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HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket with LTE to hit AT&T

31 October, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket with LTE to hit AT&T - read the full textAT&T announced today the HTC Vivid and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, both with LTE enabled to mark the newly-founded LTE network of the carrier. Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket The Galaxy S II Skyrocket is like the Galaxy S II but with a bigger, 4.5-inch SuperAMOLED Plus screen, and a...


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> In reply to snndroid @ 2011-11-01 10:28 from U}}D - click to readit's a phone. yes, the battery life is THE major factor. it's true that htc smartphones have poor battery life performance.

not only on the specs on paper(usually less then 1500mha), but also actually using time as well. All thanks to htc sense UI which is rediculious heavy UI.

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  • 2011-11-02 04:29
  • YPb1

Does the htc vivid support nfc??

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  • 2011-11-01 22:54
  • YHq7

> In reply to Dave @ 2011-10-31 21:07 from myA5 - click to readNo point? What a complete ignorance. Maybe you just hate Sense UI which is HTC's key selling point, then solid hardware and fast updates.

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  • 2011-11-01 10:28
  • U}}D

Not too good features

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  • 2011-11-01 10:24
  • 9FIk

> In reply to hi @ 2011-10-31 22:29 from Lh@5 - click to readOnly 4 hrs?? My 3gs lasts for more than a day on standby including browsing youtube and games

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  • 2011-11-01 10:10
  • v0qG

Am I the only one that notice this?

Gingerbread 3.2.5? lol

maybe its 2.3.5 lol

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  • 2011-11-01 06:34
  • k@2y

I'm pretty sure 15/month is just the data plan, you still have to buy minutes

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  • 2011-11-01 05:37
  • GHwK

lol 200mb for $15/month god thats a damn steal, with prices like that people will be lining up for miles!

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  • 2011-11-01 03:56
  • Yb0B

That Skyrocket looks a lot like the Hercules!

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  • 2011-11-01 03:52
  • k@@C

> In reply to NakedDroid @ 2011-10-31 21:58 from H4v% - click to readI pity you fools who have no idea. How are you going to get through life? lol

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  • 2011-11-01 03:46
  • qbY{

> In reply to NakedDroid @ 2011-10-31 21:58 from H4v% - click to readfrom my experience my galaxy s received gingerbread update ahead of htc desire.

so i don't have a problem with sammy's update policy...eventually sammy will update SG2 ahead of anyone else.

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  • 2011-11-01 02:45
  • YPb1

oooh! htc much pretty then samsung gII, n i like sense UI, is't cool

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  • 2011-11-01 02:43
  • Uerv

> In reply to hi @ 2011-10-31 22:29 from Lh@5 - click to readAnd you cannot even carry a spare battery around to put in it!

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  • 2011-11-01 02:35
  • n5$T

I'm either or here: Skyrocket or Vivid. Leaning toward Vivid, even with the lower specs. HTC updates their phones once in a 'iteration' and a lot more often than the other manufacturers. Look at the Inspire with Gingerbread. Now Sense, well its another story.

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  • 2011-11-01 02:14
  • qi$t

> In reply to NakedDroid @ 2011-10-31 21:58 from H4v% - click to readI've had an unlocked GS II since June and it's already been updated three times so I'm not worried about that. When I had the GS I, it was updated 4 times before I sold it. I haven't used my carrier upgrade in almost four years, so when my unlocked devices gets updates I know I'm going to get them.

Carriers are most to blame with updates.

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  • 2011-11-01 01:19
  • q2I1

> In reply to NakedDroid @ 2011-10-31 17:44 from H4v% - click to readyou really should check the apple fourm on for iphone 3gs when they updated it to ios5

people are saying that their battery drians in 4 hours without doing nothing....

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  • 2011-10-31 22:29
  • Lh@5

> In reply to Gavin T @ 2011-10-31 17:51 from q2I1 - click to readWell then here is some new for ya baby. ICS will come to SII and Note only in samsung line up. Dont will be coming in 2012 2nd quarter :D. So according to that 18 month update policy every samsung phone can have only one update and if you want further updates then buy a new device.

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  • 2011-10-31 21:58
  • H4v%

No point in getting the HTC they always have such poor batteries in there phones. Samsung all the way

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  • 2011-10-31 21:07
  • myA5

thank you god, I work for at&t everyone said I was crazy for waiting on the skyrocket they said it wouldn't come out till next year and htc comes out strong with the vivid im gonna have a hard time deciding I love HTC Sense way more than Touchwiz but ill probably end up rooting and installing cynogenmod when they get around to it,so...descesion's desicions'better than no decisions though

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  • 2011-10-31 20:07
  • 4TcP

> In reply to [deleted post]it's surely a mistale and they wanted to say 2.3.5 and not 3.2.5 :)
These phones were surely in manufactures before ICS launch that's why they will come with gingerbread 2.3.5 and will be updated.

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  • 2011-10-31 18:52
  • mH{V

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