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Nokia puts 5700 and 5070 on the table

Nokia puts 5700 and 5070 on the table - read the full textToday Nokia announced the intriguing Nokia 5700 XpressMusic and the affordable Nokia 5070 bar. The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic looks like a mix between 3250 and 5300 models while the Nokia 5070 widens the Nokia portfolio in the budget segment with new... colors. The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is the...


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if u really want to know the truth the nokia 5700 xpress music is just like the death warrant for the s.e. walkman series phones ... this phone can hold upto 4gb memory (its true some sites says it can hold 2gb memory but the truth is it can hold 4gb without any problems) i've been using it for more than 3 weeks i never got a crashup at least once or it restarted only one time for all these weeks ... (as u know most of the symbian phones crashes most of the time and having hang ups and restarts but this smart phone called 5700 xm is superb compared to those ...) its very fast with its new symbian os s60 3rd edition than any other smart phone ... the sounds through the dual speakers are regenerated with more quality because of its dedicated music chip ... 16 m color display is awesome this is one of a kind phone for u dont miss the chance on using it and if u aint a music lover dont buy it but if u at least love music by 15 % then put ur hands up for this mobile ... is this phone built targeted on young music lovers ?? noway it is targeted on anyone ... anyone can use it if u love music ... and u will love it ... as for me this phone is magical ... well done nokia .... back to music !!! (by the way im always waiting for the new firmware update to be released for this master piece device ...)

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  • 2007-08-19 19:05
  • w9Lm

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of Nokia 5700 XPress Music?
Since I am going to buy that phone.

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  • 2007-07-17 08:13
  • U2Y2

Hallo Guys,
You have tried with all intents and purposes to highlight in a more elaborate manner about nokia/sonyerikson...what comes out clearly is the competitive edge from whichever side:-nokia and/or sonyericson...>comparison between one or two phones gives theories that do not hold any water.Someone talked of Nokia 6270; bravo!! the best phone i have seen from nokia,great sound-stereo-speakers with 3D effects;Edge and 2mp camera.i.e. fyi/a....needless to say sonyericson beats nokia in one area only...innovativeness of the camera ON!LY!
Other features am sorry sonyericson needs to go to the kitchen with a better recipe!
Keep up Mr. Nokia!!! you are really exciting!!!But the introduction of 5200/5300 really lets us DOWN.....
Guys see you next time as the season begins!!! Manchester United still in the RACE for a treble next season.....hahahahahaaa!!!!

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  • 2007-07-15 18:59
  • mib2

blah! a very cheap try to imitate SE's style but nokia has always been lame in their efforts and price their mobiles so high that eventually they have to slash 'em so that thay could at least churn out the cost they put in to build that crap.. lol nokia still has a long way to go to meet the standards set by sony ericsson .. but i'll have to give a round of applause for nokia ppl that they never stop with their half hearted efforts..

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  • 2007-06-11 17:19
  • w0Wx

sonyericsson will never be able to create a phone like n93i. U sonyericsson lovers should switch to nokia-seriously. Well i gotta say that nokia is the best mobile brand in the world and it has the greatest sales. With the nokia 5700 xpress music,se walkman phones will be left behind. SO SAD

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  • 2007-06-05 12:09
  • PVtq

not worth it might as well get the 5300 slide for the same price!

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  • 2007-05-21 02:44
  • inyU


when is the Nokia 5700 available ?


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  • 2007-05-17 19:37
  • mVXX

its not the phone to get! it has low batt.

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  • 2007-05-16 06:17
  • inyU

I like it ! ;-)

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  • 2007-04-25 09:19
  • Uv}a

ash from manila:

from d cinema entrance juz go straight ahead and go up [dun sa maraming stalls, i hope u get it, ung sa maramihan na bazaare, open big space, ung may dunkin donut na stand]. from d stairs, juz turn left [nasa pinaka left side] and go in d middle section [after ng isang exit door] start askin from dat point, and u'll come across a sales lady mga early 30s if m not mistakin, [basta sya ung may pinakamurang microSD, d others myt say dey hav but dey only have miniSD..]. yup, 2,400 lang tlga, d brand i got is Sandisk with 1 year warranty! others r selling it for 3,200; 2,800.. dat's d best deal i saw here in metro manila!

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  • 2007-04-15 08:07
  • vpd{

i hate these 2 tone colors
i wish it was all red or all white or all black

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  • 2007-04-15 02:28
  • kCNj

viperkid...and where in shoppesville will i find the 2gb microSD you're saying? P2,400 lang ba talaga un? what's the brand? any brand's fine with me.

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  • 2007-04-14 18:01
  • PZu5

hey viperkid, i saw the video samples.
the qvga resolution is great (of course, i've been using a 6270 for a while now and the graphics are lively). the way the girl on the video twists the phone, it shows how 5700 is sturdy (i even heard the clicks whenever it twists). of course, i'm yet to experience how the music sounds like (i think it'll be louder and better than 6270, 3250 or any other music phone). i'll pick black.
i think some of the pros here would be the qvga video recording resolution, 3.5 audio connector for speakers and headsets, greater cpu (symbian 9.2 os), camera flash (3250 doesn't have one), 3g, and its' curves (3250's edges can hurt).
what i don't like is the color they used (white) and so far it's the only thing that for me (at least) doesn't please.
but the overall package appeals!

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  • 2007-04-14 17:52
  • PZu5

Hey ash and viperkid. Brother listen, 5700 and w880 both are mid end music phone. So they can be competetor to each other. Ok? Who loves slim, small, light, 3G, They should go for w880. On the other hand who loves superb music quality( i think 5700 is more music capable than w880 bec it got a audio cheap unlike w880 ) light, smartphone, cam with flash. 3G, good big display, they should in for 5700

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  • 2007-04-14 12:36
  • M@T2

i wanna buy this phone but before that can anyone tell me how are the features and graphics about this phone and does it have any problems like 5300 and 5200??????

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  • 2007-04-14 11:26
  • PSeM

I think it'll be better than the w880. The keys at the w880 look like sh*t;not very comfortable and easy to use. Plus, the 5700 has dedicated keys for the music player and Symbian OS. ;)

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  • 2007-04-13 20:02
  • pkf$

The W880 is slim, sleek, it has the walkman v2.0 player, it has a metal case, it has a very good of features taking into account thai it is a SLIM phone, has better headphones, better sound like all SE tradition over nokia (I mean: camera, audio) and looks a LOT better than the 5700 TWISTED BRICK

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  • 2007-04-12 22:55
  • P9n@


i admit the W880 has nothing new to offer to the users of the same brand, especially the price is tad too high for us mid-range consumers but i think there's no need to contradict an SE fans opinion it as it's his own opinion, that may affect nokia fan insentives yet this is a free forum as far i know. i can also see false reviews from nokia fans to some SE threads in this site either. and please don't consider my previous sentence impolite and personal, as that is how i react to your words also. just as you say there's nothing bad if you say what is wrong. but anyway that's just an opinion bro. peace

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  • 2007-04-12 05:49
  • whBH

ash from manila:

u can achieve 1,500 tracks [approximate] in a 2GB microSD by:

first, convert ur music files (e.g. mp3s, AAC and other formats) into WMA first using this:

[128kbps, 44.1khz stereo] (tools > convert audio format)

standard version of mediamonkey is fine. after d conversion, u can now convert WMAs into m4a using nokia music manager. i use data transfer method when transferring tracks, [e.g. go to my computer > microSD > sounds > digital] dat's wer i place all my tracks

mp3 and m4a (a.k.a. eAAC+), sound quality and loudness does not change at all [if it does, only very very little compared to d original mp3 or format]. i've got around 900++ tracks in m4a format on my 2GB microSD and still hav about 350mb free! i hav lots of images, vids, themes, apps too! =)

after d conversion, if u wil listen to d converted formats, u'll notice dat d quality is not d same as d original format but dat's only true wen playing em on ur PC and once u transfer em to ur 3250 using data transfer mode, and play em on ur 3250 [xpress music phones hav a special trick to amplify m4a formats with 48kbps to sound like 192/128kbps quality!], u'll hardly notice d difference between 192kbps/128kbps mp3 against 48kbps m4a format ripped by nokia music manager!

example, a 3.5mb mp3 file wil b approximately 1.4mb only after conversion using nokia music manager! download and use d latest pc suite which has d newest music manager for best results [old music manager outputs distortion in loud and wild tracks]. enjoy!

512mb vs 2gb microSD, overall does not affect 3250's speed [juz allow 3250 for 10 mins to initialize it [one time only] after inserting into d slot so recording wil b smooth especially in video]. juz a slow down of 5% in music player wyl searching thru tracks of 900++!

all tag information will b intact except for album art and there are only few cases of missing tags and u can easily retype in nokia music manager in case [in 800++ tracks i converted, only 7 files hav some missing tag information. =) hope dat helps

and dont forget to download d latest pc suite which has d latest nokia music manager! u can buy 2GB microSD in greenhills shoppesville, only PhP2,400!

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  • 2007-04-12 05:02
  • PRQu


i know dat ur an avid follower of SE phones [apparently, seeing u in most SE forums..]. actually, i don't hate W880 per se, its juz dat some fellows like "drmike" down here posted dat 5700 is a bit expensive for its price [said 2mpx only], so to clear out things re its price, i made a comparison with its same phone range [being new 3G music phones] W880 and stated all facts. u can check d price of W880 [and 5700 wil b available around end April - mid May]. with d same price range, and u'll realize dat 5700 has a lot more to offer than W880 in terms of features, but again as u said it boils down to our preferences but still dat doesn't change d fact dat W880 has less to offer [QCIF vid capture, no FM radio, no EDGE, no camera flash, less internal memory and so on]. i juz hate people who states "unreal" things about a product, im juz here to say d truth [and besides this is about 5700, 5070 right?]. u hav ur point, i hav mine [i respect urs, but of course respect mine] as long as we're stating true facts here der's no point of endless arguement lol! let's face it, ur a SE fan im a nokia fan, u'l juz feel dat im contradicting others choice coz of ur preferences and of course ur here in a nokia forum and see posts down here like mine [which has nothing to b mad about, coz its just d truth about 5700 and W880's features], i don't blame u.. its nothing personal, juz saying facts here bro.. so u posted

"get a life boy both brands are good but i think there's no reason to continue the SE-nokia fan war, is there?"

dat statement of urs i think is a "personalan" stuff! which is really unCool! peace out! =)

price of W880 here:

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  • 2007-04-12 04:37
  • PRQu

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