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Does Samsung have a Tegra 2 Galaxy S II I9103 in line too?

16 February, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Does Samsung have a Tegra 2 Galaxy S II I9103 in line too? - read the full textAn intriguing benchmark score revealed information on a covert Samsung smartphone, model number I9103. Even more, it runs on the NVIDIA dual-core Tegra 2 SoC instead of Samsung's own Exynos platform. This could mean that we have a new smartphone waiting to be unveiled or just that the Galaxy S...


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samsung galaxy s2 i9103 will better with a 8 mp camera and 1080p video recording and with ics 4.0.4 update ...........

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  • 2012-05-11 12:10
  • t@JV

will there be 2 models in the same region.
i mean the samsung galaxy i9100 and the samsung galaxy i9103 in the same region. so there will be 2 models to choose from.
and on the official samsung galaxy s2 website it's written that it'll have a 4.3 Super AMOLED plus display. i mean we could just hoped that the i9103 model use the Super AMOLED plus display instead of the Super Clear LCD display. but it would be better that every region have got 2 models. so there will be satisfaction from super clear LCD lovers and Super AMOLED plus lovers.

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  • 2011-05-01 15:19
  • txLh

who told you guys that it wont have super amoled plus? there is no single word about s2 not having a samoled plus screen. its just the soc/processor that will be different in some versions because according to samsung, it cant reach the demand with just their propriety processor "exynos"

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  • 2011-03-13 03:11
  • 3CbC

> In reply to Marty @ 2011-03-04 02:47 from S3bL - click to readthis is a dual core phone bro! is two times what galaxy s was!

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  • 2011-03-13 03:04
  • 3CbC

> In reply to Fury @ 2011-02-21 00:12 from Y9jD - click to readexynos will run at 1 GHz dc... At least thats what it says on their webpage...:D

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  • 2011-03-04 02:47
  • S3bL

I am sure that only the processor part is optional & the screen is 4.27 inch.the only cause that made me so sure is that if samsung galaxy s2 has super amoled then there would be no such points to seperate galaxy s2 from galaxy s....can anyone post that what is the alternative processor beside 1ghz ?

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  • 2011-02-27 15:27
  • kUW@

Yes there will be two versions of the Galaxy S2 95% sure. With that in mind if it does go that way North America will obviously get the Tegra 2 remember the Exynos runs at 1.2GHz while the Tegra 2 is at 1GHz should be interesting when they are both out.

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  • 2011-02-21 00:12
  • Y9jD

1- The specs page doesn't seem to be so clear about the screen region dependently. some of us think it's only the cpu which is region dependent.
2- Galaxy S II can't have this super clear lcd and retain its thickness of 8.5mm. I mean LG worked so hard to make the optimus black thickness 9.2mm.
3- Maybe Samsung don't take so much care about their customers who already bought their devices. But we're certainly sure they know quite well how to attract people to buy from them. They know if they said to the customer "sorry, we're not providing S-Amolded+ to your region. it's your fault u live here" will totally push him away from them.
4- They're explaining in their first pages how the s-amoled+ screen looks different than other screens. They're flirting it in their commercials. That can't be a region dependent thing.
5- when they discontinued the super amoled display from the galaxy s 1 they changed its model, and made it as if it's another phone (Galaxy SL). why? coz they just don't wanna ruin the reputation of this very good phone. That shows how much they're fond of their own display technology. They just can't merge (High Tech) Display with (Low Budget) one in one phone. Let me say this is sooo unsamsungy

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  • 2011-02-17 14:20
  • fkfG

I waited since last year!!don change the SAMOLED plus screen!!please!!i dont mind the SoC!!

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  • 2011-02-17 07:48
  • tVnY

wtf?i'm waiting for this phone since last year...i don't mind the processors man!!the SAmoled plus Screen is the big deal!!

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  • 2011-02-17 07:45
  • tVnY

If samsung dose this it will kill their fan base and loyalty they heve built up... Dont Go the cheating way Samsung

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  • 2011-02-17 06:39
  • vGqJ

In actual spec list of Samsung Galaxy s2,nowhere is mention that the screen is region dependet.It says * Display: "4.27" in actual measurement.About the CPU * May not be applicable in some regions means that in selective regions S2 will have Tegra2 SoC.

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  • 2011-02-17 01:58
  • 04Py

If u read the official specs page, u will see just one of the stars is related to the screen which is about size, Super AMOLED Plus screen is not region-dependable!

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  • 2011-02-16 23:45
  • 0yw8

is there any rumor for the price?

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  • 2011-02-16 23:33
  • nUZQ

Do they have in plan one without rfs file system? That's the one to buy.
between tehra and orion, probably orion is the winner but it will make no difference on the phone because of the lag generated by the file system samsung created.

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  • 2011-02-16 23:10
  • LaI3

for my the exynus processor is more important than the super amoled screen, but even with sLCD screen and tegra 2 it's a wonderfull mobile! if the difference is price is acceptable then let it be exynus and sLCD !

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  • 2011-02-16 22:44
  • J5@P

I would rather have the tergra chipped phone for the hardware accelerated flash that comes with the chip and the nvzone of games.

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  • 2011-02-16 19:52
  • pKD5

i don't care which one they use, just give one to t-mobile USA, i been saving my upgrade for this EVEN B4 ANY OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!(yes i was hoping for a galaxy s2 since last year)

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  • 2011-02-16 19:46
  • Ygyq

dear gsmarena, when u check the official specs page again, yes you'll find two starred specs (the one with the processor & the one with the display), but at the bottom of the page you'll find two explanations, each one is for each starred spec. so what i really believe, is that the first star (cpu's one) is the one which is regional dependent. the second star (display's one) is the one for the 4.27" actual size. That means that only the cpu platform will be regional dependent, meanwhile the display will be the same in all regions, but it actually measures 4.27" not 4.3".
That's what i believe, that's what makes more sense, and that's what we all TRULY hope.

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  • 2011-02-16 19:27
  • fkfG

it suck's if there is even a small chance that the S2 i going to lose the Super Amoled Plus disply. I have the Galaxy S and it came to Orange Romania with the Super Amoled display, so i hope i will be able to make the upgrade to S2 by the end of the year, that is if it comes with Amoled display, anything else is out of the question.

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  • 2011-02-16 18:22
  • 0Ue9

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