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Gresso Luna and Sol: luxury smartphones

Gresso Luna and Sol: luxury smartphones - read the full textAnother luxury line of mobiles is on its way, presented this time by the less known Gresso company. The collection dubbed Avantgarde consists of the Gresso Luna and Gresso Sol mobiles, crafted from a mix of precious and rare materials. Truly unique is the fact that these phones run on Windows...


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This phone is a luxury piece, it is an accessory. u cant compare it to a nokia phone, it is like comparing a Seiko or a Casio to a Rolex. It is all about luxury and self satisfaction. Great looking phone!!! Good job, props to a designer

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  • 2007-10-13 10:42
  • 4E%8

when r u people finally going 2 realise that it is not for the cam or whatever? i always get confused when people say that its too expensive and it doesn't EVEN HAVE A FLASH CARD SLOT!!!! its all about prestige! anyway Russian luxury-phone market is basicly monopolysed by Vertu. As a Russian i can say that its not going to be really sucsessful. I meen the market itself is just HUGE and it's getting even bigger. But as i already said Russians r buying only Vertu. Moreover Vertu just made the Acsent Ti, which is going to be the first smartphone by V. P.S. Gresso is really beautiful.

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  • 2007-09-16 01:58
  • n}Hi

Look more like a Lada instead of a Ferrari..........

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  • 2007-09-12 19:42
  • UisJ

this phone itīs a piece of art... beautifull design but it will have the same capacity of others smart phones like n95 or hiphone???i donīt think so...7000 euros for a phone with a 2 mega pixels camera???thatīs a joke!!!!!

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  • 2007-09-02 11:27
  • ixbP

Gorgeous....absolutely gorgeous... nicest phones I've laid eyes on, hands down...

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  • 2007-08-20 15:13
  • NGyq

if I had that money to just spend on a phone, I wouldn't buy it in anyway. Style+Symbian= ? (for now.) for style, go for sirocco, for symbian (or smt that would make the phone counted as smartphone) n95.

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  • 2007-08-18 22:30
  • MZ%%

this īs the best desing im very heppy for this smart fone thanks weslley

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  • 2007-08-18 00:58
  • P7wX

well seeing how you can easily afford the phone...nice bragging, perhaps you can buy me one. :)

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  • 2007-08-17 04:02
  • TSI1

The most extraordinary idea about this phone is setting roman numbers on the dial, that's real class !!

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  • 2007-08-16 15:45
  • MR5t

i have bought this phone nice yes heavy yes it is a looker however for every day use i have my pda phone i wont buy another one though i can afford it easily however it is only a once of luxury item good luck if you can offord one

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  • 2007-08-16 08:48
  • PP$8

To any person who may afford 2 buy any of these phones:
There're phones that can do so much more, n yet cost so much than these phones (Nokia N series, etc)
So if u insist in buying any of these phones, use d money 2 buy any good smartphone, n d rest of d budget, use it 2 feed hungry ppl in ur area. let's use our money wisely ppl. And let gresso be bankrupted 4 trying 2 steal ppl's money!

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  • 2007-08-15 17:26
  • pjYi

Exotic african wood?? Oh My God, haha, what's your phone made out of? Why it's made out of gold and wood.....
I think that this phone was definately made for someone like Victoria Beckham or someone famous like that. It is a nice phone, well it sounds nice, but like exotic african wood? Why would you want a mobile with wood in it, i mean will it make the person feel anymore special...."yeah well my phone is made from wood"

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  • 2007-08-14 04:30
  • TSI1

The rich would buy it, they don't care about the price, the phone is exclusive, and maybe if i had the money, i would buy it too =)

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  • 2007-08-13 11:11
  • UDQZ

5000 EUR is quite a bit for a phone that is missing the 850 frequency, something a low cost Motorola is able to provide. If you are in America, you may have a lower level of reception without the 850 frequency.

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  • 2007-08-12 16:57
  • iRHv

Mr SFYX thats correct go back to RZR or any motorola garbage

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  • 2007-08-12 15:16
  • jmV7

Dream on! 5000 Bucks for a Phone that doesn't look half as stylish as

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  • 2007-08-12 14:45
  • 2ZH{

Most ugly looking "high price" phone! Made for consumer without any taste.....

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  • 2007-08-12 11:47
  • 2Fyx

LOL thats cheap looking? You're kidding me. Looks like a jewel! Your eyes must be backwards, go home to your razr.

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  • 2007-08-12 04:11
  • 4vXh

I think their definately penetrating a nich market and there will sure as hell be a demand for this product.

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  • 2007-08-11 09:07
  • Nxsf

Some rapper will buy it. Put gold on it and the Rapper, Basketball player will buy anything.

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  • 2007-08-11 05:01
  • 4S3}

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