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Nokia N9 European pricing confirmed by online stores

07 September, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Nokia N9 European pricing confirmed by online stores - read the full textA Romanian online retailer has listed the MeeGo-running Nokia N9 for 550 on pre-order. If you want a more trustful source, takes pre-orders, too, but it's demanding 620. This Romanian retailer is taking the N9 pre-orders for 550 (a hat tip to Robert S. for pointing it out). For a...


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n9 best phone ever .it has 1 ghz but run better than all phones together.dont say anythink about this just try it and learn

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  • 2012-12-04 14:53
  • 6k93

Nokia N9
It is comming

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  • 2011-09-12 20:38
  • pqW%

i want MeeGo alive again,i like MeeGo more than any other OS.

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  • 2011-09-11 06:57
  • ftZs

Blame Elop for the crazy price of this beautiful device. I'm sure that in a few months the price would go down ike the N900 did.
@Dyallo Who the F would buy a quad core phone?

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  • 2011-09-10 08:09
  • 0dp$

Elop (which is Pole backwards) wants to make sure N9 and Meego fails. First by omittning important markets, secondly by overpricing it.

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  • 2011-09-10 02:58
  • pEBa

As I see: as MeeGo is unfortunately dead, hackers will install Android on it in weeks as the hardware is strong enough.

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  • 2011-09-09 11:13
  • pS6A

> In reply to eagle3 @ 2011-09-08 20:45 from IWbY - click to readyes i agree with u, technology is useful but value for money is too important
i love nokia's built quality.
Why people hate any company when they have not used it's product. Most fanboys are brainwashed, they just want to listen their favorite company / os is the best and others are inferior.

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  • 2011-09-09 08:40
  • HktT

You can also come to Switzerland to buy the N9 - listed

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  • 2011-09-09 08:37
  • 00LJ

> In reply to Pingo @ 2011-09-08 21:08 from LG7j - click to read"Nokian" is a tire:P

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  • 2011-09-09 01:38
  • pkcC

Nokia needs to get over themselves. selling outdated phones for an outrageous price. Seriously. this is why that company is on the out and needs the help of windows to make it's way back up. I love their look and hardware but seriously. 620. Thats just nuts.

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  • 2011-09-09 01:18
  • qJq%

Love this, drop my old now and here I am buying a Nokia again.

Love it! :-)

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  • 2011-09-08 23:47
  • svk%

The "Romanian retailer" is only a site owning by mobile phones black market :))))

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  • 2011-09-08 23:16
  • pkky

this ia a great cellphone we are waiting for this in brasil rocks nokia

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  • 2011-09-08 21:49
  • ca4i

> In reply to kill em @ 2011-09-08 17:10 from fCWc - click to readHei! troll and what is your problem, let nokian fans going to buy the N9,

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  • 2011-09-08 21:08
  • LG7j

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-09-08 16:00 from fCWc - click to read1) That is them, but not me or a lot of people in developing countries. It's not like a smartphone is super cheap.
I use my phones till it's spoilt, other brands min 3 years, if Nokia=5 years. Samsung did not last even 1.5 years. The way they keep harping that Samsung is so great & Nokia so crappy, then can they use their money & buy me a new set as replacement.

2) One Android fan even said only poor people use their phones up to 3 years, lol,lol. If they change their handphones every 1 to 2 years, then why keep complaining about a 'dead OS' since 1 to 2 years they are going to change it anyway. One is only concerned about updates if going to use it many years. Even then, can download all kinds of stuff from the Meego sites.

The most hilarious thing is they're so concerned about a 'crappy' phone like it's their most important competitor.

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  • 2011-09-08 20:45
  • IWbY

> In reply to Santanu Dey @ 2011-09-08 18:19 from mQR6 - click to readeven motorola Defy can kill N8 except camera..see the video on tube..(defy vs n8) symbian sucks

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  • 2011-09-08 20:11
  • fCWc

> In reply to Santanu Dey @ 2011-09-08 16:18 from M{Ji - click to readi thnk all of u belng to gsmareana or samy frsj clear ur data.n8 has 1ghz cpu

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  • 2011-09-08 20:02
  • TL5j

some kids here are so funny.
who needs dual or quad core, 2 or more gig ram if what we have is enough to run many applications smoothly at the same time.
support? nowdays nobody really keeps mobile longer than 2 years due to contract or just for sake to have new one. 2 years is like a decade in techology world.
and im pretty sure for that time will be enough support. device is lovely and hope price will drop a bit quickly :D
and apps! how many apps we really need? we use max 20-30 and few games which undoubtedly will be available for this platform .
well this phone is just too sexy to be ignored

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  • 2011-09-08 19:35
  • 3JYB

no way ill pay over 400 euro for that. A deprecated OS, Single core'd phone in a world of Anroid, iOS and Dual Core's (soon Quad)

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  • 2011-09-08 18:58
  • mv5c

> In reply to kill em @ 2011-09-08 16:58 from fCWc - click to readYou can laugh, or you can admit the truth... I own both android and symbian..and this is the truth...

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  • 2011-09-08 18:19
  • mQR6

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