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Apple attempt to ban the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

13 February, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Apple attempt to ban the Samsung Galaxy Nexus - read the full textYou might be familiar with the numerous spats that have broken out between big mobile players Samsung and Apple over the past few months. Cropping up again and again, amidst tech headlines dating way back into 2011, Apple now look to be up to their old tricks yet again. The history books show...


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Apple just can't accept that they might lose from other brands' smartphone flagships that's why they always sue such things. If they are really the best, then they can maintain that by making better features even if other brands try to immitate it. What if other brands just want to satisfy the wants and needs of the world and really have no intention on imitating Apple? They sue all the way they want. The world will love them more if they'll allow other brands to have the same features without imitatin at all.

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  • 2012-04-17 19:28
  • t7TW

I've banned all Apple products in my house because of the following reasons:
- Apple represents the worst business model from 1980s trying to lock everyone into their solutions. MS used to be there too but they have grown up now and realise that it's 2012 now. Apple just has a serious mental complex from the old battles they've lost.
- Apple does not contribute anything to the tech world. They rarely participate in any standard communities and spend all their money on R&D how to sell things better. It's a tech parasite.
- The practice to pattent obvious things which just have not been patented yet is a shame. Apple did not invent anything significant in technology. They only invented a device which you have to charge every day and the shameless way to make money from obvious patents. I had an MS smart phone from HTC 6 years ago and Android is older than iPhone too.
- Even personally, try to compare what Bill Gates is doing now to what Steve Jobs was doing - only grabbing the money. Still, public liked him because he was wearing jeans - the worst example of tabloid and celebrity culture. People should be judged by their actions, not the look.

I'm a Java guy and never come close to .Net, but I guess that many C++ developers just had no choice but to join the iPhone club. Looking at the Lumia 800 (not 900) I hope this will change soon. I never held a phone with better L&F.

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  • 2012-04-05 14:58
  • NRig

In world history, the Dark Ages were a time when technological advances all but stopped...

Now, since Apple is sueing everyone for the patents, they won't let anyone use existing technology and try and advance the next step, everyone will be afraid to use tech 'cause they'll be sued by Apple...

Welcome to the Apple Age, when only Apple is (supposedly) allowed to use other companies's technology as their own.

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  • 2012-02-16 13:54
  • m}9e

> In reply to CrescendoFang @ 2012-02-15 09:38 from sEGR - click to readI've been doing just that--haven't bought iPhone, or iPod, or a Mac for that matter. I'm happy with my Android as well as my non-descript mp3 player and notebook. People can live wothout Apple. You don't need those expensive gadgets from Apple.

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  • 2012-02-16 00:16
  • w6VC

I dont pretend to be a tech wiz but savvy enough to take in lots of info before making informed decisions on purchases but i have to say, im sick of all the onging attacks on other institutions by Apple.

If there were some blantant cases of infringement ok But c'mon, trying to blanket cover a type of slide to unlock your phone. The world cant advance and welcome other imput ideas if it is forever being blocked. What goes around comes around and whilst i for one appreciate how fantastic new technologies are. I cant help but feel a growing sense of not supporting the apple product any longer. My 2 cents

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  • 2012-02-15 13:19
  • w6m{

I know. The original iPhone could not forward text messages. Therefore to fix it in future versions they must have stolen that functionality from others. Therefore ALL manufacturers of other phones should sue Apple for stealing their technology as it was not specifically patented and demand they remove it with immediate eefct from all devcies or withdraw them from sale! Way to go down Crapple! Still hoping you go bust ASAP.

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  • 2012-02-15 13:06
  • p%n8

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-02-14 06:28 from Mfxg - click to readyeah and they are laughing at google because of this, because they know, if google did not pay them, they would hav to pay google for it, without google search engine, apples Smart in the word smartphone, seems to be really dumb.

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  • 2012-02-15 12:04
  • Jxha

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-02-14 12:20 from mga3 - click to readApple wants, that only apple devices can use google... For Apple, Google aint allowed, to use its own services^^ Google should forbid iDevices to use google, lets see, how long their so called smartdevice will hold against android, with Bing and yahoo search :D

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  • 2012-02-15 11:51
  • Jxha

Apple = Pro Acta

Google = Anti Acta

Android came out first and then iOS. Android copied nothing from iOS, its more the other way around. If android copied from any OS, than it is Symbian. iOS users are so blinded, think all they see in their device is original and every other device is a copy of it^^ Really now, So if Android copied iOS so heavily, where does iOS have its widgets? Because the homescreen of Android is actually the main part of the OS, ah and the notification bar... wait... who copied that again? iOS users dont understand, that apple wants to create a phone monopol, patenting every feature, which aint patented, even if they didnt invent it, sueing all other manufacturers, which sell phones, which are way cheaper... I think it is a really big shame, that a company like apple wants, that poor people dont own a smartphone, only people, who are willing to pay their monopolistic prices and beleive me, with that ongoing, the prices will notä fall.

iOS users say Android copied? Why, because the interface looks nice? Is that a patent? §73 An interface, which doesnt hurt your eyes, after watching for more than 45 seconds.

Or is it a problem for you, that you have some a menu, where you can choose which app to run? Is that an iOS first? No, I believe I have seen this long before on Symbian... All apple invented for smartphones, is eyecandy in UI and most just dont want to approve of their stupid animalistic being, which likes to pay twice, to get more eyecandy. Here, have some choclate ;D

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  • 2012-02-15 11:36
  • Jxha

The last time Apple tried to sue Samsung Galaxy Tab simply because it shares the same rectangular shape... And now Apple is trying to ban the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?? I think someone should come out with something to blame Apple so that they'll get banned from the market as well..

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  • 2012-02-15 11:22
  • IVRD

> In reply to Milliardo @ 2012-02-14 06:38 from KgVd - click to readnewsflash! this is how apple has always been and jobs was a part of it. glad that you now realize their injustice but you have to see that jobs was behind a lot of it. it's not like he was some kind of saint and all of a sudden because he is gone apple changed their ways to evil. its been like this for many years.

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  • 2012-02-15 11:00
  • AIA3

> In reply to b10nd13 @ 2012-02-14 06:25 from vfxH - click to readso paying someone else to slap other companies parts together, slapping the highest price tag, then calling it your own invention makes them the best? ??? bwahahahaha!

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  • 2012-02-15 10:53
  • AIA3

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-02-13 21:07 from PG5b - click to readexcept that its a blatant lie that Google blatantly copied ios. of course everyone is gonna claim this forever

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  • 2012-02-15 10:33
  • QHyt

> In reply to Ruwin @ 2012-02-13 20:09 from Lax7 - click to ready u no learn to speak before trying to unjustly insult someone?? y u no brain?

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  • 2012-02-15 10:22
  • mVnG

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-02-13 19:48 from p77u - click to readno. its because apple only offers one phone that is an extreme conformity. android offers choice. something apple doesn't want you to have. android also offers cooler things, more innovation and innovation, more stability, and more features. apple offers an expensive logo.

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  • 2012-02-15 10:18
  • mVnG

WHY Apple? WHY WHY WHY DO YOU BECOME A SUCH LOW CHEAP COMPANY?? Using a cheap trick to cripple Android? Can't you compete with more new groundbreaking tech? Are you done innovating already? DEAD POOR APPLE....TOO AFRAID TO LOSE.

MSG: Forfeit the game before somebody else takes you out of the frame and puts your name to shame, cover up your face, you can't run the race, the pace is too fast you just won't last. -LP-

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  • 2012-02-15 09:38
  • sEGR

Apple is going down

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  • 2012-02-15 06:17
  • q9ya

Hasn't Nokia had predictive text for more than 12 years or so? Apple is just a sore looser trying to keep the smart-phone market to themselves... By doing so they stifle any further smarter better things that may be invented along the journey... Shame Shame Shame....

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  • 2012-02-15 06:02
  • U2C%

I need to patent breathing air through the nose and/or mouth. If you develop the ability to breath through your skin, you can continue to live. If you're a non-iOS user, you're granted free use of this patent. This patent does not fall under FRAND use as it is definitely discriminatory.

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  • 2012-02-15 02:04
  • Ycp8

Actually these are not tech wars. These are basically corporate wars. techs doesn't necessarily sue each others specially if they can get ideas how to improve their own tech nologies from other techs. these are their bosses trying to outdo each other in terms of money making. their battlefields are not laboratories and's the marketplace. and their main tool...LEGALITIES.

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  • 2012-02-14 23:24
  • 9Lax

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