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Motorola RAZR takes a fresh breath with V8 and V9

Motorola RAZR takes a fresh breath with V8 and V9 - read the full textMotorola officially unveiled the Motorola RAZR2 V8 and V9 models. These are the descendants of the highly popular Motorola RAZR V3 which paved the way for the ultra slim trend in the mobile world. The Motorola RAZR2 comes in two versions - the first one is the Motorola RAZR2 V8 which has...


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i think that the touch-sensitive external LCD should have slide lock, like the one embedded in SE w550 and w710, so that it will not be accidentally pressed. it is very wrong to make vibrations when the sensitive LCD is accidentally pressed; it is energy-consuming. and the LINUX OS offers no support for graphic themes. motorola should have done some updates on how users can change their phone's display appearance. moto must look up at nokia and SE phones which are capable of theme downloads, even the cheaper models.

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  • 2007-05-18 12:35
  • P%uR

Moto V8 having a 420 MB is not so new anymore, SE w900 has 470 MB + memory stick pro duo slot with capacity supports up to 4Gb.

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  • 2007-05-18 09:54
  • whB9

there is no big change...
the style and perform looks like the old model
I'd rather buy the w850 for sure

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  • 2007-05-18 08:27
  • wreb

The thing is all this phone has working for it is how thin it is and style i guess, apparently lots of people love its flat keys, personally having used V3 they dont feel very comfortable or as responsive as normal keys. Arthur says that moto has its nice glass and haven't heard of the nokia N class or siroccos have you? Moto only has materials going for it. The day Moto can bring GPS, Wifi or even autofocus for that matter to its flagship phones is the day i'll have any respect for them. Comeon, Nokia already have 5MP cameras, and moto is still pushing 2MP without autofocus

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  • 2007-05-18 08:02
  • xKy}

I have hated moto not just because of its never ending razr but also of its poor functions, but with these handsets I am really shock to see the innovation Motorola had made! I never really expected to see moto take such a bold move of seriously upgrading the razr line this much! And what can I say but Its soooo Great!
We should give Motorola a lot of credit for doing a great move and moving forward with their immortal razr phones!

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  • 2007-05-18 07:56
  • w0QN

Moto...nice design, yup can say that, the other stuff....nothing just an improved V3, job partially at half, not extremelly great, can't compete with N or... wait... not even with the W810 the little battle horse from SE... so I detract Moto... still Crapo...rola...

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  • 2007-05-18 07:43
  • jRjT

its a great mobile but its a motorola.
if u wanna buy this 4 eg 200$ better buy a nokia its having a good re sale.

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  • 2007-05-17 22:19
  • mI6v

Motorolas stuck with the Razor an will not leave the phone without trying another concept to sell,there functions my be o.k when connecting to another Motorola mobiles but they never seem to do anything about improving the speed when connecting to other models there Bluetooth connections are so slow that you get fed up waiting for something to be sent an you thought Motorola would have realised this but they have not,an these models better sell well or Motorola will easily drop to the bottom of the selling charts

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  • 2007-05-17 22:03
  • pTC{

FYI Nokia have made more phones made of metal than any other phone manufacturer. Do some research before post, motofan.

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  • 2007-05-17 19:03
  • iIta

when it comes to design, nothing beats moto. the use of metal and glass is much superior to plastics used by nokia and sometimes SE. beautiful sturdy metal design against screaming cheapness of plastic? wins!

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  • 2007-05-17 18:26
  • w0Qx

wow!!! cool!!! i love moto!! i currently own a v3i and so impressed with its metal frame..but a v8 is just too much to bear!! i will wait for it come july. who needs a 3g or 3mp phone when u can have one that makes people stare like they have seen the future!! ole!

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  • 2007-05-17 18:20
  • w0Qx

sick of this design.

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  • 2007-05-17 17:08
  • TIEg

That obsolete definition of photo printing resolution doesn't hold true anymore...we live in 2007 right now...
To tell you the truth, my 9600dpi printer can even distinguish the difference between 8and 10mpx images in 4"by6" paper.
IMO, mobile phone is just a imaging tool for capturing spontaneous moments...but not in quality...

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  • 2007-05-17 17:07
  • wdAg

Is that why they are calling it RAZR series 2? I would have loved to see this implemented in a completely new design. Frankly speaking Moto is too afraid to try out new design.

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  • 2007-05-17 16:52
  • PxqT

motorola really sucks! and these handsets too!-if u want a phone plss buy the n91

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  • 2007-05-17 16:30
  • PxdH

Why do you need more than 2MP camera?
When printing 6 x 4 size, the 2MP shows little difference between 2, 3 or 5Mp. It is the lenses that define the detail. The pixel allows how big you can print the image

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  • 2007-05-17 16:25
  • pwiL

Why use Linux without WiFi in phone?

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  • 2007-05-17 16:04
  • MUfZ

You are dude at all... This is absolutely NEW phone, this is not a RAZR tuning... This is LINUX based phone!!!

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  • 2007-05-17 14:50
  • mJ2Z

when moto will release a better phone with 3MP camera, people will say k800i is better
when moto will release a 5mp camera, they will say n95 is better
when moto releases 100000000000000000MP camera phone they wil say k999999999i is better
...I wonder what happened if MOTO WASN'T AN USA COMPANY and it was an english one
same comments?!

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  • 2007-05-17 14:10
  • pqy7


dude, please dont bring F700 or iPhone in the same bracket. This is just an improved RAZR with 500mzh cpu and big external screen to drain the bettery.
It is an open secret that in Q1 2007 the second best phone maker didn’t generate any profit due to the falling margin for the classical RAZR, lack of offerings in many price-brackets. However Moto did some work to improve the features this time, but look closely they are all taken from SE and Samsung and nokia.
1.Haptics – tactile feedback between the user’s action and the handset---taken from Samsung’s VibeZ.
2.CrystalTalk – an equalizer enhancing the earpiece’s and microphone’s sensitivity in noisy environments can be activated from the menu---that is Whisper Mode found in the Ultra II family by Samsung
3.Even the camera lets you take 8 shots in a rapid succession and then choose the most fitting snap. Thats is SE's BestPIC.

well. Lets see! and FOI, even the BIG bosses in Moto know that 2mp is not eneough for todays cam phone..and they have promised to add more mps by the end of the year. They have a tough year ahead. good luck.

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  • 2007-05-17 12:55
  • PxqT

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