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10,000 to lose their jobs at Sony, no bonuses for execs either

09 April, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
10,000 to lose their jobs at Sony, no bonuses for execs either - read the full textSony is on its way to cutting 10,000 jobs in an attempt to avoid a fourth consecutive financial year ending in a loss, according to Japanese newspaper Nikkei. According to the report, 5,000 of the job cuts will be a result of reorganizing Sony's chemicals and panels businesses. The...


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Maybe they can hire someone there without their head up their a**! Releasing great cellphones for japan only!? Guess they can't sell them in other major markets since no one else uses/buys cellphones.

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  • 2012-05-18 21:45
  • ju$i

This is a real shame, Sony has always provide quality products, products that we would never have seen without their workforce. I'm extremely glad to see that Sony's not paying out bonuses this year though, atleast we know the cut could not have been avoided.

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  • 2012-04-13 21:26
  • mqMn

This is there realy no other way?

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  • 2012-04-13 10:46
  • ftb}

> In reply to nikky @ 2012-04-10 10:26 from vwHh - click to readYou some Samsung fan or something? Seriously, why are all their fans so arrogant?!?!?

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  • 2012-04-12 10:39
  • v0q9

I hope you will be able to recover from this Sony, it'll be a waste to lose you! I don't want to live in an empire of Samsung phones and electronics...:((

The Best Of Luck!!

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  • 2012-04-12 10:34
  • v0q9

d prob w/ sony is that their products are so expensive.

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  • 2012-04-12 06:22
  • FMYK

So sad !!

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  • 2012-04-11 22:15
  • U@21

sony got all its technolgy, they have to capitalize on it....understand how to penetrate the market and be in first to introduc innovative products as they were before....
Apple is as example for them...

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  • 2012-04-11 20:20
  • tes1

support to sony,
launch a new phone with walkman and cybershot and android os,larger display,higher specks in one phone!make it affordable...then watch how's other manufacturer fall!

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  • 2012-04-11 10:18
  • ib4w

Customer understanding is my answer to them
when we are making a product to world,, this is why we have agent, meeting etc.
so we know customer needs in each place and know the price.. from that based we need to start but honest the new technology we can't understand because it is control us we can't control it..
I am one from this world who want a Device E7 from Nokia to work as Android or maybe i want it to be windows.. but that can't be happen and we most know why.. plus why all companies need to make every year so many devices... i think 3 to 5 devices is enough. but talking about future that will not be a good way to think about it. because few devices a year will effect the revenue ..
it is hard in this life to know what is the right and wrong .. we are just follow.. It is nice that we can say our comments maybe one day someone will listen
I don't think Sony and Nokia will change anything of what happen.. I will not be happy to know 5000~10000 people or even 1 person that he will leave his job..
but yes i am happy for what happen to Sony and hope it will happen to Nokia and to all other big company because they will never listen..
every time we buy new device every time we have hard time to ask for maintenance , help and support ..
all the best..

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  • 2012-04-11 09:39
  • 3C1W

> In reply to Ed @ 2012-04-10 19:13 from 0m@q - click to readthey need innovative products... not cheap products.

Apple managed to bounce back from weeks before bankruptcy thru amazing products.

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  • 2012-04-11 08:13
  • IVK{

Their products have character, but should have come earlier. How come the dual core phone comes just 1-2 months ago? THey should have think of this.

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  • 2012-04-11 03:43
  • P$Xd

Samsung and LG will continue to steal their market shares, because a company that doesn't innovate and have a good pricing policy should prepare its limps to run! when songs of war starts!!! Rest in peace Sony.

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  • 2012-04-10 23:31
  • N9@S

Sad poker face!

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  • 2012-04-10 22:38
  • LkH3

They need cheap products!!

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  • 2012-04-10 19:13
  • 0m@q

if you sue your customers they wont buy your products. if they utilized sony entertainment to give people reasnon to buy their products, they would be profitable but instead they sue their own customer.

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  • 2012-04-10 18:47
  • 3TvX

> In reply to niko @ 2012-04-10 06:57 from t7Xr - click to readNo, not in this Universe

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  • 2012-04-10 17:06
  • La8G

> In reply to sony_not_good @ 2012-04-10 12:12 from vxn2 - click to readi like your answer. cutting jobs will not optimize productivity. it is just an answer to downsizing because if losses. creating competitive products is the answer...

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  • 2012-04-10 15:03
  • t7y2
  • daisuke white winter
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now everybody will go to work for samsung

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  • 2012-04-10 13:42
  • 9FcY

why not improve their products so they will improve their revenue?

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  • 2012-04-10 12:12
  • vxn2

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