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Kaz Hirai appointed as next Sony President and CEO

01 February, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Kaz Hirai appointed as next Sony President and CEO - read the full textSony announced that there's going to be a change in leadership - Kazuo Hirai will be taking over from Sir Howard Stringer as President and CEO of the company. Stringer personally recommended Hirai and plans for the succession have been underway since early 2009. Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai is a Sony...


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  • tommy__t__o@hotmail.
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I know you don't care this is normal for big companies but I am very upset.I bought a tv from u 4 yrs ago and it stopped working.I thought Sony was a good brand so I spent 2000 dollars well what a waste of money.I own several Sony products but no more I am selling this garage while it is still worth 50 cents.I will not promo your company.I hope one day you mite actually make a quality product but I know you don't care but don't worry I will tweet and twter this as much As I can have I nice day and hope not to see you in 5years

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  • 2012-09-06 05:47
  • 4ACL

Please,don't forget x8 user and give at least update to 2.2.....

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  • 2012-02-06 01:08
  • snMT

Kaz Hirai is he best ceo and hope he is going up in top

mohd tausif

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  • 2012-02-04 10:35
  • tUdx

sony is all the world

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  • 2012-02-03 17:40
  • vwes

I have Sony Ray, and since long time, i have always felt that Sony makes the best products. I have used and seen all their products and i cannot find a better alternative. I wish best of luck to Sony.

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  • 2012-02-02 18:51
  • Hxdj

Thanks sir....

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  • 2012-02-02 12:15
  • vG5y

You will be a super CEO, Kaz!

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  • 2012-02-02 06:25
  • LaCC

Hopefully this means we'll see better integration with all their products

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  • 2012-02-02 03:39
  • LKpc

Sony one of the best electronics company no one complains about that i love my w200 and my w760 the best cell phone that i have.

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  • 2012-02-02 02:35
  • LISR

ahaaaaaa! carl zeirz lences!\really hits the spot on sony!

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  • 2012-02-01 23:37
  • t44p

He will be a good CEO!

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  • 2012-02-01 21:46
  • jsti

Sony rocks!

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  • 2012-02-01 21:20
  • La8E

is it Stringer or Stinger? Hurm..

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  • 2012-02-01 20:41
  • IVVC

Sony you have Apple in your sights!!! Go and sort them out!

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  • 2012-02-01 20:27
  • TSD9

i absolutely love sony,from my first walkman casette player 'til my x10.

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  • 2012-02-01 18:42
  • LaLV

Japanese finally leading the Japanese company.

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  • 2012-02-01 17:48
  • vaPI

Sony will be always my favourite. All the best!!!
Now talking about his major change, I think Kaz will be a very good CEO. Also, Sir Howard was awesome because thanks to him, as Kaz said, Sony is better. Sir Howard, Kaz Hirai and the other Sony bosses are my idols!

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  • 2012-02-01 15:28
  • LaCA

> In reply to Anukul B. @ 2012-02-01 12:33 from uv4C - click to readgo sony i luv u

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  • 2012-02-01 15:13
  • PS6t

After read what he said, well so sony in a difficult situation right now. Samsung & LG already beat sony's tv, apple's macbook beat sonny vaio laptop, smartphone SE in great trouble too, camera? Well smartphone cam is getting better nowadays. Sony still alive because of their playstation only, but it only a matter of time since tablet gaming will be better on future year. But still i hope sony will be better cause honestly i love SE phone. Xperia S is a good start. Hope sony beat samsung on smartphone battle cause i think sony's quality is betterthan samsung galaxy. But iphone still no 1 for me lol.

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  • 2012-02-01 14:58
  • KxgL

the only thing i don t like about sony is their laptops lol , the re awesome on the gaming field ,already ordered my psp vitae only issue is i know after 4 to 5 months later they ll come up with with a better version of it and sell it at a lower price ( wich sucks )

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  • 2012-02-01 14:36
  • 9HEd

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