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Eten glofiish M700

Eten glofiish M700 - read the full textA new PocketPC by Eten, a company with solid traditions in portable devices, is another interesting device, which was recently announced. The Eten glofiish M700 is the first device by the company to incorporate a sliding QWERTY keyboard. But more is better, right? After beginning work on...


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O2 sucks!bad design,I see nothing interesting.Compare with an O2 phone that has the same functions, eten is the best because of it's stylish design, quick respond and stablity. I'm using an M600+ and soon get married with M700 :)

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  • 2007-04-30 19:32
  • 2ILX

i have's really great.on march 2007, i got it at indonesian rupiahs 5.150.000. isn't it a great bargain?
first i just want the gps but now i love it.but since now i dont need gps anymore,i want to sell it.hehehe

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  • 2007-03-10 15:10
  • UDQy

Why don't put all the best feature and latest parts together

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  • 2007-01-02 02:51
  • F4pr

I think as somebody noted, all specifications of Glofish X700 are exactly the same except GPS & EDGE I guess. Also the form factor (Slimmer)and cost factor may count. Can anyone tell the cost though.

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  • 2006-12-20 08:35
  • PBKh

this phone will be the best PDA/Smartphone out. Slide keyboard for the texter, GPS for the one that gets lost, wifi for anyone! and thin enough to not feel uncomfortable in your pocket.

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  • 2006-12-02 19:18
  • 4P3D

The Glofiish M700 is unique imho. If you must compare specs then check them carefully on page and page :

Though cliche slider form factor functions similarly and bluetooth GPS can be purchased separately, TyTN lacks both the Glofiish M700's built-in SiRF Star III GPS receiver with TMC support and FM radio. Whereas Glofiish M700 specs lacks TyTN's 3G HSDPA when and where available and videocall camera.

The TyTN is 4.5mm shorter, 2.2mm thicker, and 11g heavier than the Glofiish M700.

Other notable differences are the Glofiish M700 has both a standard miniusb port and a 2.5mm headphone jack. The TyTN instead has a proprietary ExtUSB port to double as its headphone jack, has an infrared port and a scroll/jog wheel. The TyTN also rates less GSM talk time of 5 hours with 3G talk time even much less on its 1350 mAh battery (versus the Glofiish M700's 7 hours with its 1530 mAh battery).

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  • 2006-11-30 11:39
  • QUaf

judging by the specs this phone is a copy of the htc tytn

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  • 2006-11-29 16:07
  • SY5A

this fon is great i really like the speed.

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  • 2006-11-29 12:38
  • mcu1

but still not the best

only HTC TyTn (I-mate JasJam) is the best

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  • 2006-11-29 09:36
  • Nyjx

As discussed below already and based only on specs :

If you "need" an all-in-one QWERTY PPC with Wi-Fi but also need the wireless high speed data (faster than the more common EDGE) with voice service offered by 3G and if 3G is available or soon to be available where you are travelling at reasonable cost to you then consider the TyTN or one of its rebranded clones.

If you need an all-in-one QWERTY PPC with Wi-Fi, built-in FM radio, and will install compatible GPS navigation software you like to use with its built-in GPS receiver with TMC support, and find the cost of data transfers when available through GPRS or high speed EDGE satisfies you then consider this Glofiish M700.

For comparison, note that TyTN also supports wherever available HSDPA (aka 3.5G) speeds of up to 1.8Mbps along with EDGE's up to 236.8kbps.

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  • 2006-11-28 21:28
  • QUaf

GPS vs G3. Which one is more important?

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  • 2006-11-28 18:01
  • GFjf

Great phone

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  • 2006-11-28 15:54
  • Mx@E

But this phone unline TYTN doesnt have 3G ;)

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  • 2006-11-27 20:56
  • n}qF

medici, as per replying to Toon's post earlier, if indeed these additional interface design features (scroll wheel, ok/back and other buttons) on the TyTN prove useful enough to be sought after by discerning buyers (and not to mention its HSDPA) then obviously (unlike the TyTN's twin Dopod CHT 9000) the lighter M700 cannot be a re-branded TyTN despite the similar form factor. Hope this helps decide which is better or perhaps wait for their successor next year that is even more better.

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  • 2006-11-27 03:20
  • QUaf

Toon, do agree mostly with your points. However in your honest evaluation of these two, would you or would you not also miss the additional buttons above and below the touchscreen, i.e., the mail launch, the browser launch, the ok/back and softmenu buttons as well as the side scroll/jog wheel of your beloved TyTN and the convenience they offer, which this pre-production model M700 appears to sorely lack. TIA.

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  • 2006-11-27 02:28
  • QUaf

Looks very good. Matches HTC TyTN (probably family)that is now the top business-tool, but has the two spec that the TyTn misses: 1) GPS (great!) 2) FM radio (for whom wants that) and is even a little thinner and lighter than the TyTtn. TyTn has UMTS/HSDPA, but as I have one and do all my mail by GPRS, because it is alot cheaper, that's no disadvantage in reality if you use it for that. I just got my TyTn and enjoy the suitabilty for frequent e-mail, so I'll stick to it. This machine however is even more attractive because of the buit in GPS-receiver. The only weak point is now the poor camera (in low light conditions even useless), compared to the competition (Nokia N73, Sony-Ericson K 750 or K 800.

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  • 2006-11-27 01:25
  • mG8E

Is this just a re-branded HTC TyTN? Or better?

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  • 2006-11-25 15:34
  • irKq

I believe the upcoming nokia n95 is more better than this bulky device.

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  • 2006-11-25 11:39
  • T2$R

Wow, I love this phone so much, it is intergrated all the modern specifications, like GPS reciever, powerful CPU, 2MP camera, slide keyboard (which is much useful)... So, HTC, please upgrade your phone and be careful !!!

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  • 2006-11-25 10:14
  • ULUX

i love eten phones .as all thephones are so stylish and well equiped with modern features. so eten has always been my first choice...david daniel

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  • 2006-11-23 05:19
  • PFHM

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