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Samsung Galaxy Ace Gingerbread ROM breaks free

22 April, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung Galaxy Ace Gingerbread ROM breaks free - read the full textWell, well, what do we have here? We can‘t quite remember Samsung committing to a date for updating the Galaxy Ace to Gingerbread but we just got wind of the first pre-release ROM build slipping out in the wild. There is nothing much to add. The ROM takes the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to...


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how to upgrade samsung galaxy ace

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  • 2012-10-17 15:33
  • s8FZ

Is there a way to add a photo to a contact in the phone book??

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  • 2011-11-24 11:37
  • Nh1C

can anyone help me if there is arabic language in gingerbread? please help me, thank you

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  • 2011-07-29 19:23
  • nxTe

> In reply to prasanth arasu @ 2011-04-23 11:59 from vIfB - click to readi have the same cases like you huhu until now i doesn't hve the solution hhmmmm the way im using galaxy gio :)

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  • 2011-07-21 20:34
  • K1Em

I know that updating Ace to 2.3.3 significantly improves resolution for video recording, I wonder if there are any other perks as significant as that one? Flash for example? It would be very helpful if someone could list the benefits of updating it, thx.
P.S. I intend to buy it soon and immediately switch to gingerbread...

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  • 2011-07-02 00:00
  • SH{T

Me too i'm owning this one for quite a while now i'm still enjoying froyo lot of applications as well but i'm also waiting for this Gingerbread true blood android thing to experience, i thought samsung will not release this anymore, I will just wait Samsung to announce this official and just sort it out with them through samsung service center instead of doing it on my own(kies or other sites offering it) and ending up going to greenhills or mega mall or trinoma service center and fix it for failure firmware update, anyways good news for those using Ace as well, does anyone knows how to get installus alike on(iphone) or rooted(whatever it called to cheat paid application.. thanks in advance? (is there any retail store offers paid applications as well in Greenhill..?

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  • 2011-06-16 10:06
  • vxt3

you may download the latest gingerbread for ace at or the firmware is XXKPE

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  • 2011-06-08 07:03
  • 98qE

> In reply to drew @ 2011-04-22 16:38 from sxvy - click to readHi drew,
How did you update your software to gingerbread ROM?

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  • 2011-06-04 09:17
  • 9Lb7

> In reply to skerplee @ 2011-04-23 13:50 from 3EaX - click to readHey Guys,
Since its not available thru skies yet, where can we download it alternatively? Cheers

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  • 2011-06-03 07:04
  • 9Lb9

How to get this froyo?

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  • 2011-06-01 14:33
  • TRFe

after updating will it's browser give full flash support ??

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  • 2011-05-26 12:49
  • ITWJ

Hi, when can flash the version ginger bread at malaysia?

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  • 2011-05-22 18:37
  • IWaL

how long does Samsung usually give out their updates

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  • 2011-05-11 05:26
  • ubfQ

can anyone tell how is the phone functionality after 2.3 rom installing.regarding camera ,android market ,other apps.and the screen response..thank u in advance

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  • 2011-05-10 18:17
  • j0c1

guys if i update it can i change it back to 2.2 just in case?

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  • 2011-05-07 01:14
  • fvDP

No update still not available through kies

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  • 2011-04-30 00:59
  • fvV3

> In reply to pujitjuneja @ 2011-04-22 18:19 from utp1 - click to readi think not, there is an API for the autofocus functionality, now if it is not used properly you'll get poor image quality, i see this happen with this gingerbread version, "Auto focus" focus well but the resulting image is off, this means that the processing reverts back to pre-focus value that is why image is blurry. I hope they can fix this one.

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  • 2011-04-28 16:19
  • t7Xi

done updating to gingerbread.. yummy.. need to check again if all apps are working fine..

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  • 2011-04-28 07:59
  • 98qE

is update available on kies for galaxy ace

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  • 2011-04-27 21:14
  • 2S{D

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