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Sony releases Android 4.0 Beta ROM for certain Xperia handsets

24 February, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Sony releases Android 4.0 Beta ROM for certain Xperia handsets - read the full textSony Mobile has released a beta of the Android 4.0.3 ROM for certain Xperia handsets. These include the Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray. Compared to the alpha ROM released back in December, the beta enables GSM radio and FM radio functionalities, which means you can make and receive calls...


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> In reply to FaisaL @ 2012-02-24 19:44 from UNKN - click to readi can't wait for this update :D

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  • 2012-02-25 04:22
  • thgK

I hope they will include the original ICS lockscreen and not the slide on. It feels 2.3.4 lockscreen..

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  • 2012-02-25 02:22
  • vcAK

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-02-24 18:27 from v0qu - click to readFair point. We can but hope they get a royal kick up their back side.

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  • 2012-02-24 23:27
  • mxS9

> In reply to Fanny @ 2012-02-24 20:31 from mK}j - click to readI had a Nokia 5610 and never could make a videocall to anybody because no one had the feature on their phones, or weren't that friends...

Still, native videocalls are usefull if you have someone (like your girlfriend) to make the call...

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  • 2012-02-24 22:01
  • 8TJb

I wish Sony provides Xperia phones with native video calls.
It has proven VERY successful with Samsung and there are millions of consumers eager to get video calls straight out of the box, no data plans or WiFi connections required!

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  • 2012-02-24 20:31
  • mK}j

I have Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.
I look forward to ICS for my. Mobile.
One improvement I am hoping for is that the finished version of the texting app
Will allow words added to the predictive text user dictionary to be accesible as when I add words to the dictionary the new words don't show and also it should have upright phone texting pad as well as the qwerty mode.
Extra modes for camera would be good and video call mode from phone and Skype.

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  • 2012-02-24 19:53
  • 3Jda

> In reply to devileigh @ 2012-02-24 17:47 from thgE - click to readYes bro.they will,very soon.right now BETA testing is going oN..

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  • 2012-02-24 19:44
  • UNKN

Motorola is in the process of being taken over by Google for $12.5 billion, the biggest acquisition in the Californian company’s history.

MAYBE things will change for Motorola.

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  • 2012-02-24 18:27
  • v0qu

is sony gonna release v4.0.3 on neo MT15i?

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  • 2012-02-24 17:47
  • thgE


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  • 2012-02-24 16:52
  • 95WE

hey i told informed u people..:(

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  • 2012-02-24 16:39
  • vI7W

Satya looks like doesnt have

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  • 2012-02-24 16:24
  • 0wgx

can the SE live update for this ICS ???

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  • 2012-02-24 16:01
  • ib3i

Wish they included Native video calls.

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  • 2012-02-24 14:51
  • U@tu

plz friends , let me know how to install ?
am using neo v.

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  • 2012-02-24 14:38
  • Khtu

> In reply to Sheikh Asif @ 2012-02-24 13:00 from Mf5j - click to readbetter sony phones are coming out soon , like the xperia s and ion and much more ... worth the wait

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  • 2012-02-24 14:22
  • ucxa

At this point Motorola should really put their heads down in shame at the utter joke they are. HTC, Samsung, LG and now Sony have all made progress towards ICS and are showing clear signs of progress, while all MotoJoke can do is whinge how difficult it all is! Fine then, stop making mobile phones and leave it to the professionals, of which you are clearly not a member any more.

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  • 2012-02-24 13:44
  • p%n8

will the new ICS ROM support 3G video call?

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  • 2012-02-24 13:30
  • 6%wE

This cell is so nice i woud like to purchase it in as soon as possiable plz suggest wether i m right or wrong.

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  • 2012-02-24 13:00
  • Mf5j

PS. I am using this ROM on my Xperia Arc (NOT Arc S)

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  • 2012-02-24 12:29
  • Mk3K

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