones with the price range. If phones are compared with price, sony ericsson usually wins. It feels strange when I see people buying nokia phone and care about the functions but for real, there's a sony ericsson phone that got more functions with the same price..and all the good nokia phones are just expensive even the first n series phone. for sony ericsson, even if it is branded with walkman, it's still cheaper.

and some people say sony ericsson copied nokia but what about the nokia's new music phone?..what's with the orange color? the walkman brand for SE is a plus for the design of the phone not just for the software that includes the player with megabass.

I'm a moto e398 user and it's a really good phone especially for the music. I'm planning to get a v3i for the design as it is really cheap now. so i guess people buy their phone based on their opinion. but I still say sony ericsson is doing a good job with it's range of phones with its price.

the name of nokia models also feels messed up and difficult to recognise. don't get me wrong, nokia does make good phones but the fans are getting overboard. for most neutral users, I think they can see it clearly.

for me, I think nokia phones are not all that great except for the the n & e series and some other models which I think is very good. but the price? there are no cheap one at all. of course something expensive should be good.

and about the branding of walkman, cybershot, bravia(in japan) and etc, I think it is a good idea as people can focus on what they want for their phone.

one more thing, do you think many people can buy the nokia n95? I think not.

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  • 2006-09-29 19:45
  • PUiy

What is this, an SE vs Nokia debate.

At the end of the day Nokia has been a market leader for nearly 10 years, SE has only been around for about 5-6 years, and they do make some nice handsets. They won't beat Nokia, but then what does that mean. I mean the Nokia N95 might appeal to some but saying its the BEST PHONE before even seeing one is stupid. I know some that think a Ericsson T28 is the BEST PHONE, coz it is the best phone for signal strength and quality, some still say the 6310i is the BEST PHONE, some like the RAZR for its looks!

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  • 2006-09-29 17:59
  • mgan

wait wait wait SE fans. don't fret. usually SE let Nokia announce their gold items first and then SE will follow around October. that has been the trend for 3 years already come on. anyway I have always been a faithful user of SE phones starting from t68 to t630 to k700 to k750 and now p990. yes, there were some hiccups but when it comes to multimedia i still prefer SE. the lates product release of SE is not yet the big thing. wait, i repeat, wait. :-)

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  • 2006-09-29 17:24
  • PFMh

internal competition...? thats one of the lamest excuse i have ever heard, the n95 ITS THE BEST handset. ITS even smaller than the k800 and IT Have a 5mpx camera wifi, etc etc. its supposed to replace the all in one N80 nokia have not change tactics. sony ericsson was the one copying.

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  • 2006-09-29 17:23
  • Pv9c

omg. This is some week sht from SE. They r losing the battle 4 real.

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  • 2006-09-29 17:06
  • nXPE

Sorry, but BRICK, junky ugly phones like Nokia, there are no space anymore. Thats why they are loosing market.

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  • 2006-09-29 12:46
  • mcuY

Gosh, most of you Nokia fans are so overreactive. Personally I don't root for a single brand but it's so childish that some of you have to go to lenghts to criticise a manufacturer, Nokia releases the N95, big deal. It's been done before, super megapixels. SE just want to take thier time, thye prduce better phones than Nokia and the camera and music quality trump Nokia, Nokia look desperate releasing so many of tired models, they all look the same. Yes, N95 is original but before you know it they will produce remake after remake with nothing original.

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  • 2006-09-29 11:10
  • miAM

now, they bring that small Sony Vaio's stylus pen for mobile phone ? XD

abc: maybe image editing application in the phone ? seen that use of touch screen in one of Fujitsu's mobile phone.

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  • 2006-09-29 10:16
  • xTJH

I dont mind if Sony produces a phone with cybershot,wega,bravia,etc label bcoz i would never buy that.They are not more than just a label. Sony is not a specialist in handphone so they would never come out with a good all-in-one phone. I dunno what will Sony put into their phone afterwards to sell that label. Nokia just put Carl-Zeiss but SE have put walkman,cybershot to their product. Luckily, i think Nokia could grab that lense label before Sony could do that. At least Nokia could compete with Sony in term of labelling. Haha..Anyway, SE certainly will come out with some solution to compete with Nokia, but the solution will be certainly based on Nokia ideas anyway.So, who is the best?Sony label or Nokia?Just think about it.

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  • 2006-09-29 09:33
  • ijqT

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