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Ads within Android apps found to consume 75% of the app's power

20 March, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Ads within Android apps found to consume 75% of the app's power - read the full textA team of researchers from Purdue University and Microsoft have made a rather starling discovery. It seems apart from being obnoxiously annoying, those pesky ads that pop-up within your Android apps are actually taking up to 75 percent of the app's total power consumption. This result was...


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And what happened to Gsmarena home page in desktop view? There were flash banners on top of the page and on the sides, but they are gone :s And both my pc and my phone show that page exactly same. But like I said, there are no more flash banners anymore? Anyone got any idea about that?

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  • 2012-03-20 12:25
  • p2HB

Simple way to save battery Turn off GPRS or 3G when u not need internet.
Android is the Best.... Bcoz people like freedom. It is improving day by day so this issue will be get solved soon.

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  • 2012-03-20 12:20
  • 7t8N

That's not a big deal, just install AdFree app from the market and all the ads will disappear..Just like the adblock plus app for chrome/ same and it's usefull.

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  • 2012-03-20 12:18
  • p2HB

Root and install "AdFree Android" or "AdAway"!

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  • 2012-03-20 12:09
  • 0TqD

it's really very simple - if you dont want ads, turn off your internet before playing.

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  • 2012-03-20 12:06
  • sX5f

my battery on my htc sensation only lasts 12 hours, if i text, browse or use an app once or twice a day it will only last 6-8 hours. Is anyone else having the same problems with this model?

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  • 2012-03-20 12:04
  • M3s@

Why not buying the game ? No more ads, no more battery drain.

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  • 2012-03-20 11:57
  • GNbj

Adaway = No more ads (browser/apps).

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  • 2012-03-20 11:48
  • 3xc5

Why do you need a data connection while playing a game for an example & it works offline?! Just turn the data off!

I don't think this research brought anything new, the data being on consumes battery in all cases.
The research at the other end advertises for paid applications.

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  • 2012-03-20 11:47
  • L1gF

i don't need to buy this application because until now the ICS is waiting for all LG user specially the high-end optimus 2x and i know the conflict between nvidia and ICS android. But my question is what the solution about this problem?

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  • 2012-03-20 11:33
  • t7Sv

Hahahaha wht a joke!! No juice, no phone!

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  • 2012-03-20 11:06
  • X32}

ive put my sim back into my old e71,,done with the droids...forgot just how good the e71 is

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  • 2012-03-20 11:03
  • M64S

I noticed this over a year ago when I got Desire HD and played angry birds. The battery usage was huge when I had data O and the game had some notable lag. The Battery usage went down a lot when I turned OFF the data and the game was a lot smoother too.

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  • 2012-03-20 10:59
  • Sqg{

> In reply to boosook @ 2012-03-20 10:24 from mxuZ - click to readTrue.
Best comment I've read all day!

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  • 2012-03-20 10:35
  • vGVh

Just buy the app, if you really find it useful. That's what I do. Developers must eat too. :)
If you want everything for free, don't complain. :)

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  • 2012-03-20 10:24
  • mxuZ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-03-20 10:09 from A90% - click to readYou don't need to turn off WiFi and 3G, just data. I once turned off my data to prolong battery power and noticed that the pop-ups in Angry Birds no longer appeared. You obviously have to turn it back on to browse web pages but it increases standby time by about 150%.

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  • 2012-03-20 10:22
  • Mk7g

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-03-20 10:09 from A90% - click to read
yup...that won't let the ads in.

Switch Packet Data OFF
- This will switch off all data at all times; excluding WiFi

Press Menu
Tap Settings
Tap Wireless and Network
Tap Mobile Networks
Toggle Packet Data ON or OFF

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  • 2012-03-20 10:19
  • 9Lax

There is a simple solution for this problem root your phone and install adaway and it will block all your ads

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  • 2012-03-20 10:17
  • KFQt

LOL.... the best way to overcome wid thz problem z turn off ur data usage or wifi... no net connections... no advertisrments... simple...

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  • 2012-03-20 10:10
  • U{SV

what if I turn off my 3G/GPRS data and also my wifi?
thn while playing game, how would the app upload/download the ad`s? So by this I dont think it would consume a lot of I correct?

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  • 2012-03-20 10:09
  • A90%

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