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Deutsche Telecom acquires Orange NL

Deutsche Telecom acquires Orange NL - read the full textT-Mobile Netherlands concluded negotiations today with France Telecom on the acquisition of Orange Netherlands. The contract sets a purchase price of EUR 1.33 billion on a debt/cash free basis. The joining of forces of two of the major Netherlands carriers is thus complete. The number of...


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My phone is lock with orange UK and could not use T-mobile sim, what should I do? Will Orange shope does unlock for us?
I have it unlocked but if I update any software it will lock again.

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  • 2008-01-08 12:19
  • FtN2

what will happen to Orange employees? Redundant layoffs possible? Any news on this.

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  • 2007-10-01 20:19
  • m272

It's always not the fault of the customers...always blame the company. A customers has also his own responsibility. If you read the conditions on your contract you will know what the procedures are...but poeple are to lazy to read...

Know T-Mobile took over Orange, the customer will have better reception because T-Mobile can use also the network of Orange. Thats only a step forward and its not possible just to raise up the tarifs...if people are afraid for higher priceplans...why don't you stick on your own priceplan...because it's for the provider not possible to change that, only if you sign up for a new contract, then offcourse the conditions will change...but that's your own choice!

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  • 2007-09-29 13:30
  • nBB}

tha price gonna rise!!!!

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  • 2007-09-29 10:28
  • mnhX

There are difference in service between T-mobile and Orange NL.
the credits of your phone is only valid for 15 months of T-mobile, but credits on a Orange provider is indefinite valid

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  • 2007-09-29 09:54
  • nBM8

@ icy

Why would reception become worse after Orange has been sold to T-Mobile? That's BS...

Reception won't change as they are merely changing ownership and branding, reception can only improve if T-Mobile decides to build on the existing infrastructure.


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  • 2007-09-29 08:22
  • vkMS

This news report isn't clear to me...

So who purchased Orange NL, France Telecom or Deutsche Telekom?
T-Mobile is German, so I don't understand where France Telecom is coming into this picture.

Can anyone explain?


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  • 2007-09-29 08:18
  • vkMS

Sorry guys! Forgot to tell you guys what happen on 24rd September....

When I Visited the Orange shop again about my situation, only to be treated very badly by the store manager. After all the broken promises and excuses I have already received from the Orange store, I expected some of sort of apology for what has happened. Unfortunately all I got was another excuse. This time the Orange store manager refused to apologize to me and instead tried to blame me for the delay with my credict!!!

Apparently, according to the store manager, the delay is my fault because I didnt tell them I had more than one handset on my account. I argued that as far as I am concerned, it is for the store to ask me such details, not for me ti simply know what I must tell them.

Understandably, I am furious about this, I answers all the questions I was asked every stage. It is not my responsibility to know what questions I should have been asked when getting a new contract, this is what the Orange staff are paid for. I fell that my treatment by the Orange store and throughout my experience is totally unacceptable and very direspectful to me as a customer and as a person!

Guys, please be carefull with Orange's 150 buyback!!!

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  • 2007-09-29 05:51
  • MA5Y

I took up a contract with Orange on 7/5/2007 at the Orange shop in Plymouth,UK.

At that time, I was thinking a12-month contract, but was encouraged by the sales assistant to take up an 18-month contract so I can get 150 pounds off for my line rental as a buyback when I traded in my old phone.

I did ask her how long it would take for the credit to go back into my account and she told me it will be in my account in 6-8weeks, which she guaranteed to me. This was written into the contract.

At the same time, I told her that I was moving to a student flat in July and I gave her my full address and postcode and asked her to double-check the network coverage at that new address. I told her I was concerned about the reception at my new address, as a friend of mine, who owns an Orange phone, had difficulty with reception in that area. The store assistant assured me that the coverage in this area would be ‘fine’ and that I would have no problems using my phone when I moved there.

So with these guarantees, I went ahead with the contract.

After 8 weeks, when I moved in to the student flat, I found that the network coverage is extremely poor. Sometime there is ‘no network coverage’ on my phone, and it switches to ‘emergency call’ mode when I try to use it. I also found that after 8 weeks the credit for the buyback had not been put through.

I went back to the store and asked the same advisor to tell me why the network coverage is very poor and why the buyback had not been put through yet. She asked me to wait another month for the buyback and told me that the network coverage is going to improve ‘next month’. After a month, neither of these promises had been kept.

On 25th of August, I went back to the shop again and spoke to another advisor. He gave me an unacceptable answer that the buyback did not get put through properly and promised me that the credit will be in my account next week. He gave me a new receipt to guarantee me that this would happen.

Again, I did not receive any credit in my account. So I went back to the shop again on 16th of September and spoke to the store manager, who promised me that the credit would be in my account by 24th September. I asked him why I should believe this, as I had already been given two so-called ‘guarantees’ that I would get my money. The store manager then assured me it would definitely go through, and even went to the trouble of writing me a personal guarantee that I would receive my credit by 24th September, which he signed himself.

I called Orange customer services in September to ask about both these issues. They asked me why I had not returned my phone within 14 days if I had signal problems. I explained that I had been given a guarantee that the signal would be fine at the new address, knowing that it would be past 14 days when I moved there. The representative told me there was nothing they could do about the buyback and that I should go back to the Orange Shop. They told me that Technical Support would help with the signal problems in my area, but I still have the same problems.

I phoned to the store yesterday which is 23rd September and I have been told by the store that there has been a ‘problem’ with my credit, and I will not be getting it on 24th September, and that I will ‘hopefully’ get it as soon as possible! My phone signal has not ‘improved’ in the slightest. It is now week 21 and I am still waiting for my credit, and also paying 35 pounds a month for a service I am not getting.

I have several questions I would like you to answer for me.

Firstly, why have I been given three written guarantees that I will get my credit of 150 pounds and had each of these guarantees broken? I have attached copies of these three guarantees with this letter (one contract, saying I will get my payment in 6-8 weeks, one new receipt saying my credit will be in the beginning of September, and one note from the store manager guaranteeing my credit will be in by 24th September).

Secondly, why was I assured that I my signal at my new address would be ‘fine’? Why did no-one tell me that the network coverage is extremely poor? I feel that I was misled by the store representative about the network coverage to encourage me to sign the contract.

Thirdly, how am I going to be compensated for my terrible experience? I do not have the service I was promised or the network coverage I was promised. Sometimes I have had to wait in your store for up to half an hour, only to find I have wasted my time. I have also had to use a mobile on another network to call your Customer Services Department. This has cost me a great deal of time and money. I feel that your store has completely misled me about both the 150 pound buyback and the network coverage just to get me to sign a contract with Orange.

I feel completely deceived throughout my entire experience. This is a very serious situation, and 150 pounds is a lot of money. I am very disappointed with the service I have received from Orange, and extremely angry about being deceived by empty promises at every turn. If the store had been honest with me about the network coverage, I would not have signed a contract with Orange. The store should have all also been honest with me about my credit for the buyback and my network coverage. They were not honest with me.

Given the above, I believe that I have been miss-sold my contract with Orange on the basis that the signal at my new address would be fine, and that Orange has broken it’s contract with me by not giving me my credit for the buyback. Lying to customers is a very serious thing and is not acceptable business practice. Can you please tell me what you are going to do about my situation and also tell me what you are going to do about the serious misconduct at your Orange store in Plymouth? Your company’s slogan is “The future’s bright, the future’s Orange”. Can you tell me if my future with Orange will be bright?

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  • 2007-09-29 05:32
  • MA5Y

orange is better

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  • 2007-09-29 01:33
  • na%x

network is a network .........
use anyone but with full faith.........

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  • 2007-09-28 22:50
  • U220

i think network three rocks

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  • 2007-09-28 22:11
  • 2Z7c

Finally this has Happend !!!!!!

Orange is a BAD company .......T-Mobile is better so lets see what happens now that Orange has been Sold ....

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  • 2007-09-28 19:09
  • mXM4

I'm surprised that Orange sold ! T-mobile is a good company, but still surprised at the choice Orange made... anyway let's hope for the best !!

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  • 2007-09-28 17:54
  • ScTg

orange any way sucks and its good that t mobile has taken over

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  • 2007-09-28 17:32
  • S9kS

Both T-mobile and Orange sucks, to expansive in foreign countries.Vodafone rules

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  • 2007-09-28 17:25
  • nBM8

T-Mobile in Holland is ok.
Orange sucks hardcore.
I hope that T-Mo will improve the roaming for orange

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  • 2007-09-28 16:40
  • RbH7

this is bad..cause ...t mobile sucks big time..god knows wats gona happen too the reception n the customer service

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  • 2007-09-28 16:11
  • 2Z7c

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