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Apple sells record-breaking 37 million iPhones in Q1, 2012

25 January, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Apple sells record-breaking 37 million iPhones in Q1, 2012 - read the full textDespite being called as a "disappointment" by skeptics the iPhone 4S, coupled with the iPhone 4 and the 3GS helped Apple post the highest iPhone sales figure so far. Just in Q1, 2012 alone, Apple sold (not just shipped) 37 million iPhones, which is an astonishing figure whichever way you look at...


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  • MyMIddleFingerSaysHi
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"These are not the droids you are looking for." trololol

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  • 2012-01-29 10:32
  • t7si
  • MyMIddleFingerSaysHi
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> In reply to TC @ 2012-01-25 14:52 from mrGa - click to read"a lot better" how? Explain. Elaborate further. Probably samsung should use an orange as their logo, hey! there's an idea. Gonna patent that one! lol Android free market has lots of apps, great, you can find anything there and a bunch of viruses as well. Kthxbye

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  • 2012-01-29 10:27
  • t7si

finally apple is back!!!

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  • 2012-01-27 16:30
  • uH%s

I'm so happy to see apple fans finally talking here , I felt like I'm the only one who likes apple on gsmarena till now , all I can say is iPhone is perfect even without these useless features android fans are talking about ;)

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  • 2012-01-26 23:51
  • ftZv

My last post in this topic...

People talk a lot about how good Apple customer service is... Where I work I get frequent complaints on how cr@ppy Apple customer service is, so...

I must say, though, Samsung customer service is a lot worse, at least in the country I live in...

As for Android apps crashing and all that... I have a simple ZTE Racer, download all the apps I want, and from all I've used, only two messed with my droid (one of them was a Google Maps update :D )...

Of course, if you want to play games with high detail, you'll need a better phone than my Racer, but hey, even with personal computers and consoles, if you want to play a game with the newest graphics you'll need an upgrade on your computer, or a new console...

And once and for all, people, stop telling others what is better, iOS or Android, SG2 or iPhone... Every single person has its opinion, my favorite movie will not certainly be the same as everyone else, so... instead of putting your foot down with a "my di## is bigger than yours" attitude, just give suggestions to each other on ways to better use what you have and like...

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  • 2012-01-26 15:19
  • m}9e

> In reply to Arjae @ 2012-01-26 08:48 from 9Lma - click to readyes dear iphone i is the best

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  • 2012-01-26 11:11
  • Hxed

Funny, to realize the shop I work at sells half as much iPhones compared to last year...

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  • 2012-01-26 10:33
  • 3K4b

> In reply to ALonZo @ 2012-01-25 18:30 from LhV9 - click to readI so agree with you. Quality that comes with the logo/brand counts in buying phones.
Apple promises and they works exactly.
They don't promise anything that's not in the phone.
The looks and feel of iphone sells.
Not many people are geeks who wants a phone they can tinker.
The guys who like to tinker go with the PLASTIC phone which looks all teh same. S1-2-3. PLASTIC. You get what u paid for.

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  • 2012-01-26 08:48
  • 9Lma

> In reply to mw @ 2012-01-26 04:12 from kiNU - click to readI feel the same

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  • 2012-01-26 05:43
  • Ru4V

Stunning financial result based on actual sales and not so called shipments. It certainly emphasises the value and pure horsepower of the Apple brand provided they can sustain the next 12 months of competition. At the moment manufacturers like Samsung will have a difficult time flooding its already saturated market, so perhaps the 12 months Apple will have a small window to produce a really new product and not just technical upgrades like others.

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  • 2012-01-26 05:09
  • sS{6

I dont know whether its true or not, I have read in some article, that for every smartphone Apple sales, Apple earns $55 and every smartphone Samsung sales, Samsung earns $10. This may the main reason why Apple's profit stood $13.06 billion in just one quarter. Amazing.
I ahve never heard of any company earning profit of this much amount in just one quarter. Even Microsoft couldn't earn this much historical profit when they are at peak time at time of Windows Xp Lunch which made Bill gate Centi billionare for some time.

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  • 2012-01-26 04:45
  • 9LbC

That still don't make me want one, maybe when apple decides to put a 4" display or bigger I'll reconsider.

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  • 2012-01-26 04:12
  • kiNU

> In reply to Dee @ 2012-01-25 17:45 from Gvb} - click to readMy personal experience.

One of my family members bough Galaxy S2.

I was really expecting lot from it.
Its just disappointment.
There is nothing groundbreaking about it.
Just comparing ipod touch 4th gen vs Galaxy S2 i got better benchmark results for ipod touch 4th gen.Even better results for iPhone4 and iPhone 4S is like 10 miles away from Galaxy S2.

Screen is over saturated and if u really know about optics and have little good eye sight , u also agree it.
Thats why even galaxy nexus have superamoled instead of superamoled+.
too much over saturation.

Not even single game runs well compared to ipod 4th gen (lets compare it with ipod first b4 going to iphone). Screen looks so much sharp and textures looks very good on ipod rather than galaxy.
putting 4S instead of ipod. Textures of 4S are nowhere near galaxy s2 and also its so smooth , even camera launches very quick and take quick shots due to lockscreen shortcut and less shutter lags.

Battery life is awesome.
iPod touch 4th gen has 4-4.5 hours Wi fi browsing
galaxy s2 has 5.30 hours browsing and 4S has 8-9.5 hours browsing and 10 hours browsing if u use opera browser.Vlingo works both on android and iOS.
Siri is addition to 4S not just vlingo.

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  • 2012-01-26 04:10
  • ut3x

> In reply to mustafabarca @ 2012-01-25 19:13 from t}d% - click to readTell me one feature which actually "Works" correctly which is not present in 4S.

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  • 2012-01-26 03:55
  • ut3x

> In reply to bliff @ 2012-01-25 22:42 from TSD9 - click to readReally ? How much marketshare Sony has compared to Samsung ?

They sold very few and rolling updates because this year Ericsson and Sony get separated.
And all phones they have till now has 512 MB RAM and single core.
If u look that way. iPhone 4 got Same configurations and got updated lots of times.
iOS 4 , iOS 4.1 , iOS 4.2 , iOS 4.3 , iOS 5 + minor updates like 4.0.1 , 4.0.2 , 4.0.3 etc.

Again ICS updates come may or April.
Google revealed ICS on may 2011 or so.
One year late update for Sony.
Apple showed of iOS 5 in June and updated October for all devices including iPod touch 3rd gen/iPhone 3GS.

So this argument is pointless because SE is already one year late.

Before talking trash with others , do some research before posting plz.

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  • 2012-01-26 03:42
  • ut3x

> In reply to anonymous500 @ 2012-01-25 21:02 from C$}U - click to read"anonymous500ReportRating0
Apple deserves all that money because they care about their customers and developers unlike google.
I have an android phone and i know how bad it is.

Apple knew from the beginning what they were doing. They sell only one phone because this way developers will have to test their apps only in one device. And customers will get better support and updates.

Google cares only for sales. This is why many apps are not working in some devices or have problems. All the comments you see in android market is someone complaining about this. Of course google knows this, they could make minimum requirements for their os likes windows did with windows phones but they care only for sales..."

Well said. Android has worst user experience than WP7 and iOS. Every app in Android, you have people complaining about force closes or freezing.

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  • 2012-01-26 01:06
  • 4cSy

It's easy to pick iPhones over Android phones. Children, teen, adult and elders of all ages like them. iPhone 4S has a very stable OS, a beautiful design, a pleasing UI, the best audio output in smartphone, the best all around 8MP camera, biggest app store with the most quality apps, and it has all the accessories you need. 3 reasons I can see alot of Android users are switching to iPhones for a more stable OS, better or more apps and updates.

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  • 2012-01-26 00:37
  • 4cSy

> In reply to anonymous500 @ 2012-01-25 21:02 from C$}U - click to readGo and ask other Android fans and they will tell you that some manufacturers are pushing out updates quicker than Apple!!! I could name a few, SE being the best at that. They used to be terrible a couple of years ago with updates but they have been the best for updates for the consumer. So really you dont know what your talking about....

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  • 2012-01-25 22:42
  • TSD9

> In reply to [deleted post]Brainwashed? Europe? Seriously what imaginary world you living in my friend? I live in the UK, no one brainwashed me into buying an Apple (I have Android experience as well). In fact Apple is very popular selling, see what I said below. Apple sell quality and are confident of this! There are cheaper Android phones out there, but let's face it they are aimed for people who can't afford an iPhone and are NO WAY as good as an iPhone. Androids such as the Samsung GS2 and the HTC Sensation XE are excellent completion for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Many may opt for these Androids, I can't say they are wrong as these are fantastic handsets. But with experience on both platforms, I am 100% right in saying the iOS is more stable. With that in mind, combined with superior hardware, excellent software (nearly a million apps) and great aftercare, there is little doubt why do many choose Apple.

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  • 2012-01-25 21:57
  • LhV9

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