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Samsung Galaxy S III GPU benchmark pops up, tops charts

23 April, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Samsung Galaxy S III GPU benchmark pops up, tops charts - read the full textThe yet unannounced successor to the Galaxy S II popped up briefly in GLBenchmark's results page to confirm that the S III (or whatever it's called) is the next top dog in droidland - GPU-wise. The results have since been hidden from prying eyes, which does give them an air of legitimacy. The...


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1 gb ram is not enough those days. Htc oneX show some lags. Sgs3 has touchwiz and svoice, smartstay..etc all this will ask for ram, hd resolution means more ram, android 4 means more ram (more functions vs android 2.x)
i wait to see phones with more ram, do not waste money on something that will not be good in a year or less

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  • 2012-05-15 23:01
  • LaCc

> In reply to GDT @ 2012-04-24 19:32 from Hkq7 - click to readLOL exactly !!!

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  • 2012-04-30 05:58
  • gC7U

> In reply to Optional @ 2012-04-23 14:04 from wYBp - click to readI totally agree with you!
Unless they release a Motorola's kind of Webtop app bundled with cheap dock 4 cores are useless.
Focus more on bigger battery, just look at HTC's One X battery fiasco! :(
With that I hope Samsung releases a MAX version with bigger battery.

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  • 2012-04-24 21:41
  • 3pw6

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-04-24 18:12 from 3YhU - click to readDid you really just compare a smart phone to a tablet?

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  • 2012-04-24 20:54
  • QIPf

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-04-24 18:12 from 3YhU - click to readNobody cares, this is a phone not a tablet.

Also iPad needs the faster GPU to cope with the insane resolution Apple choose to use,

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  • 2012-04-24 20:22
  • n5C0

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-04-24 18:12 from 3YhU - click to readTroller! No one can compare speeds in percentages. One can only measure the processing performance boosts of a processor over others. Speed depends upon what kind of software the device is running. Troll on the roll! TROLL ON THE ROLL!! BRING ME A RIFLE!!

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  • 2012-04-24 19:32
  • Hkq7

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-04-24 13:01 from MQKQ - click to readOH PLEASE, Apple stole LG Prada's and Samsung KF700. get your facts straight boy. and if you don't believe me, see for yourself.
I hate it when fanboys say anything as they like.

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  • 2012-04-24 18:43
  • Ia1P

I feel inclined to point of that Samsung's yet-to-be-released mighty king-of-the-hill superphone is nearly 34% slower than the already selling IPAD.
We are not impressed...

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  • 2012-04-24 18:12
  • 3YhU

Yaaawwwwn. Who cares about those silly benchmarks. Are you stuck in the 90s???

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  • 2012-04-24 16:51
  • 0ZL2

> In reply to anon @ 2012-04-24 11:48 from TkYt - click to readwhat do you mean not multitasking

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  • 2012-04-24 13:28
  • fuMp

> In reply to meow @ 2012-04-24 11:58 from 9yM9 - click to readmy facts are perfectly straight thanks.

The Galaxy S was brought out the same month as the iphone 4 & suspiciously looked very similar to the 3GS

Samsung then kicked themselves that they made their latest phone look like the last generation of it's competitor & rushed back to the drawing board & came out with the S2 a mere 7 months after the original (must have pleased customers stuck on a 2 year contract)this one looking more square with silver edging round the side rather than as a bezel - much like the iphone 4.

But they also tried to steal a march on the next iphone which is why the S2 is better than the iphone 4 but loses out quite a bit to the 4S (in my opinion)

The S3 isn't being brought out to compete with the 4S. Make no mistake - Samsung are bringing this out to steal a march on the iphone 5.

If they're not then I'd be very disappointed with them as a business that they're only trying to compete with a phone that's about to be superceded.

& if indeed that is the case or if the iphone 5 looks different to the 4S then I'll make a bet with you here & now that Samsung will release the Galaxy S4 a few months later and that it'll have a passing resemblance to what the iphone 5 looks like.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a fanboy of neither company. I have an iphone and a samsung phone at the moment.
My contract is due for renewal in July & I will then review the phones available for myself. If the S3 is the best Android phone out there & the iphone 5 is released I'll be comparing the 2 together - I won't be comparing the S3 to the 4S... & I'll then buy the one that suits my needs best. but I'd certainly steer clear of the S3 if I thought that it was only competing with an older phone because that would say to me that the S4 will be just round the corner.....

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  • 2012-04-24 13:01
  • MQKQ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-04-24 09:43 from MQKQ - click to readfor your information the s2 was launched 8 months before the 4s, wasnt aimed at being its competitor. and if it was wasnt much of a competition. so maybe u should get ur facts straight

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  • 2012-04-24 11:58
  • 9yM9

iPhone and iPad are NOT multi tasking so they can't be in the same list with REAL multi tasking phones.

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  • 2012-04-24 11:48
  • TkYt

> In reply to x @ 2012-04-23 15:40 from snUE - click to readIf you're going to insult someone you really need to get your facts straight beforehand.

The actual competitor to the Iphone 4 was the Samsung Galaxy S. released in June 2010 & compared to the Iphone 4 on this very site.
the S2 is a competitor to the 4S & the S3 will be a competitor to the Iphone 5

so to insult someone over something so petty & then get it wrong yourself makes you look very foolish

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  • 2012-04-24 09:43
  • MQKQ

> In reply to gill @ 2012-04-23 14:44 from 9xRf - click to readInfinity Blade
Rocks Rider

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  • 2012-04-24 09:36
  • MQKQ

GT-I9100 as much as i remember thats the mid range phone not the actual galaxy s3 you know the galaxy m

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  • 2012-04-24 08:46
  • 3xBU

LG Optimus 4x HD is 6851 frames over 61 fps, do the maths urself. ~112.3

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  • 2012-04-24 06:52
  • P}vn

> In reply to nokia rulez @ 2012-04-24 04:28 from vbRd - click to readThat's better....Atleast you came out of that fanboy tag..!!

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  • 2012-04-24 05:24
  • 7tE$

> In reply to The Man @ 2012-04-23 20:26 from fqdc - click to readI know Samsung is a good brand and i will buy Galaxy S3 this time and stop complaining about other brands each brands have there +ve and -ve point

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  • 2012-04-24 04:28
  • vbRd

I get 34fps with my Sony xperia S... stupid sony.. why didn't they chose a better gpu???

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  • 2012-04-24 04:14
  • H5Np

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