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Prototype iPhone 4 being auctioned on eBay for US $999,999

04 July, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Prototype iPhone 4 being auctioned on eBay for US $999,999 - read the full textAn iPhone 4 prototype has found its way into someone’s hands who wasted no time in putting it up for auction on eBay. Although initially the phone was going for around $810, the price has now shot to an unbelievable $999,999 the last time we checked. The device is similar to the one that...


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I don't really that truth, it's verry e.p
Crazy that u want buy it!

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  • 2011-07-10 17:32
  • KSJr

It's not on eBay anymore!

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  • 2011-07-06 15:29
  • mpDm

> In reply to madbrendan @ 2011-07-05 13:38 from pwgg - click to readPlease read the article, the phone does not even work. Obviously the person buying would be a collector of sorts, and not a typical phone user. Collectors are a different breed of people, and no point including in flame wars.

Old comic books are bought for thousands of dollars. Obviously wasn't bought to be read and thrown in thrash right?

Please consider the context of the story before commenting.

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  • 2011-07-06 10:07
  • mTWB

Isn't this suppose to be the iphone 5 prototype.. why would someone want iphone 4 which is already out.

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  • 2011-07-06 02:15
  • qJ6i

> In reply to 4v @ 2011-07-05 18:16 from nHFK - click to readunused space??? it is very useful when u play racing game LOL!! no one wins apple over design and built quality and os

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  • 2011-07-05 22:48
  • mxxJ

well another silly story. yes we know the iphone 4 is the best phone of the planet. bt certainly not worth that amount of money.

if its really a prototype.

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  • 2011-07-05 21:10
  • 3JfQ

still ugly. when do they understand, that design is obsolete and so much unused space above the screen isn't sexy, but distasteful??

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  • 2011-07-05 18:16
  • nHFK

the auctn wz waz mayb by apple r som othr fan of apple coz peopl love to see their fav brand names and devices in big amounts

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  • 2011-07-05 18:06
  • uWCm

> In reply to [deleted post]You guys bought a handset that doesn't even have a working antenna and accept that a cheap chinese 2 dollar bumper case is a good solution for your brand new 600 dollar phone to even work. Just becasue Apple told you to do it. And i'm the one that's dumb? Jeeez louise...

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  • 2011-07-05 15:07
  • p8c4

why the hell would you want a prototype? god i hate apple users sometimes...

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  • 2011-07-05 13:38
  • pwgg

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-07-04 20:46 from ucyA - click to readExactly my thought!
Apple's marketing team put it up, Apple's marketing team auctioned it for $999.999, all world's press talks big about it and now Apple's legal team will prevent this from getting thru and there you go Apple's marketing 101.
This is how it's done!
Free advertising FTW!

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  • 2011-07-05 12:02
  • 3pw6

if its a prototype how come its assembled in china?

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  • 2011-07-05 11:53
  • v0X9

its been removed is this apples doing?

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  • 2011-07-05 10:58
  • TkgB

why on gods earth would you want a prototype nevermind a proper working iphone.Some people are just plain dumb.

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  • 2011-07-05 10:37
  • M3s@

what??? and what does it do?...

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  • 2011-07-05 08:20
  • NHUD

The listing has been removed...seems Apple finally stepped in...:D

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  • 2011-07-05 07:42
  • vxgR

The listing has been removed by the seller.

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  • 2011-07-05 06:56
  • vGAE

some of these comments are really stupid. It is pretty obvious that it is just some a**holes who are bidding and have no intention of buying or ayig. I mean even i could go there and place a bid for 999,999,999,999$ Not like i am gonna buy it.

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  • 2011-07-05 06:55
  • 2SZN

hahahahah i can make this thing work easily ! REALLY EASY ! hahahahahah

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  • 2011-07-05 03:43
  • Nq9f

I need buy the iphone 5 prototype

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  • 2011-07-05 00:22
  • 9y11

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