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Motorola gets new ROKR rolling

13 July, 2007 | Read the news | Post your comment
Motorola gets new ROKR rolling - read the full uncovers fresh news from Motorola. Announcement is due of a new addition to the ROKR series. The ROKR U9 is a music enabled clamshell taking after the PEBL. It features an external color display and music controls similar to the ones we have already seen in the RAZR2. Information...


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It's cool and attractive to youth!

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  • 2007-08-04 15:00
  • 2LuW

Those who havent used the new Motorola JUIX software should not even post comments here because it is unfair. The old Motorola's have nothing similar to the new JUIX OS that Motorola uses. JUIX rules

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  • 2007-08-02 20:45
  • iGe3

I just think Motorola needs to come out with a better line of phones. Nokia has their N series, E series, Music Express series now, and so on. Motorola is trying to make current platforms into something that they are not. The RAZR platform will never make a good business phone in the current tech-hungry market. The RAZR will never be a cheap granny phone either.

Business Phones : ROKR E6, Motorola Q, a1200. make wifi 3G symbian versions.

Music Phones : ROKR E2, copy a page from SE. Use JUIX

Durable cheap phones : Invent something better than the motophone.

And then you have all you other phones like the RIZR KRZR SLVR (but forget the 5 different versions at the same time crap).

Like I said earlier, Motorolas have some cool features that other phone companies jump on. I love the MiniUSB + charging, 3.5mm, Quadband, easy firmware updates, Motorola Phone Tools features. I wish they had better features.

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  • 2007-07-28 17:56
  • 4mDc

Sorry to say but all motorola phones suck except the a1000 which i have recenly went back to as its fun to use. the problems i have are:
- the battery life sucks (also the a1000)
- yes, they do start things (ie swivel etc) but they do it poorly
- there amazing hd z8 is not hd video its just running at 30fps, which was infact present on the sew900i
- and finally all there handset are the same in a different case (samsung also guilty of this), if i sell out cash i want some thing NEW that keeps me entertained

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  • 2007-07-28 15:20
  • MMEb

I am a Motorola fan too. I can think of many features that were either first or common place on Motos:

1. Miniusb (RAZR!) + charging thru miniusb port.
2. MicroSD. Stupid SE is a propietary fool.
3. Number of quadband phones.
4. 3.5mm jack.
5. Stylish phones (they made thin in)

However if you want a PDA phone you usually do not think Motorola (despite the Q) and if you want a durable phone you do not think Motorola. I would like to see an improved E6 with wifi and not a PEBL ROKR.

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  • 2007-07-27 19:12
  • 4mDc

Umm, I flash my phone too. I know how to overclock my ROKR E2 as well. The E2 has better sound quality when listening to music thru the earphones, but there is no doubt the tiny external speaker does not compare to the W810. And let us not even talk about the camera.

And the average user will not get Motorola RSD Lite to flash their phone.

The RIZR Z8 got Symbian and if they want to get big into the smartphone market that is where they need to go. I agree with the Nokia bricks and Samsung slide comment but Nokia is the king of the market. While Motorola's last 4 phones are all RAZR variations, with no wifi phones anywhere in sight.

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  • 2007-07-27 19:00
  • 4mDc

To all of u here,stop insulting Moto.I'm a Moto freak.I got many reasons why I love Moto phones.Everything was started by Moto.Clamshell,slim,3D Sound,swivel,etc.If Moto wasn't here,there wouldn't be N Series and Walkman Series.Moto would release an ultimate phone that would change ur point of view.I believe all of u would switch to Moto.Moto will lead the market.We just need time to prove it.Z8 is a new start of multimedia monster.There would be a few out there so be carefull coz Moto will rule the market.I rely on it.

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  • 2007-07-27 18:45
  • w77k

@ 2007-07-25 23:17 4mDc, I can only assume from your post you have no clue what the E2 is capable of. I to own both the W810 & E2. The SE can't even compete with the E2. Sound quality or any other aspect of the OS.
JUIX is the future for Motorola. The E2 is the first stage of it. Symbian is buggy & always will be. As for the Linux being locked away, thats not true. I can take apart the CG files edit them to my liking & flash it to my E2. Can't do that with Symbian. JUIX is here & only getting better with each phone.

Motorola also sells to all ages. Management will get sorted out & motorola will be what it once was.
As for the razr, slvr, etc... if it sales use it. & it does sale. Do you post on Nokia phones they need to quit making bricks? Or Samsung needs to quit with slide phones?

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  • 2007-07-27 09:04
  • kE6K

Wow, that Samsung & LG comment is one uninformed comment. Samsung and LG have huge electronic portfolios and are 2 of the few LCD screen manufacturers. They are not copy cat B & C grade companies.

I am not knocking the Motorola ROKR line for after all I own an E2, but the Juix OS is not the future. The OS is limited vs Symbian and the linux part is locked away from even the above average user.

The one small speaker on the E2 will prevent you from modding the sound to match the W810 (I know I owned both). That being said the E2 compares favourably to a W810, but there are many walkman phones.

Motorola may have invented the cell phone, but just because you invented something does not mean you will re-invent it. When is the last time you have seen someone brag about their new Kodak camera?

Motorola needs to stop focusing on these RAZR, SLVR, PEBL variations done over and over (The ROKR E6 / Ming were really refreshing but could have been done better) and make phones for the other sections of the market. Nokias sell everyone from your granny to uncle tom.

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  • 2007-07-25 23:17
  • 4mDc

Look people, when the Motorla peble came out it didnt have great features. 2 years on people! Do you lot think that Motorla aint gone make a abetter peble? I think they are! It says its going to be a music phone! So think before you lot start saying this phone is gona be rubbish because it will hit the lot of you when its a popular phone!!!

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  • 2007-07-25 18:16
  • pL9W

god no not another pebble the 1st one was bad as always moto is a million miles behind everyone else but what more can you expect from the yanks!!!!!!

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  • 2007-07-25 11:04
  • mCSY

I agree. People who are bashing Motorola are being short-sighted here and have overlooked at what this company has been to the wireless industry. It has been a tech icon throughout attracting the best engineers world over.
Its market share went down because management started selling phones for less than what they were making it for and they tried to correct it in a dumber way. Not sure what they were thinking. Hopefully, they get a smarter management soon.

As far as the market share is concerned they had about 55% in early to mid 90's before they started making bad management decisions. So, 10-12 years of bad management mentioned in the previous post is correct.
It is a shame that a company of Motorola's stature is unable to get their management straight.

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  • 2007-07-23 07:02
  • 4QAS

For the people who are questioning Motorola's ability as innovator please update your general knowledge. Motorola invented the cell phone and virtually the complete cell phone industry. It is an 80 year old company with a huge number of innovations in wireless and semicondutors.
It has been a victim of poor management for last 10-12 years (and extremely poor for last 2 years) as witnessed by recent develpoments. No other company has successes like the Razr or the Star Tac of the nineties. Both times failed by poor management.
As far as Samsung and LG are concerned they are not even in the same league as Motorola and Nokia. Both are well known world over for copying things and aptly placed in B or C grade in whatever they sell.

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  • 2007-07-23 06:40
  • 4QAS

It doesn't matter where phones launch. Many people buy phones that were meant for 1 location. This is the way things are. Now the biggest thing that makes nokia, samsung sale more are they make quite a few cheap phones that people get for nothing or very little cost when activating service. Motorola does very little of this. Very few people spend hundreds of dollars on phones. The high end phones don't sale as much as the cheap phones.

The Rokr Series beats the Walkman phones all day long.
The E1, why would moto spend money designing a new phone when Apple was imposing the song limit (which was broken). That was because they were afraid it would compete with the nano sales.
The E2 blows every Walkman phone completely out of the competition. If it had been released in the US it would have been even more popular. The only down fall to it was poor marketing.
The difference between the Rokr series & walkman you can hack and tweak rokr's to your own personal preference. Sound not loud enough for you simple text edit on E2.
Now I have tried both Walkman & Rokr series phones. Not only does the Rokr series win in music it also wins in reception strength.

For those gripping about the OS/UI use a JUIX (java linux) motorola & the rest will seem like childs play.

This phone may look like a pebl but it will be a power house compared to the original. It will have 500 to 628mhz processor.
The phone will more than likely have the JUIX OS.

As for Motorola's UI take the JUIX OS for a test run you will change your tune. Completely customizable to your liking. Screen quality is truly amazing.

The Moto bashing is cause they fear moto will redesign & be back in top position again, & with their new OS/UI they will if they can get the marketing right.

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  • 2007-07-21 12:15
  • kE6K

I think there is some serious moto bashing here which is uncalled for. I don't think moto's ui is best-in-class, but I don't see how se or nok is so much better either. a lot of it is which ui one is most familiar with, and most user's laziness to rtfm. eg. how many se phone users who move to nok is gonna rtfm? lets be a little more objective here, if you read the reviews, moto's latest v9's mediaplayer has a ui flow similar to wm5/6 and (dare I say it) ipod: u get to choose a mp3 by sorting it via album, artiste, playlist, etc.

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  • 2007-07-21 00:31
  • k$$E

motorola should Just Give uP on the rokr series .
seriouslY , the first rokr onlY held 100 sonGs , what hte hell ?!?
the e2 never launched in america
the e6 ..... i dont know nathn about that Phone ...
an this offbrand Pebble thanG iz ..... UGLY !
im haten it !!!
theY will never be as Good as sonY ericsson or nokia when it comes to music Phones

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  • 2007-07-20 19:07
  • 4V0n

lets c.

Crappy Ui, not very good sound quality, not easy connectivity, and bad Mp3 player, not counting a bad camera...nop, it maybe stilish, but a bad phone still, won't beat any Walkman, and Nokias are out of the chart since they are mostly dedicated to smart phones, still cheap N's are stronger than any moto...nop...crapo remains crapo...

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  • 2007-07-18 08:15
  • 4x6t

I too am not sure what motorola is thinking with this new ROKR/PEBL and I currently use a ROKR E2 (would have gotten an E6 if it had WLAN).

Now to compare a more expensive Walkman phone to a cheaper ROKR is unfair.

The ROKR E2 compares quite favourably to the W810. The E2 wins in design with more music buttons, nice screen, keylock switch, miniUSB, 3.5mm jack, and better audio via headphones. It loses badly in external speakers and camera.

I think Motorola's biggest downfall has been the poor camera, sluggish/confusing UI, and lack of high end features.

If the ROKR E2 had a better camera it would have been a more popular phone. If the E6 had symbian os and maybe WLAN (or an app to support WLAN SD cards) then it would have been more desireable. Motorola makes attractive phones but they fall short in other areas.

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  • 2007-07-16 14:34
  • 4mDc

PSdH, why the heck were you posting the result of 2004/2005?

or it just helps Moto fanboys feel better than looking into current situation?

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  • 2007-07-16 13:42
  • PW9x

PSdH, are you living in 2005?

For 2Q 2007 the shares are following:

Nokia: 38%
Samsung: 13,5%
Motorola: 13%
SonyEricsson: 9,6%
LG: 6,5%

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  • 2007-07-16 11:50
  • MA2e

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