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Samsung launches white Galaxy S II HD LTE for South Korea

09 December, 2011 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung launches white Galaxy S II HD LTE for South Korea - read the full textBack in September Samsung announced it would release their flagship Galaxy S II device in new flavors. The South Korean exclusive Galaxy S II LTE and the Galaxy S II HD LTE were just released on the local market and guess what, they now have white as an optional color in tune with the holiday...


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how to know my Samsung galaxy s 2 phone is original

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  • 2012-12-31 07:53
  • PWDw

Great job after all..
but keeping to ur own country is not fear, please release this in indonesia.

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  • 2012-05-21 02:26
  • tA$@

Why this delay in launching S2 LTE & Nexus in India. Samsung needs to answer.

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  • 2012-03-01 11:50
  • PV@t

> In reply to Fortunate Farmer @ 2011-12-11 08:31 from Sc3h - click to readWhat's an iphone?

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  • 2012-02-05 01:41
  • snh$

Can any of you please let me know ,,,,when Samsung is going to launch this in UK because I am sick of waiting ,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  • 2012-01-02 00:13
  • nGeB

LTE= Long Term Evolution

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  • 2011-12-16 20:33
  • mHnq
  • khalid - arabian man
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  • Rating0

LTE = Line Terminal Equipment

DEAR SAMSUNG , great jops but please more care about our arabian area .

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  • 2011-12-14 07:52
  • SdrH

all the cars with hayon,(5th door) like audi a7 or mazda 6 or skoda are copies of renault 16-the first car with such design. if a mobile have round corners it doesn't mean it is a copy of iphone. the first clamshell mobiles were motorola startac. after this model comes out a bunch of thousands models with clamshell from all brands all around the world. motorola didn't say a word. so leave this bullshit with iphone copy. apple copy in fact all. all the tam-tam with steve jobs is a robbery to make parallel marketing for boring iphone 4s

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  • 2011-12-13 09:55
  • 0Cb2

> In reply to Vaucafekie @ 2011-12-12 16:01 from 0Vxy - click to readCan anyone please tell Samsung that we need Galaxy S2 HD LTE in India ? I would be great hit with pixel density of 316 PPI and 1.5 GHZ processor.

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  • 2011-12-13 09:14
  • PTic

I am really wonder why Smasung Galaxy S2 HD being not launched in India. With such such an amazing display and very fast processor , it would be a big hit. Samsung please launch the phone in India.

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  • 2011-12-13 09:10
  • PTic

Gotta laugh how people think the sgs2 is a copy of the crap iphone4s. So heavy like a brick. Drop it and it smashes to pieces like a pack of cards. Unlike The Sgs2 is so light, you wouldnt even notice it's in your pocket. I've droped several times and its never cracked or had any faults. My colleague at work is got an iphone 4s and the screen just cracked when he droped it. When i play games like need for speed mine runs smoothly without lagging but the iphone lags a lot, very slow.

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  • 2011-12-12 20:31
  • SiG5

> In reply to Fortunate Farmer @ 2011-12-11 08:31 from Sc3h - click to readcopy my ass, Iphone 4 s is not even 4G. LOL

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  • 2011-12-12 19:28
  • q@xh

So Korea has got 2 different colors of the S2 HD LTE and the rest of the world has got nothing...
I am now an angry Samsung galaxy S2 user.

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  • 2011-12-12 16:01
  • 0Vxy

does this type of s2 launch in malaysia to ?

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  • 2011-12-12 07:50
  • PS6t

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2011-12-11 03:36 from t7V4 - click to readForeal a? What is copy?lil. The galaxy s2 lye smashes iphone' not even in the same category

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  • 2011-12-12 04:09
  • 45@t

I live in China and a few months ago I bought my Galaxy S2... At first i didnt notice but later on i found out it had an antenna on the top-right corner which is extendable to about atleast 5 inches. lol

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  • 2011-12-11 22:17
  • j019

> In reply to Fortunate Farmer @ 2011-12-11 08:31 from Sc3h - click to readand iphone should stop copying lg prada :d

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  • 2011-12-11 21:20
  • 0CYB

any chance to buy samsung S II HD LTE

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  • 2011-12-11 20:21
  • jI14

what is the diffrnt Samsung galaxy S 11 & samsung Star 2nd..?????

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  • 2011-12-11 14:26
  • t}AK

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