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Gresso Luna and Sol: luxury smartphones

Gresso Luna and Sol: luxury smartphones - read the full textAnother luxury line of mobiles is on its way, presented this time by the less known Gresso company. The collection dubbed Avantgarde consists of the Gresso Luna and Gresso Sol mobiles, crafted from a mix of precious and rare materials. Truly unique is the fact that these phones run on Windows...


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According to
right now, Ä7000 is 9,658.74 USD

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  • 2007-08-08 21:09
  • n$0x

Question, I really dont want to sound stupid but how much money(in America)is 7000 Euro

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  • 2007-08-08 20:46
  • kgWY

Gresso is a brand for milk and butter in Portugal. LOL
I'd never get this phone here!!! LOL
But, anyway, it looks good.

to happyx,
it is unfortunate that the swastika has been used by the Nazis, but read this and learn a bit, ok?

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  • 2007-08-08 20:29
  • n$0x

Anyone else notice that the center keypad on the phone on the left looks suspiciously like a NAZI SWASTIKA??? Whats up with that.

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  • 2007-08-08 19:47
  • FNiZ

To me a luxury phones require more features. 2 megapix camera doesnt cost $7000 euro. I rather buy the all of the top of the line phones from SE, Nokia, Motorola and LG. Changing phones everyday and cost lest than $7000 euro. Hey I have enought money to buy me a Apple iPhone, PS3, and a new HDTV. Now thats luxury.

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  • 2007-08-08 19:15
  • j1%}

This phone is a tax rightoff for the mega rich - anyone remember elton john trying to justify 250K a year for cut flowers reach a point in wealth where you actually need to just spend money like its water - I mean rap stars buying bling - I tell ya ,spend it before the taxman does!!! I dont even think these are for status - just wasteful !

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  • 2007-08-08 19:10
  • S35r

5000-7000 euro means same class as nokia vertu. not 8000 series nokia. me just wondering why suddenly unknown ph company appear and make such phs..

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  • 2007-08-08 18:47
  • TIEf

Jonathan I think it so funny when people like you make comments like that when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, phones like this are for people who donít care about features and if they wanted a feature packed phone for a tenth of the price they would buy one and if you are paying 7000 EUR for a mobile they are not trying to look rich they are rich! Itís like saying a Rolex or Breitling is a bad watch because it doesnít have a calculator on it.
Dang really mate what are you talking about?
I come across this total misunderstanding from the likes of the above in forums like this I own a black 8800 and I donít care about features, if I did I would buy a N95 just because a phone doesnít have a 5MP or wifi doesnít mean itís a bad phone itís just not the one for you.

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  • 2007-08-08 18:17
  • nXWd

Many are complaining about SE small buttons and Nokia following the footsteps? Anyway, looks elegant so most likely it will cover most of its flaws for show off.

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  • 2007-08-08 17:56
  • FBw}

To anyone who gets this phone: you just wasted a large amount of money. LARGE. This is a bad excuse to try and look rich. Seriously. This is just completely impractical. Not to mention, the features arent nearly up to par with any of the phones which cost a TENTH as much. Gold buttons? Itd be okay if it at least had an appealing design. EVEN THEN itd be a waste of money. You'd have to really not care how much money u have to buy this phone.

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  • 2007-08-08 17:37
  • Yi%W

Nokia did not make this phone Jeppe. The Russian based Gresso company did. Also the fact that it runs on Windows Mobile 6 is a pretty clear sign that it isn't Nokia.

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  • 2007-08-08 17:19
  • EXq9

no comment, on the price, and poor features
i can gold plate a 5110 and give it a wooden antenna,
and it will kick this phones but.

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  • 2007-08-08 17:11
  • NHhv

Waaaay too cheap for me!

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  • 2007-08-08 17:02
  • TXTi

7000eu for a phone?!!? LMAO! ill just buy a car man.

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  • 2007-08-08 16:41
  • w0QQ

wow,great design. I think Nokia finalley made the smart phone for me. renewing design,controversial. just love it.

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  • 2007-08-08 16:27
  • RbH7

I wasn't the 1st, oh well, these phone will soon to be seen the hands of people like Victoria Beckham and other famous footballers WAG's

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  • 2007-08-08 16:24
  • iACh

1st to comment???

these look very very exspensive, but a bit plain, but the stuff they are made of, pricey

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  • 2007-08-08 16:21
  • iACh

i guess i'm first, like the design, maybe has to prove itself in the real world!

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  • 2007-08-08 16:21
  • iEPY

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