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HTC Rider, Holiday and Puccini images leak, not impressed

HTC Rider, Holiday and Puccini images leak, not impressed - read the full textThe Korea Telecom heading HTC Rider plus the appearing for the first time AT&T-bound HTC Holiday plus the 10-inch tablet and Puccini leak via official mockups. The two phones look quite similar, but this is hardly a surprise for HTC fans. We already met the HTC Rider. It's the Korean version of...


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Hello everyone, but where wecan find,? the HTC Puccini Rablet pad.Thanks*metin*

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  • 2012-05-10 19:04
  • SnDd

this info is wrong it is suppose to be LTE not HSPA+

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  • 2011-05-20 02:41
  • s1a}

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-05-10 15:15 from w4H4 - click to readGingerbread for DHD is out already.Original desire 2.3 is on its way.

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  • 2011-05-11 14:50
  • 3Auu

When will the HTC guyz provide a gingerbread upgrade to Desire and Desire HD ??

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  • 2011-05-10 15:15
  • w4H4

What about iphone, they for years did goed with same desigh, and nobody complains, and HTC are changing minor things with desighn, wich for me is good when you already got very good design...

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  • 2011-05-10 12:33
  • 3SqG

> In reply to zhiletkin @ 2011-05-10 08:01 from 5y9D - click to readDumpest idea i ever heared.

Do we care the design of our phone? or even our TV?
Answer is : Definitely YES.
I dont care the design if HTC can provide powerful phone with all same design with Ultra LOW PRICE TAG.

So, if compare to others phone with same price and powerhorse, design stand out. I DOUBT you are blind. so you dont care the design...

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  • 2011-05-10 10:27
  • PS6t

why everybody care so much about unique design? do you care about your TV design? They are all similar, and nobody complains. This design is the most ergonomic, so why should they use anything different?
But I'm agree that HTC simply stamps too many similar models at a time. They could have less than half of them and still have enough to satisfy all their customers.
And I completely don't understand different designs for different markets. Can anybody explain why do they do it?

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  • 2011-05-10 08:01
  • 5y9D

I don't think everyone at the top gets that this phone is packed full of features. Let me guess iPhone boys right????

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  • 2011-05-10 07:54
  • Sp8}

Looking at the series of releases HTC has made over last few months, why don't they organize a competition where they will place all their phones next to each other and then ask people to identify which is DHD, DHD2, Rider, EVO ...........boy it is going to be very tough...... :)

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  • 2011-05-10 07:47
  • b2P0

> In reply to SE Troll @ 2011-05-09 22:30 from nGSd - click to readReally. iclone design. You must be slightly slow.
HTC had full touchscreen phones well before apple had thought of releasing a phone and acting like they are the best.

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  • 2011-05-10 03:06
  • ijx6

I dont get these comments about rectangular phones... what are you expecting?? of corse the screen is rectagular hence the body follows suit. why troll about designs? there is a reason phones follow design predecesors and iphone wasn't the pioneer

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  • 2011-05-10 01:56
  • IaaG

When HTC came onto the scene they were new fresh and innovative...Just look at HTC Hero, had and awesome and unique design...but now they ALL look exactly the same.

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  • 2011-05-10 01:38
  • iL%3

I like how they all look similar

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  • 2011-05-10 01:23
  • IaHR

I wonder why htc makes all phone square with no major design? when htc flo was first released, the k-jam, titan's 1 and 2- all those fones were gud. now, even the infuse is a square with arm 1,2 ghz processor. nothing new.

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  • 2011-05-10 00:12
  • Pgp8
  • Yet Another Android
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But didn't gsmarena say that the Rider had a sexy design? Go back to the previous article and read what gsmarena posted. Now they FINALLY see how uncreative HTC is when it comes to phone design. The HTC parade of Black Pop Tarts continues.

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  • 2011-05-09 23:39
  • RbqJ

> In reply to Law @ 2011-05-09 18:22 from v6h1 - click to readEverything on the Market now is a rectangular brick.

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  • 2011-05-09 23:35
  • t7JG

Great....another touchscreen identical HTC phone...

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  • 2011-05-09 22:37
  • k7PV

Same old iClone design every Android manufacturer bar Sony use.

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  • 2011-05-09 22:30
  • nGSd

No sense of design at all doll company very doll

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  • 2011-05-09 19:24
  • ftVi

The last line should have read:

"With so little innovation available. . ."

And I guess HTC is coming up with porn-esque naming conventions now. Hell yeah, cos a "Rider" is a "Puccini" on a "Holiday"!

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  • 2011-05-09 18:55
  • 2@UP

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