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O2's nest gets a new Cocoon

14 June, 2007 | Read the news | Post your comment
O2's nest gets a new Cocoon - read the full textToday O2 officially announced its brand new mobile music clamshell called the 02 Cocoon. Stylish and packed with multimedia features the new fashionable handset is designed with one thing in mind - being exceptional and yet feature-rich. O2 Cocoon The O2 Cocoon is a music-centric...


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i own one of these and there pretty good! i also got mine for much less than 200! there like 99.99 for pay as you go! also i have read that they are designed so you can draw on the cases with a permanent marker, the LED lights will still show through. the only downside is ofcourse you cant wash it off. remember that i read that somewhere, which was on the internet and might not be true.

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  • 2008-04-01 18:29
  • pYVm

I was told today it's 320 pounds on a SIM only deal- probably around 200 pounds on a pay as you go contract.

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  • 2007-07-21 16:38
  • I7C$

n95 looks ugly..won't use it if u gave it to me

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  • 2007-07-20 16:23
  • jRqf

how can some fooleven begin to suggest that this would give the n95 a run for it money!!!!!!???? ive played with this handset and like the new moto z8 ''kick slide'' and the i phone (yes its true you cant set an mp3 as a ring tone!!) this handset is a let-down and doesnt live up to the hype.

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  • 2007-07-17 15:36
  • S35r

very very is nice

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  • 2007-07-04 10:42
  • pTeF

Hmmm! Seen it played with it at length a good 25 mins alone with this bad boy. Not sure it's worth anything like its price tag esp when you look at the K750i or even the K800i on pre pay/contract. Camera is ok but like the iPhone it's just underpowered for a new phone at such a high price.

The stlye is good inside but the out side looks cheap and far too louded screams Ipod! not good at all. However it is a flip phone and there is a lack of good flip phones. As for the music side of things it let down by so so headphones and horride little tin speakers that sound like the poor old Sony W880i ones.
2Gb is great and all that but well its very pricey.

only time will tell....

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  • 2007-06-27 12:06
  • S35r

i think its a fantastic handset innovative excellent features...should do well..and value for money aswell..should give nokia n95 a run for its money....

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  • 2007-06-26 21:21
  • S35r

price on pay as you go is 299

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  • 2007-06-19 15:23
  • S35r

I work for phone shop and Ive already had a play with the handset. Phone concept design is exceptional. The rep said theres no fixed price yet but defo it wud only be available pay monthly during its launch. Only 1 con reli am gonna say, the white coverin of the phone feels plasticky - doesnt feel that robust and solid - just my own opinion.

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  • 2007-06-16 21:27
  • nFYE

It will be free on tariffs GBP35 and above, on O2.

Next to other handsets, that would suggest a price similar to the Nokia E65 - 59.99 on a 25 tariff and 129.99 on a 20 tariff, all term lengths. But O2 are moving towards a new tariff system before this comes out so 12m contract prices will be different (bringing in 24m and 18m becomes standard, 12m deals have terrible value for money now as the tariffs are weak). Right now I'm stuck between this, the K850 and the iPhone for my upgrade in January. But this looks like a great value handset, looked pretty sturdy too when I saw it.

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  • 2007-06-16 20:25
  • iIR0

realy cool yaar.i thiunk 02 should bring such latest handsets to become market leader in mobile industry.
can anyone know the price.

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  • 2007-06-15 12:22
  • PDT3

really very cool set...exceptional!
whats's the estimated price?

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  • 2007-06-15 07:00
  • PSeT

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