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Watch the Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 get test tortured to death

18 February, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Watch the Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 get test tortured to death - read the full textWhen we buy a new phone we are always concerned if its body is scratch-resistant or will it get dirty quickly. That's what we call build quality and no matter your reasons (just enjoying the gadget unspoiled looks or looking for a maximum resale value) it is important. Enter and...


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WTF. That was 100% biased! you gave iPhone 3 stars on practically everything. how can nokia lose to that. Nokia is made of gorilla glass, and full metal!

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  • 2012-08-03 21:47
  • 4xXV

this is the most biased video ever! The iphone 4 doesn't stand a chance in front of n8. The rating was... illogical.

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  • 2011-10-24 13:23
  • vG17

this is the most biased review/stress test I ever saw..I both have these devices and honestly I favor the Iphone 4 for its operating system over the n8..but durability wise, the n8 would outlast the iphone..I personally experienced this. To anybody who disagrees I would bet my n8 and my iphone! this test is a joke!

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  • 2011-10-04 07:12
  • t7TY

deviated to iphone I hope you are not related to Apple co

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  • 2011-08-05 14:17
  • fvxt

the iphone rating is complete BS.

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  • 2011-07-24 18:44
  • Ia9H

how come you give iPhone the same rating in the temperature test, even though N8 fully functioned and iPhone's screen needed restarting the phone to function again, and in the wear out test, u didn't even show us the iPhone after the test, this is painfully looking like a marketing propaganda to me to show what isn't right and only to make iPhone sell better !!!

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  • 2011-06-23 02:27
  • fvGW

Iphone 4 beats N8 signal strength? No way.

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  • 2011-06-06 15:38
  • i8wS

This seems like a quite biased test, besides the Iphone 4 is more expensive than th Nokia N8... I think this is just marketing propaganda...

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  • 2011-04-30 12:38
  • MqMG

> In reply to anny @ 2011-03-22 07:54 from vG2T - click to readWell we can tell something about at least a few of the Apple users. They cant spell worth a dime.

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  • 2011-04-01 18:36
  • n4y{

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-02-20 18:17 from Q$P2 - click to let's ask ourself why does some nokiaN900 and HTC Desire users are hidding their phones behind all kind of rubber cases? I am nokia fan...and had quite few handsets from their N series. After 10 years of using nokia phones, i can tell that they sufferd from a child diseases just as much as iPhone does. They are extremely sensitiv on low temps. Crashing, watter, dirt, false reading of bat capacity etc etc...but the truth is, we are living in consumer society and there are no other brand that has so much of aftermarket gadgets like the Apple does for iPhones. You can love it or hate it...but iPhone definitely made his mark thru past years.

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  • 2011-03-27 12:33
  • prQH

> In reply to hkr @ 2011-02-20 18:46 from 2SRd - click to readCome on u really think that this video isn't biased? HE dropped IP4 for the first time, tapped few times on/off button and said it turned off...why the screen wasn't shown first time picked it up from the ground?

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  • 2011-03-27 12:05
  • prQH

iphone 4 is just out standing!!!!!itsss just amazing!!!!i8 dont care wat other think about it!!!!n its just tat u guys have n8 dosen mean its d best!!!!it suckss big time!!!!its not even a month mah friend brought n8 n itss with so many scratches!!

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  • 2011-03-22 07:54
  • vG2T

n8 is the best

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  • 2011-03-11 03:56
  • IVEG

n8 is the best

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  • 2011-03-08 18:45
  • up77

> In reply to Cirez @ 2011-02-24 13:25 from P$uD - click to readDude.. Get a life.. iphone market was hit badly when it turned out to be a phone having loads of issue related to reception. I still remember the time when iphone was compared to the old time's piece of stone which has no features. The worst part about iphone is that the software if too dependant on itunes to transfer data to the device and for the rest of the apps you have to pay a hefty amount. Also it does not provide too user friendly interface to the people if they want to switch over to Android or Mac from Symbian. Also the most important part is bluetooh data transfer which is not there, this bothers so much to the users who are used to of sending and recieving files and data through bluetooth or using wireless accessories which is almost not there on iphone. iPhone cannot win over Nokia customers because of the said features also the price comparison which is the most important part in buying a phone. So you cannot compare all these gadgets with each other..

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  • 2011-02-25 16:14
  • PDTc

> In reply to chef @ 2011-02-23 12:16 from M3s@ - click to read@chef u r 100% right nokia were rulers now its history.....go for android.....or iphone......i wudnt recommend windows 7 cos it has many things u cant do on the phone......

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  • 2011-02-24 13:25
  • P$uD

has anyone even seen how badly nokia are doing at the moment? compare the n8 sales to the iphone for a start ,and then compare the speed of the handsets, nokia are well behind most of the other manufacturers. why do you think nokia have been forced to take on windows?because there smart phone sales are pitifully low and they are in the back seat , when brands like htc apple and samsung are smashing the market with descent reliable smart phones , i work in the mobile industry and selling nokia smartphones has become a pain in the back side ,cant be bothered with them anymore constantly coming back with issues, but it seems people are still hanging on to the fact they make reliable easy to use handsets ,this is only the case with lower cost phones, wise up nokia ,get android/windows7/apple dont waste your money

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  • 2011-02-23 12:16
  • M3s@

who cares about this?

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  • 2011-02-23 04:05
  • kUW@

hello. i am mohamad from iran tehran. i love nokia specially N8 and N86. to my mind N8 better from apple. apple as preposition toy. but nokia have authentic. in iran all people love nokia. only nokia. thanks for read this comment. i love you

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  • 2011-02-22 18:59
  • TuGn

I have dropped my iphone 4 twice and not a single scratch.
I was suprised, it was on concrete.

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  • 2011-02-22 16:44
  • MVg6

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