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Asus unveils Padfone droid with tablet dock, MeMO 3D tablet

Asus unveils Padfone droid with tablet dock, MeMO 3D tablet - read the full textAt Computex, Asus announced a phone with half a tablet and a tablet with half a phone. The Padfone that leaked earlier today is official, although its specs haven’t been finalized yet and then there’s the MeMO tablet with a glasses-free 3D screen and phone-like Bluetooth gadget. Leaked photos of...


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Nice idea, I like it. Too bad it doesn't have HTC Sense.

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  • 2011-05-30 17:05
  • 75s2

i am just loving this padphone idea.

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  • 2011-05-30 17:05
  • PvW1

The padfone is such a great ideas for those who want both a tablet and a phone. All tablets are just oversized smart phones and it will be great to just simply put your phone into a tablet dock to increase the screen size and battery life.

The popularity of this will depend on the price of the dock, hopefully around $200. It would make more sense to spend around $500 for a phone and $200 for a tablet dock rather than $500 on a phone and $600 on a tablet. Plus you can save even more money because you only need 1 Sim card with a data plan rather than 2.

Hopefully the specs will be competitive too dual core is a must, can't wait for further announcements.

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  • 2011-05-30 17:04
  • 0Fjr

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