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Pricey Samsung Galaxy Note hits new highs in benchmarks

06 September, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Pricey Samsung Galaxy Note hits new highs in benchmarks - read the full textWe have some good news and some bad news regarding the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note. If you were impressed by this device at IFA 2011 and were looking forward to buying it, you better read closely. As usual, we will start with the good news. managed to run the...


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in india its for 32500
arnd 650$

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  • 2012-02-10 21:28
  • 2F6%

My country 620$

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  • 2012-01-01 03:24
  • YTSM

Just bought one new in box for 675U$ in Paraguay. Fantastic and here at least, its very well priced...

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  • 2011-12-24 11:58
  • LCyy

In Romania 530 Euro / 720 US $. Have'it and I don't regret!

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  • 2011-12-08 19:49
  • 33Ii

I just got back from Finland in August and most electronic items were at least 30%-40% higher (due to higher import/customs fees, VAT taxes, etc.?) than what I could get them for in the US.

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  • 2011-09-19 20:44
  • kB%M

> In reply to xx @ 2011-09-07 21:46 from mIpa - click to readYeah i know the text size is same with 800*480, just DPI more dense right...
so, this fact is support my opinion that previously mentioned.

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  • 2011-09-19 02:17
  • uCLw

WHAT??? The price is 549 in Europe, which are your sources? :S

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  • 2011-09-16 00:46
  • pHd1

It seems iOS' strengths are Android's weaknesses and vice versa...

- Smooth operation, practically no lag.
- Good offering of apps with quality control.
- Features are easy to learn
- Well-integrated with desktop productivity/media creation software (iWorks, iLife, etc)
- Prices are getting more affordable.
- Closed proprietary interface, lack of user control.
- Video/Camera is so-so.
- Bound to iTunes (Jailbreak notwithstanding).
- Proprietary connectivity.
- Lack of support for mainstream standards such as Flash.

- Open source, promotes competition amongst device manufacturers and allows user greater control.
- Most current and upcoming devices have excellent video/camera quality.
- Not bound to one specific software interface.
- Generic connectivity (Standard USB connector types).
- Good conformity to mainstream standards.
- God forbid, you should see how my Iconia Tab lags at times, and I'm only at the home screen.
- Lotsa apps and catching up with iOS, but quality and device compatibility varies too much.
- Not that simple to use for those new to smart phones.
- Productivity/media creation apps are unreliable and does not tie-in well with desktop equivalents.
- Prices are strangely getting less affordable, particularly for the tablets.

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  • 2011-09-14 20:07
  • ucvH

OMFG!!! This phone is freakin expensive!!!:O

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  • 2011-09-14 19:34
  • fjNw

Full-fledged tablets like the iPad 2????
Are you sure?

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  • 2011-09-14 16:35
  • MRyL

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-09-07 11:32 from RNDd - click to readmini usb and usb on the go> so what? it has it's own interface.
-Yeah but people don't need to go hunting for a specific type of proprietary cable while on the go if they need to charge from the port or connect to the PC. Mini and Micro USB cables are everywhere. This is one thing I hate about my iPad.

microsd card slot>built-in memory is good enough for mobile use.
-No it's not. I had used both iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab, and having to use online storage just isn't good enough coz it costs money to use 3G, and Wifi is not everywhere. Plus cloud transfers are obviously nowhere near as fast as a in-situ card slot. Moreover, I can just swap out more storage if I want to with several external cards. Apple could have added the slot if they wanted to, I think the real reason for the exclusion more likely the stupid RIAA and MPAA's bottomless greed.

Hdmi port>does all android have this? iPhone has Airplay support, with wireless mirroring, how about that huh?
-Can't beat this. Anyway HDMI output from all tablets suck... The aspect ratio never seems to fit the TV...

Tv out>same as above, and hey they have TV out for you info.

Gorilla glass> it's just a plain marketing term, its the same type of glass that used by many phones (reinforced glass)
-Nay, gorilla glass isn't even actual glass anymore, chemically speaking, and it's stronger than "reinforced glass" (technically, there really is no such thing as "reinforced glass", it's just a common term people used and caught on...). After being crazy enough to put both to the test I can confidently say it's definitely stronger than the iPhone 4's glass.

16:9 aspect ratio> so? what for?
Compatibility. Damn those weird proportions...

adode flash player> flash is very seldom nowadays, not optimized for mobile, search the web for that.
-Still better than not having it, and it's still the standard so far, unless something can replace more than 50% in the market of what it's doing, thus becoming the de facto standard.

adode pdf> what? you know nothing, even the iPhone 3G has this.

amoled or higher> you seems you don't know what you're talking about. there's no other smartphone released to date that beats the iPhone resolution (640 x 960 pixels versus 480 x 800 pixels of SGS2 or 540 x 960 of HTC Sensation).
720p resolution in the nexus prime.> it's not yet commercially released.
Having owned almost everyone of these devices or similar models(I play around with them and switch phones like once a month...)I don't see any real difference between the screens in day to day use unless you view them through magnifiers. Anyway, if the 720p spec is a confirmed thing and was successfully produced in their prototype, then it can be assumed that the Retina Display has been beaten. Actual performance, though, is more than numbers and we never know until it's released. Oh yes, then there's the HD Amoled. Production of 720x1280 has been confirmed by industry sources so there really is nothing to shout about who's better as far as hi-res is concerned.

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  • 2011-09-14 12:45
  • u{Eh

> In reply to jb @ 2011-09-09 22:43 from ssTA - click to readI absolutely agree with you.

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  • 2011-09-12 03:26
  • Y9pa

when this phone will available in malaysia...???
cant wait for it!

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  • 2011-09-11 16:48
  • sF%g

> In reply to what a joke.. @ 2011-09-08 18:10 from 95Hj - click to readIf you want a high tech gadget and not willing to pay then go for reduced tech phone. Way cheaper.

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  • 2011-09-11 04:42
  • uC4W

I do not know much about pricing of smartphones, but remember that the average salary in the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway, is very high. It might be cheaper in countries outside Scandinavia.

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  • 2011-09-09 22:43
  • ssTA

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-09-08 05:40 from 4cSL - click to readThats what i said ,

iPhone 4 is one year old , when iPhone came out in june 2010 , even galaxy s1 only supported 720p and 512 MB RAM.

compare all phones released in june 2010 and around april-may 2010 , almost all phones have same specifications of galaxy s1/iPhone 4.

anyway , Galaxy s2 is not a stable release because each country has different hardware :

"The Galaxy S II uses audio hardware manufactured and branded by Yamaha. The Galaxy S II's predecessor, the original Galaxy S, used Wolfson's WM8994 DAC.Some reviewers and online forum users of both phones have declared that the Wolfson chip has a superior sound quality to that of the Yamaha's in comparison."

"Initially the first UK release currently shipped without the NFC capability (hinted possibly due to weight).The Exynos powered version sold in India currently has no NFC feature"

"For the U.S. release, multiple variant names prescribed by each mobile carrier are expected. The version released on Sprint will be called the Samsung 'EPIC 4G Touch' and on AT&T and T-Mobile USA it will be simply called 'Galaxy S II'. Verizon will not have the Samsung Galaxy S II on their future lineup and instead will offer customers another phone, the Droid Charge."

and some use tegra processor while some use exynos.

overall galaxy s2 is hurried up and released , so i don't expect it as "same performance of all models" .
it will differ . maybe some other country doesn't support another feature . who knows ?
samsung should have released it like august instead of hurry to crumble "june-iPhone-launch-sales" but apple didnt release phone in june somehow .
samsung made dumb move by making to many versions of galaxy s2.

but i love my galaxy s2 :P . its really cool phone.

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  • 2011-09-09 12:07
  • ut3v

People how believe benchmark test to be relevant for everyday life in any way have no grasp of reality.

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  • 2011-09-08 21:13
  • HJ55

I don't care if this was the invention of the century, no one in the right mind will pay such a price for what is just slightly bigger and may be better than Galasy sII, why would you?
even SII itself is highly priced and its time Samsung start realizing they are lossing the batle soon if they continue along this stupid path of super rich owning a gadgets like this, rather than targeting more common people.
this device a pure joke for this price!!!!

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  • 2011-09-08 18:10
  • 95Hj

I'm from Denmark, and you can't compare prices that way. Everything is way more expensive in Denmark (and the rest of the Scandinavian countries), due to taxes and our higher wages.

iPhone 4, 32gb costs 5.500 dkk - 1.038 $
iPad 2 64gb 3G costs 5.999 dkk - 1.132 $
Samsung Galaxy Sll costs 4.700 dkk - 887 $

You do the rest of the math - in USA or India the Galaxy Note will NOT cost 1.057 $ !

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  • 2011-09-08 17:58
  • SqNe

Who on earth is going to buy it at that price? The super rich?


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  • 2011-09-08 14:38
  • tCQ%

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