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Mobiado Grand Touch offers Android experience to the rich

18 August, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Mobiado Grand Touch offers Android experience to the rich - read the full textMobiado has been around for quite some time now, establishing itself among the premier makers of ultra luxury mobile phones. With its latest creation, dubbed Grand Touch, the Canadian company adds, for the first time, an Android device to its portfolio. As you can probably tell from the...


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> In reply to Same Old, Same Old. @ 2011-08-22 07:21 from Ia90 - click to readPS: Your undoubtedly superior command of the English language includes an unusually awkward and clumsy sentence construction, and the missing comma rather undermines your entire argument. Well done.

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  • 2011-08-22 14:32
  • nF03

> In reply to Same Old, Same Old. @ 2011-08-22 07:21 from Ia90 - click to readMy dear old thing,
your assumption that those who laugh at such silliness can be classified as filthy, flat cap-wearing proletariats armed with ferrets is entirely wrong, and shows you to be the sort of chap who has mistaken wealth for class. Your aspiration to such fripperies reminds me of the feckless young footballers who litter the streets thinking that their multi-million pound pay packets somehow entitle them to respect - whilst driving a white Range Rover Sport. As my grandfather, the 15th Duke, liked to say, 'A fool and his money are soon parted'. I'll leave the obvious message in that for you to work out. Please do let me know if you need more clues.

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  • 2011-08-22 14:29
  • nF03

If android hits premium market. Others Watchout

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  • 2011-08-22 09:10
  • vLy5
  • Same Old, Same Old.
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Whenever a luxury phone is announced, the unwashed masses crawl from the woodwork, spewing their hatred for luxury phones, and by association, the luxury class with their crass and amateurish command of the english language.

I suppose you all think you're very original and anti-establishment in your class warfare upon the rich. To put it simply, you aren't. Here's what you truly are; jealous.

Now please leave your commentary on luxury phones to the relevant parties, and go back to the midrange Nokia forum from whence you came.

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  • 2011-08-22 07:21
  • Ia90

Even the mainstream manufacturers have build some gold plated phones in limited edition. Nokia with the gold C7 ,n97 mini and 6700 classic and Samsung with the gold Omnia HD edition to name a's just that this one will be even more expensive because Mobiado produces phones exclusevelly for the rich....

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  • 2011-08-20 23:55
  • SvBn

No buttons = no luxury phone. Simple gold plated, hence mass phone.

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  • 2011-08-20 23:54
  • S2DB

> In reply to ashok @ 2011-08-20 12:29 from 98WE - click to readoh this is a very fantastic technology with a beautiful creation

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  • 2011-08-20 23:50
  • IaZg

> In reply to sam @ 2011-08-20 00:00 from 49xm - click to readThere is always the option to finance it. :)

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  • 2011-08-20 13:24
  • q{4T

Call back for Confirmation Handset is Support or not.

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  • 2011-08-20 12:44
  • vwes

what the hell,........ you are going to buy which could not be seen ;'''''' though

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  • 2011-08-20 12:29
  • 98WE

this mobile is absolutily nice

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  • 2011-08-20 09:01
  • 98WE

Quite nice, not overdone like some other luxury phones.

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  • 2011-08-20 02:30
  • 3Yb}

I work 4 days, and I make $420 a week.So Im not rich.

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  • 2011-08-20 00:00
  • 49xm

old phone bathe in gold

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  • 2011-08-19 22:16
  • 8y9R

> In reply to Really? @ 2011-08-19 14:01 from qKN3 - click to readDo you realy think the rich care about the tech inside the phone as long as the outside is rich eye candy?

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  • 2011-08-19 20:46
  • MA%X

> In reply to Xperia Neo User @ 2011-08-19 16:29 from picw - click to readit does have led flash check the source link

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  • 2011-08-19 20:10
  • P9by

This is the first super-rich phone i actually quite like the look of......with a lottery win i'd buy one

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  • 2011-08-19 18:12
  • M3s@

Still no led flash, though?

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  • 2011-08-19 16:29
  • picw

instead of rich, someone msut be too damn stupid to buy something like this...

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  • 2011-08-19 16:03
  • 0VcE

> In reply to john @ 2011-08-19 14:04 from RXgS - click to readBut they are. Why to you think that iPhone is the best-selling smartphone?

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  • 2011-08-19 14:41
  • L4DC

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