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An HTC event to be held on September 20

10 September, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
An HTC event to be held on September 20 - read the full textHTC has sent out media invites for their upcoming event held in New York on September 20. The invite does not elaborate regarding what it could be about and a 'Come celebrate in style with HTC' is all we get. But it is being said that the event could be regarding the launch of the...


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Does anyone know if HTC has any plans on releasing a sequel to the desire S? I'm thinking a phone with dual-core, but still no more than 3.8" screen...

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  • 2011-09-14 15:21
  • p8x}

htc was innovate once i bought 2 cells s galaxy s2 and htc incredible s it was a horrible thing with htc incredable sense ui was ridiculous all black and white looked like android 1.0 , while playing with samsung was lovely touchwizards 4 is remarkable way better than even since ui 3.1 and 3.6 so i sold the half day used htc with a loss of 5000 rupees i need a second phone now may be nokia at least they are stable 701 or good old ç7 ,htc needs to color. full faulty goodbye htc welcome back nokia and samsung

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  • 2011-09-12 20:43
  • sym1

This exactly looks like the LG Arena... but an Android HTC here

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  • 2011-09-12 15:27
  • PIPy

i have never seen so many phones all look exactly the same! I work in a phone shop and every time a new HTC Phone comes in i can garentee its going to look like this. I dont even bother opening the box anymore to have a look. Yaaaawwwnnnn!

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  • 2011-09-12 13:15
  • M3s@

Hi HTC & or whom this mite concern I have been a Nokia person since first using a mobile & that wasn't just yesterday lol.I am saying this to say that the HTC ChaCha/Status is a great phone but for us more mature folks that have a bit of visuals problems. It would be nice if you could make a phone similar to this but with out the F at the bottom where as you can make the screen a bit bigger. Please do keep the social net work but a lil bit more of the business/ smart phone stuff in it, I don't think you can get the key pad numbers/letters any bigger or spacious could you? You people are doing some fantastic work!

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  • 2011-09-11 22:56
  • Q{k2

Another unique designs from htc, loving it.

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  • 2011-09-11 09:46
  • v0Xt

> In reply to Mirko935 @ 2011-09-10 15:28 from prke - click to readI'm waiting for one too ):
Though my hopes are on a global Moto Milestone 3. it seems to be the highest-end qwerty smartphone as of now.

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  • 2011-09-11 08:38
  • TIIn

How does a phone designed for women even make sense?

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  • 2011-09-11 08:37
  • TIIn

This looks too much like LG Arena KM900.

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  • 2011-09-11 03:58
  • 4raL

HTC devices all look similar, no inovation. Only noteworthy devives are the Touch Pro 2 and Arrive. Cannot wait until Nokia devices come out. The question/problem is WHEN!?

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  • 2011-09-11 02:24
  • 8hsq

Well I believe no one will be surprise from the exteriors (look n style) of any of these handsets..
Pls HTC do your good hardware some justice.. bring some change in looks..

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  • 2011-09-10 23:45
  • mxc0

I hope they also release Sensation SE2 beats :|

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  • 2011-09-10 23:30
  • thgp

A smartphone designed for women? Is that like a banana designed for a gorilla? Listen, women don't need to be coached into a smartphone that gives them mobile access Facebook and Angry Birds.

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  • 2011-09-10 21:42
  • EBUW

> In reply to Mindprison @ 2011-09-10 16:48 from 0x6t - click to readYou never know...HTC's unpredictable! Those might show up...I was surprised by the fact that engadget, pocket now nd ga arena forgot to mention these possibilities...Plus there were two other wp7 phones (ignite and prime) too apart from the bresson...all of em couldn't have been just rumours, could they?

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  • 2011-09-10 18:23
  • vGwr

> In reply to vic @ 2011-09-10 16:29 from 8P5v - click to readLook likes smartphone.

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  • 2011-09-10 17:57
  • nTZY

> In reply to guideX @ 2011-09-10 15:36 from tR9} - click to readIphone 5 ??????..

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  • 2011-09-10 17:39
  • uvsB

> In reply to nathan drake555 @ 2011-09-10 16:32 from vGwr - click to readYeah, I was wondering the same thing, but I think we won't hear nothing about it since HTC already revealed their WP7 phones.

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  • 2011-09-10 16:48
  • 0x6t

What about the 16 MP windows phone htc was supposedly making?? No news on that at all! I was so eager to know when that would come!! :/

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  • 2011-09-10 16:32
  • vGwr

looks like n8

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  • 2011-09-10 16:29
  • 8P5v

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