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T-Mobile sells unlocked Apple iPhone

T-Mobile sells unlocked Apple iPhone - read the full textIt's finally a fact - Apple iPhone unlocked will be selling officially. We know it's hard to believe but T-Mobile has formally announced it today. And if you are just starting to think it's too good to be true here goes the sobering fact. The handset is going to cost 999 Euro. Yeah, you heard it...


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iphone has wifi + good ui + radio and hopefully transparent sync (why no one ever mentions back-up?) Odd that we spend more on mobiles than pcs.. 'the computer is the network...'

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  • 2007-12-02 04:54
  • pp06

T-Mobile only done this as Vodafone were complaining (cause it was an exclusive) and took them to court. Why dont T-Mobile do the same when Vodafone want to keep all the nice handsets to themselves *cough*F700*cough* and countless others.

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  • 2007-11-27 12:16
  • m54S

In regards to my previous post.. it is true indeed! Check it out:,en.html

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  • 2007-11-24 10:32
  • 4Vkk

I tried to look this information up on the Apple, as well as the t-mobile euro website, but they say you need a 2-year contract. How reliable is this article?

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  • 2007-11-24 10:28
  • 4Vkk

What? damn expensive! Pay that much for nothing! Hello Job Steve!, you make yourself sounds so stupid! No 3G, limited functions! Pathetic!

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  • 2007-11-23 17:31
  • PSPr

For one thing, why such the high price tag for a phone?
i've seen and used both the iPhone and the HTC touch, and frankly i'd opt for the HTC touch when it comes to usability. no doubt, the iphone has a fantastic interface, but why would i want to spend such a 'ridiculous' amount for 1 phone which would cast me just as much as a customized laptop from alienware (to which may i add i'd be better of doin).
i'd say wait a couple of months, when T-Mobile & apple realize that their sales are dropping, they will eventually have to come to terms with reality and bring down the price to a more 'sensible' amount.

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  • 2007-11-23 17:27
  • iGRC

people! this phone is revolution ... this phone ... this amazing iPhone will be the only thing you want to have .. nothing else matters ....
Best wishes from Bulgaria

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  • 2007-11-23 16:52
  • iIaK

I do not think it says anywhere that you cannot remove the sim card. Unlocked means you can use it with any carrier that is GSM.

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  • 2007-11-23 16:31
  • 4TbB

yea the N95 8GB is the king of all mobiles

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  • 2007-11-23 15:35
  • nxwT

Finally. It's less than the contract fees AND the actual phone on the previous exclusive way to get it.
However, it is still far too expensive, not worth it considering the device's specifications aren't up with competitors in the same price range.

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  • 2007-11-23 11:12
  • U2Ar

Great -- unlocked iphone.

How can it be unlocked if you cannot remove SIM card?????

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  • 2007-11-23 03:34
  • Y9Wb

N-95 8gb is the father of the cell phone. No other?????

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  • 2007-11-22 22:44
  • Yg}b

Don`t blame apple for the high price of IPhone, thy sell it for 400$.
I do like the IPhone but i woden`t buy it for 1000 euro over here is 550 euro. T-Mobile is CREAZY if they think that the price is ok
however i got a Mac i love it but IPhone it`s an old phone i had
S-E p990 and now Toshiba Portege G900 wai better than IPhone

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  • 2007-11-22 21:07
  • mYYW

iphone is the best iphone 2 will be better !!!!

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  • 2007-11-22 15:15
  • RbH7

I have a question

the iTunes firmware updates brick the iPhones that have been unlocked by the buyers.

But now that there is a 100% legit unlocked iPhone you can buy, will the iTunes sourced firmware updates brick those phones?

It would be very naughty if Apple did.

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  • 2007-11-22 13:59
  • mxK2

Apple did what no one was able to do... "Unite nokia and SE fanboys".... lol...

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  • 2007-11-22 13:53
  • 2SMR

Guys, don`t look for this gadget any more.

our only expectation the Nokia N98 is coming all over.
with the whole touch screen interface.
rumers saying that its having 7.2Megapixel cam also.
I will defenitely go for that.

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  • 2007-11-22 13:25
  • PWYY

Apple think make a UFO for earth people.

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  • 2007-11-22 12:45
  • mD7k

I have never liked apple. Everyone knows how much trouble the Ipod was when it first came out, and how much trouble it still is now.
Then this abomination of a phone comes out and offers a stylish persona for whoever has one... Sure it looks ok, but thats pretty much it. Poor camera, no 3g... Technology is amazing today, so why is it that Apple have found it neccessary to take abackwards step...even if it saves some money on production costs.
And finally...1000 euros? Hah!

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  • 2007-11-22 12:34
  • TkfA

ridiculous price, but the phone is awesome, the touchscreen interface is like nothing else on the market, the camera produces good photos for a 2MP and the browser is amazing!

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  • 2007-11-22 12:31
  • D8XA

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