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Market Update Week 3

Market Update Week 3 - read the full textIt's time for the next episode of our Market Update series brought to you each Friday (or almost). This week there are several interesting handsets appearing in stores and we present you our Market Update 2008 - Week 3. First off in our market update this week is a PocketPC that looks like...


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I am really eager to know what the next P-series model of sony ericsson will be like. And also the descendant of Nokia E61i. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • 2008-01-20 10:31
  • M@T2

Any news about Latest Smart Phone launches from Sonyt Ericsson?

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  • 2008-01-19 16:09
  • Nxsf

The question on my mind is, where is the Samsung I550 with the 2.6" display and Symbian S60....?

The phone was announced way back in November and its NOWHERE in stores!

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  • 2008-01-19 15:55
  • nqF1

These new gadjets seem to lack the "WoW" factor. They are all the same stuff with new cosmetics. This is definitely boring.

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  • 2008-01-19 13:53
  • TRRe

the arte got better features than 8800 sirocco, but sirocco still looks much better

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  • 2008-01-19 13:26
  • M3s@

for gods sake, it doesnt matter whos first, it aint a race, its a forum to discuss what phone is good and which one is not.

the lg ks20 is looking nice, as is the new 8800, hopefully the battery life will have improved now

anyone else noticed how samsung realease basically nothing but slides?

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  • 2008-01-19 13:10
  • nsSk

hi guys i have nokia 5610
and when i first bought it it was sucked!!
it's turns off without even touching the power buttom
there is a new frameware for it it's 4.81
i have download using nokia software updater and the phone now is fantastic

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  • 2008-01-19 09:44
  • fua9

Yeah- I really need a goat-skin phone.

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  • 2008-01-19 05:12
  • Tr8a

The arte looks fantastic, too bad I'm still in a sane frame of mind and would never spend so much on that!

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  • 2008-01-19 01:07
  • TSD6

I'm new to gsmarena but have fallen in love with lg ks20 and so have been checking back everyday for its availability. THis market update is music to my ears... but where? where? is it available?!

Please tell me I can get it on contract in the UK...

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  • 2008-01-18 23:10
  • pwir

8800 Arte !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 2008-01-18 20:18
  • mXZ}

gogog ~600 euro?i bet actually is 1100 euro

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  • 2008-01-18 19:10
  • pqBx

3rd again aye?

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  • 2008-01-18 18:57
  • MF{P

im 2nd! great! think i will buy 8800 arte in few more week!

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  • 2008-01-18 18:51
  • ibcI

Finally, first...

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  • 2008-01-18 18:41
  • ibca

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