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Vodafone goes Chocolate

Vodafone goes Chocolate - read the full textVodafone announced their Christmas lineup of mobile phones. The most interesting of all is the new Chocolate LG KU800 which is to feature 3G support, a microSD memory card slot, a 2 megapixel camera and a battery with enhanced capacity. The Vodafone mobiles for this year's winter holidays...


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> In reply to EVA @ 2007-06-08 18:39 from n{xa - click to readi want vodafone.but price is not availeble on internet, please show the prices of vodafone on internet, thanks

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  • 2013-03-19 11:03
  • 6QX0

ive had this phone for ages and it has NEVER broke and the sencitivity is eacy to get used to after a while. p.s im 11.

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  • 2010-01-14 18:43
  • mqRw

Please people who have this phone....
is it gud!!?? is the touch pad to senisve??? do u regreat buying it??
is it worth its money???

thankyou guys (=

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  • 2008-01-16 10:01
  • PEs$

can anybody tell me if and where this phone is available to buy in Ireland....and a rough price?

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  • 2007-06-08 18:39
  • n{xa
  • candddddddddddddylan
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i really want this phone, i heard it breaks easily. is this true?
and are the buttons hard to work?

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  • 2007-05-06 16:33
  • kx7G

i am lovin my lg its great the way it fits in ur pocket dead slim jus very easy to use i love it no bad comments xxx

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  • 2007-01-28 23:16
  • pYxk

this voda is so cool..

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  • 2006-12-24 10:42
  • i}2U

Reading all the comments it seems to be typical fear about new ideas. There are some basic stuff you know in order to truly apperciate this phone. This phone has heat sensitive touch pad and a normal touch screen stuff or push buttons. That means if you operate for sometime or your finger/screen get moist it won't respond (basic physics). When you face that just wipe screen or finger. There are quite a lot of protection so that you don't accidently press key touchpad during call.
Once you get used to touchpad you will see the power. Ultra fast menu navigation great looks when its slider is open.
Its bit short on features.
To the moto guys there is already folder version of chocolate on 3 which has HSDPA and huge internal memory.
In the end I will only say don't be afraid of ecalator because it moves by itself :)

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  • 2006-12-15 15:24
  • M5ZI

If you had a chocolate phone you would know that it can't hang up while you are on the call as the touch pad goes dead the minute you start your call. To hang up you either need to press the red button on the side or slide it shut (if you've activated the slide in that manner). Bring on the 3G chocolate- i can't wait for the better specs in this WAY cool phone :)

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  • 2006-11-24 01:18
  • wfx6

would this phone go on the "3" network?

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  • 2006-10-26 05:08
  • ii9i

this phone is nice looking but that really is about all you could say lg make good fridges washing machines and tv's but thier phones are not quiet there just yet also with the chocoloate has any one noticed when you talk to someone if it toches youre chin or face it hangs up on the call whilst you speak

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  • 2006-10-26 04:34
  • PI0}

if 5 out of 6 motorolas were "faulty" as you describe, they'd be out of business right now after every carrier kicked motorola phones from their network. they'd be losing money quarter after quarter instead of steadily increasing sales and marketshare.

nice try, though.

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  • 2006-10-26 00:31
  • ENM1

The reason networks don't like motorola is cause 5 out of 6 are faulty

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  • 2006-10-25 07:38
  • in%a

dis bomb is da phone WOOOOOO!!!

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  • 2006-10-22 02:10
  • PPCh

Maybe KU800 is "the most interesting" because Moto maxx was announced long time ago - in July. LG KU800 is the only new model fron the bunch.

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  • 2006-10-21 12:27
  • mVVn, your anti-Motorola bias is more evident than ever.

how is this "the most interesting" of all phones announced when Vodafone announced the Motorola RAZR maxx? this piece of garbage LG has a 65k color screen for crying out loud sake. it doesn't even have HSDPA, it's got slow old 384kbps UMTS! AND NO EDGE DATA for BACKUP. it's a buggy piece of crap and people can't stand those touch keys leading to numerous returns.

the RAZR maxx has a QVGA screen, 3.6mbps HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and EDR Class 2. the touch sensitive keys are limited to the exterior instead of forcing you to actually navigate the handset with them. it's 2mm slimmer yet has better battery life, WITH the QVGA screen. it has EDGE data for places without UMTS. a true HTML Opera Browser comes installed. and it comes in the world famous and globally accepted RAZR design.

you really dropped the ball on this one,

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  • 2006-10-21 05:08
  • k1@y

I work in a carphone warehouse retail shop that do all 4 networks and we already have this phone on one of the networks such as meteor and we've had the majority of those phones back that we've sold. There are way too many problems with them. The phone is brutal. You need the standards of the sony ericsson K800i on the irish market to compete with anything available on a network in ireland. The country itself is just so slow at getting handsets in on networks but saying that, that is down to the networks themselves, they're crap at decision making opportunities for sales.

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  • 2006-10-20 11:04
  • M3s@

I work for a vodafone dealer and I can't wait for this phone, as it's gonna make me a lot of money...

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  • 2006-10-20 05:18
  • AeLb

Looks can be deceptive - don't shell out cash based on looks alone. This could be great but to honest LG need to get their functionality & UI right. If the chocolate was so successful how come you never see anyone in the street carrying one anymore?

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  • 2006-10-19 15:17
  • Mk4i

WOW, what else can I say, I have never seen anything like it, I have been waiting for so long to see a slide handset come out on the market, cant believe any other manufactures have not done it before, also a full colour screen, I am just counting down the days until mobile phones come out that have built in cameras. Also I have heard a roomer that they are making one that you can listen mp3 music on,(donít believe that!!)

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  • 2006-10-19 11:36
  • Mx@E

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