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iPhone 4S antenna furthers Apple/Samsung patent war

09 October, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
iPhone 4S antenna furthers Apple/Samsung patent war - read the full textThe iPhone 4S features a new antenna design, intended to prevent any risk of 'Antennagate' reoccuring, a plight that some iPhone 4 owners will remember all too well. Not only that, the 4S's new dual antennas can automatically switch when sending and receiving information, a trick Apple say is a...


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> In reply to Jo @ 2011-10-10 10:29 from HDJ2 - click to readok....... but don't claim it as your own ! [this was the topic here ,right ?]

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  • 2011-10-10 10:43
  • p3D$

Cant understand all this love for a company that charges top dollar for a handset that only has a 1year warranty on it?Says to me they have a lot of faith in there products and manurfacturing or is it that most iphones dont last more then a year anyway?Such love for an ameriacn company is strange to me.As for carphone guy you should be impartial shouldnt you naughty naughty.

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  • 2011-10-10 10:41
  • M3s@

If apple can recreate something which is old in to something even bigger then why not. Its what they are good at. They dont only make what has already been done just fantastic but they make it so its a new innovative product. Apple alllll the way!

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  • 2011-10-10 10:29
  • HDJ2

lol who cares is samsung had ot has the same ANTENNA,
at least apple diddnt make a phone wich looked exacly the same as samsung like they so famously have lol at least if the take something similar, they revamp it or put it on the inside.
sam sung take a streight blue print from the ip[hone designe and coppy it, this is just a ANTENNA loooooool
iphone 4 the win

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  • 2011-10-10 10:27
  • M3s@

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-10-10 01:16 from p8c4 - click to read...just by saying that i know you are a Nokia fan-boy can't create something that has not ..ever.. been created before ,it's impossible at this time !
But it's not right to claim it all yours either ...Apple !

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  • 2011-10-10 10:16
  • p3D$

Actually, if you look at the statements by Steve Jobs friends, and peers, as well as Apple themselves, they never claimed to be inventors of things. Innovators yes. The problem is when people misunderstand innovation to purely mean invention.

Apple is actually very good at taking existing technology (as well as new, they do invent some things), and creating a great and compelling way to use such technology.

Latest example is Siri, which previously was just an app on the app store. Now, it is integrated system wide within the iPhone, with wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha as a database, integrating all the apps together to create a smooth AI personal assistant.

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  • 2011-10-10 10:12
  • mTWD


apple always "invents" stuff..

and... finally, things start biting them back in the butt for it (funny enough, they started most of this)

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  • 2011-10-10 10:03
  • mARF

this is not the first time apple have stated they created an innovative, when its already been on the market sometime.

Apple is great at creating marketing hype - this is how they do it

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  • 2011-10-10 09:35
  • Tkhi

Lol. I don't see why Apple always has to take credit about what others have done...

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  • 2011-10-10 09:32
  • mTXs

> In reply to kiloh3rtz @ 2011-10-10 01:45 from ms0G - click to readkiloh3rtz apple did not "invanted" touchscreen.
Qtecs (read HTC)had touchscreen

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  • 2011-10-10 09:24
  • i5NQ

> In reply to gags @ 2011-10-10 09:05 from YQQ6 - click to readsilly?
actually i laugh @ Apple "world-firsts", but if i was the developper of technology and never licensed that to Apple i would be heavily pissed off.

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  • 2011-10-10 09:12
  • Svec

Whats this apple copying someone and claiming its there own?Get outta town apple arnt a corrupt company dont be daft.Its amazing to see how many apple lovers are blinded and cant see any wrong doing with apple.Over the years i dont think ive ever seen such a corrupted company.But hey its like everything in america.Money talks and people walks.Jjst hope samsung have the guts to follow through and teach apple a lesson.

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  • 2011-10-10 09:09
  • 0F0i

it makes me wonder how silly dese companies have become....
looks to me as if the whole system of patents have to b rethought.
it cant be as if u design a wheel and say dat others cants use it coz u invented it.
requires a big change

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  • 2011-10-10 09:05
  • YQQ6

Next Apple move: They will claim a patent on filing a law suit against competitors for steeling intelectual properties so they become the only ones who can file a law suit, nobady else. LOL

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  • 2011-10-10 08:47
  • mcHC

> In reply to lamia @ 2011-10-10 03:51 from Pxxd - click to readReally now? Well iPhone 4s sold out in 24 hour pre order? Whatbdoes that say about your last staement.

Lol @ android freaks

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  • 2011-10-10 08:07
  • TRFq

Apple lied about something? GET OUT OF TOWN!

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  • 2011-10-10 07:56
  • Ia90

> In reply to shanoco @ 2011-10-10 06:38 from Q$NE - click to readI believe Nokia's R&D takes time to check if patents that will be used are existing and license them so they could use them....

too bad GSM patents belong to Nokia and every phone is paying for it. lol

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  • 2011-10-10 07:46
  • P@YF

iCopy ;):)

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  • 2011-10-10 07:41
  • 3bmd

Come on samsung, sue the crap out of the apple:-D

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  • 2011-10-10 07:40
  • Xuka

> In reply to shanoco @ 2011-10-10 06:38 from Q$NE - click to readActually my question was how that guy is claiming iPhone 4S to be an iCopy... Thats it...

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  • 2011-10-10 06:43
  • mcja

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