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Have a taste of GSMArena's first ever full video reviews

13 July, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Have a taste of GSMArena's first ever full video reviews - read the full textWe know most of you love our reviews and you can be sure we love writing them too. In an effort to bring them to a wider audience lately, we’ve been working to bring you shorter, video versions of our popular reviews - complete with voice over and a originally scripted text. Today we are proud...


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uber awesome pls keep this thing going.

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  • 2012-02-14 13:48
  • uZa%

More video reviews, please, the site iz ace!

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  • 2011-11-30 07:07
  • mxt$

Don't make it longer. It was just perfect to give a good idea of the phones.

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  • 2011-07-18 01:18
  • fqtu

The voice speed is perfect, a lot of information in a short time!
But with this same speed, a longer video would be more than perfect!

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  • 2011-07-17 17:40
  • P6Vj

definitely too short

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  • 2011-07-17 09:44
  • tevE
  • no pre-release units
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what i want is reviews of released products; manufacturers could for example put better audio chips than the ones one can buy to get better scores. pre-release units: call then previews. thanks.

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  • 2011-07-17 02:06
  • L5Cs

I wish it was just a bit longer. A minute or two longer.

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  • 2011-07-16 20:59
  • Ld%I

> In reply to Mr. Confused @ 2011-07-15 21:24 from Mfxn - click to readThats the thing!! at my offc youtube is also banned and i cant see it!

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  • 2011-07-16 10:09
  • ndV4

like the new move, video review is what we need, thanks gsmarena

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  • 2011-07-15 22:10
  • 9xBg

why video is not appearing on my my internet browser :( there is nothing but a blank screen :( i am viewing this post from my office and youtube is banned here, may be this is what causing the problem?

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  • 2011-07-15 21:24
  • Mfxn

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-07-15 18:11 from nGER - click to readwow, well done ... nice review!!!

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  • 2011-07-15 20:22
  • pJIV

doesn't sound like a genuine review - the guy just sound like he's reading off the written review (and not being genuine about it either).

Would be better if the reviewer was actually holding the phone and talking through as he used the phones features, rather than just voicing over some stills or videos of others using the phone.

Also, get rid of that ANNOYING GSMArena "music". I'm sick of hearing it ringing over and over and over and over and over and over and over!!!

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  • 2011-07-15 18:11
  • nGER

thats a nice addition as it will ehance the readers interest by reading and seeing it through eyes.

well done keep it up

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  • 2011-07-15 18:06
  • u1ww

lol!! at times i couldnt understand a word of what the reviewer was speaking in the Galaxy S2 review! Word of advice... speak a littler SLOWLY! with less accent!

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  • 2011-07-15 17:59
  • 2@tY

Very good addition

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  • 2011-07-15 17:55
  • nxEk

too short...

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  • 2011-07-15 17:42
  • K6m7

Drop the english voice, a us voice would make the vid a lot more credible

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  • 2011-07-15 17:29
  • mSrM

about time

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  • 2011-07-15 15:15
  • PSd1

Superb effort, I think the one which wants to really know about the device o the actual buyer would be really helped by the video reviews. Because there are some aspects which could not be covered with text reviews like look, feel and the running UI also makes decision making easier.

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  • 2011-07-15 14:53
  • vGfi

it is a good addition, but i prefer your written excellent reviews

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  • 2011-07-15 14:47
  • GfxI

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