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New Li-Ion batteries get 10x boost

New Li-Ion batteries get 10x boost - read the full textAs Stanford researchers, report a heavy boost to current Lithium-Ion technology is just behind the corner. We are to expect up to 10 times more performance out of the same-volume batteries. As the new invention is getting a patent application filed, the assistant professor of materials science and...


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Still waiting for this in 2015

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  • 2015-06-04 18:32
  • MfxS

hey i got a around how many years will these batteries make any commercial appearance?? 5? 10? more?
and you know what would be really cool?
if the same size battery gives 10X boost, a battery ten times SMALLER would give the same battery life as todays batteries!
imagine how light phones will become.
just remove the battery from ur phone and see how light it is.

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  • 2008-05-20 16:08
  • PBy6

I agree with Brendan. I've seen so many new technologies surface, new medical advances, and new this new that... most of it never make it beyond a magazine article. The thing they don't tell you a lot of the time is what could go wrong... Have you ever read an article why something didn't make production? They only print the good stuff but never the bad. There are so many reason this won't work. Low recharge cycles, production costs, safety, and many others this article does not address.

I kind of disagree about manufacture greed though because if something like this does work correctly, wouldn't you want to be the first one of sell it? Who ever sells it will probably make enough money for life. No need to worry about needing to sell quantity. Just the amount of new gadgets coming out will keep manufactures needing to get new batteries all the time.

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  • 2008-01-04 05:46
  • 25dK

Crazy.. and i thought my Li-ion polymer in my HTC was good at 1100mAh.

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  • 2008-01-02 22:17
  • Qu8c

i believe that would be ten times lasting longer. and that would be so cool :-)

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  • 2008-01-01 21:57
  • LBHM

its about time we had a battery that will last a while longer, my htc battery dies after a day now and no shop sells a spare

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  • 2008-01-01 15:25
  • Mk2c

Nothing interesting, because "Biovoltaic" batteries will last more than 10 years (it said, that 30 years)... So one month or 30 years? What do you think? :D

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  • 2007-12-27 20:06
  • 0xGq

So for the same size you can last 10x longer


You can pump out 10x the power for the same size.


You can pump out the same power for 10th the size.

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  • 2007-12-24 14:27
  • iACh

what will be its price?according to bangladesh

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  • 2007-12-24 09:33
  • M@T2

yep i agree this would be really useful as an electric powered car battery as well as a mobile phone battery.

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  • 2007-12-22 12:14
  • i2IV

i think its useful and i got more details from net ads power rather it makes the stuff more portable..........
i think u should visit.the link.....if u want more details..

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  • 2007-12-22 09:24
  • PWYY

Does this mean the new battery can last up to 10x more than the current Li-Ion battery?

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  • 2007-12-22 04:39
  • ib6t

According to the article, this new process for manufacture only requires an extra 1 or 2 steps. With an existing production method this shouldn't cost much more so the only bottlenecks will be competition. If only one company buys the rights to the patent, they can charge whatever they like and they'll get it.

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  • 2007-12-22 04:30
  • TSD6

this sounds great.. but if it'll happen, i think they will sell it for a really high price. more like an optional battery upgrade...

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  • 2007-12-22 01:34
  • wYI2

Hey guys, much as I love mobile phones etc. the biggest application for this technology is for electric powered cars with huge power consumption not your piddly little mobile.

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  • 2007-12-21 23:26
  • pu7d

of course it will be developed! if nothing else, the phone manufactrers will completely bypass the battery manufacturers in the highly unlikely event they become obstinate. the idea that this will make the phone market stagnate is ludicrous. people will still want something new and different, and as long as the manufacturers are making new phones with new gimmicks, we will be seduced by them on a regular basis. if it was just about lastability, i woudl be wearing many of the same clothes i had 10 years ago.
this is an excellent development for everyone

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  • 2007-12-21 15:18
  • TkAt

before anyone says "but the battery prices will be higher so that'll make up for sales". It wont, it'll just make it harder for working class citizens to buy them...once again reducing sales. but i suppose higher power batteries could be optional... hmmmm, im starting to debate with myself and im in work so i better stop this..... peace out ppl

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  • 2007-12-21 12:30
  • MJTC

i think you all should forget about this, i personally dont think it will happen... who really benefits from this... JUST US!!! Thats who!!! Battery companies will lose out, because replacement battery sales will drop... Battery companies all have contracts with mobile companies, can you imagine them dropping production, and sales for our benfit....HAHAHAHAHA Just remember people that companies exist to make money, not to benefit us, us benefiting from anything we buy just happens to be a factor of a company making money by producing products... I think this will be kept very hush hush from now on and we wont hear any more about it... so dont get your hopes up people, and dont have so much faith in humanity,,, Its flawed

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  • 2007-12-21 12:25
  • MJTC

It just makes you think; what if there is a battery that never had to be charged? A true everlast.

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  • 2007-12-21 11:43
  • xeZD

Definately is a high cost battery. Those sophiscated phones nowsaday (n95, k850, etc) are selling at US$600 and above, if plus with this high-tech battery, wow... cant imagine how much the final product - phone will cost...

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  • 2007-12-21 11:36
  • iba3

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