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New Li-Ion batteries get 10x boost

New Li-Ion batteries get 10x boost - read the full textAs Stanford researchers, report a heavy boost to current Lithium-Ion technology is just behind the corner. We are to expect up to 10 times more performance out of the same-volume batteries. As the new invention is getting a patent application filed, the assistant professor of materials science and...


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well Nokia N-Series will definately get benifited Specially upcoming models

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  • 2007-12-21 11:29
  • 2Z7g

Either the batterys will start to break down a lot faster, or the price of them will be huge. Either way, expect an increase in phone prices. That, together with that new law going around of banning 2 year contract deals, and the price of a new phone will get pretty high me thinks...

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  • 2007-12-21 10:38
  • RbH7

It's about time. We've needed a battery improvement for so long now. This will certainly ease some constraints on new mobile technology - though expect manufacturers to quickly use up this extra power in an effort to produce faster and better-equiped devices.

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  • 2007-12-21 05:06
  • TSD6

so let me guess, it takes a week to charge?

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  • 2007-12-21 04:43
  • PZcn

That's nice. I hope this invention actually makes it into production - unlike some many revolutionary ones that often don't due to politics and greed.

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  • 2007-12-21 04:37
  • i2Gv

i dont care bout the price ! if this really last for a month, im definitly going for this, this would make my N95 perfect!

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  • 2007-12-21 02:03
  • n77r

oki you think this is a breakthrogh!!!??don't be stupid!!i've seen a documentary on discovery chanel made at the nokia factory where they were testing the phones..they had nokia X with a batery of 6500 mAh for testing but ,sold to people that same nokia with a batery of 900 u might wonder ...way?MARKETING!!!today nothing is made to last because the big companyes they would not do so much money..imagine if you would buy a car soo good made and it will last for 30 years with no problemes ..where is the businnes in that??

the technology exists..and available...but not to the ordenery people

sorry for my bad eng ,i'm from roumania

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  • 2007-12-21 01:36
  • mTvZ

AQ: my post is above not under my nickname!

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  • 2007-12-20 23:16
  • mrID

This is research guys. Don't be surprised if we don't get a COMMERCIAL APPLICATION until 10 years later. Stupid StanFUrd.


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  • 2007-12-20 23:11
  • j@N5

wonderful...and the price will be???

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  • 2007-12-20 22:18
  • mjQx

lol that means nokia phones will have a talktime of 40 hours and sony ericsson phones will have talktime of 100hrz which is ridiculus.and nokia standby will be almost 3 months and sony ericsson stanby will be almost 6 months ..hahahhah thats definilety wat we want...a phone tht will never run out of battery

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  • 2007-12-20 22:06
  • BLIS

welldone Stanford researchers ;)

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  • 2007-12-20 21:32
  • mJe{

if u dunt need N95-8Gb dunt buy it.. if u have battery problem all u gotta do is upgrade it to the new firmware and also just buy the NOkiaN95-8GB battery and use it in the N95.. u can do that actually.

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  • 2007-12-20 20:36
  • Rbcw

amazing. i cant wait to see how much tiny the batteries will get. but wht is the cost? are these batteries going to be more expensive?.

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  • 2007-12-20 20:34
  • Rbcw

great! at least we r getting the benifits of the nano technology in our every-day practice!

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  • 2007-12-20 20:19
  • mrID

wow, i am totally impress by this nanotechnology stuff. I can't wait to have one of these battery for my old N95. Maybe i don't need the new N95 8gb after all.

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  • 2007-12-20 19:27
  • RbXv

i say its a good discovery. good thing. but soon mobiles would be needing higher battery power so this cycle keeps on going. men were, are and will not be satisfied. this is good.

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  • 2007-12-20 19:13
  • PAX1

great!!! Well done! Hope this new invention could benefit us!

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  • 2007-12-20 18:47
  • ib4g

Ahhh Stanford does it again. Yet another revolutionary technology from the bay. I'm so happy to live here

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  • 2007-12-20 18:47
  • YHrX

GSM arena has worked out that I go for my lunch break at 2 o'clock aye?

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  • 2007-12-20 18:25
  • MF{P

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