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Samsung announces L310 and L320 for the ladies

Samsung announces L310 and L320 for the ladies - read the full textSamsung unveiled two new sleek-looking handsets today. Aimed at the fashion-conscious ladies they are sure to excel with looks rather than functionality. Samsung L310 is a black-and-gold clamshell. It has a rather uncommon S-shaped hinge that should be able to make it stand out in a crowd. The...


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hai,I'm from Indonesia and I love samsung L320 so much. I really want to have it, but unfortunatelly I still can find it in Indonesia. Can you please send it immediately this phone to Indonesia so I can buy it? Thanx...=)

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  • 2008-05-17 07:33
  • PFxb

Here's a complete review already in English, including a video also. Tipical Samsung faults, girly design.

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  • 2008-04-24 21:00
  • mA%K

@ Isaiah:

Hahaha you're such a joke. Sure Samsung is quite ok but definitely not the best. And I hope you didn't wanted to sound intimidating or something in that fashion, cause you sure didn't.

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  • 2008-02-03 18:53
  • M8PT

will you all are wrong samsung is best phone by all feature and good desgin style super display i like to take this for my friends i love samsung if you have any doubt about this any samsung mobiles email me i will clear your doubt thanks

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  • 2008-02-02 12:06
  • vGve

The L310's design theme is such a rip-off of the Nokia's 7373/7390. It's funny how people comment negatively on Nokia's design, but their competitors clearly copy it.

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  • 2008-02-01 15:22
  • MY4$

Hi there,
if i wish to have any of those phones above would it be a crime or i will be neglected from the community.
Otherwise the art and designing of the phone is fontastic

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  • 2008-02-01 12:16
  • NHHk

I prefer formality rather than that washy washy gadget that just good look. 8mega-pixel and internet processing fast ..... my dream
My Sumsung should be this.

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  • 2008-02-01 11:01
  • PA$w

still a samsung... bad better life and bad reception

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  • 2008-01-31 19:58
  • QYNx

@ Rico and you below:

All other phones are dude-phones, name one dude-thing that is possible to have in a cell-phone that isn't already there in some phone. And besides, you could buy this too, just cause it has a shoppinglist and stuff doesn't mean you couldn't own it.

And @ Dani, you're pathetic, so what if you have the first comment? Is that you're biggest achievement in life? Please grow up.

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  • 2008-01-31 13:51
  • M8PT

you know, if a phone company made a phone just for the fellas, it wud be 'an outrage'

but they allow this.

fair ? ill let you be the judge :p

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  • 2008-01-30 11:49
  • nsSk

no nokia hurried they make a phone nokia 7900 prism like 7900 crystal prism also 6120 ,6121 also 6300,6301 also n81 ,n818gb also 5200 ,5300 also 6085 ,6086 also 6020 ,6021 also 6280,6288 also 2610 ,2626 ,also 6267,6263 also 1200,1208 also 8800,8880 this all repetition all reiteration also 7373,7370 ,6600,6620 also 6680,6681

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  • 2008-01-29 13:47
  • mnE0

-Looks great
-Feels bad in reality(quality etc!)

-Nice basic functions
-Bad software(as 100% of Samsung's phones.. Main reason for not buying Samsung, even if they pass nokia in sells! I don't care sells, but the cellphone I'm giving money for!)

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  • 2008-01-28 01:03
  • 0BES

Samsung is sexist. Why would they make a phone only for women? I cant believe it. I am going to boycott samsung now unless they come out with a phone for guys. Like a phone shaped like a bottle of beer. Or a phone shaped like a gun where you put it up to your ear and pull the trigger to answer.

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  • 2008-01-27 21:03
  • T1kx

Looks pretty cool

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  • 2008-01-27 11:02
  • 0mUY

Well if beauty is my name these phones are the rave .I would like to have one all the same. Who my guy please dont be shy buy me this phone and you will get my prize

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  • 2008-01-27 03:53
  • PvW1

oooh for the ladies......nah looks horrible. good on samsung for ruling at

Ashish Sachan

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  • 2008-01-27 03:20
  • w4p5

Samsung, this is now already 2008.
all kinds of midrange phone should better com equipped with QVGA display!
Take a look at Nokia for example, even phone priced at 150EUR has QVGA display!

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  • 2008-01-26 12:16
  • wdAg

oooh for the ladies......nah looks horrible. good on samsung for ruling at

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  • 2008-01-26 03:54
  • PP$8

looks not for me...if it was for a lady they should have made it look a lot cuter.

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  • 2008-01-25 20:29
  • 4W8k

The key pad looks horrendous. what about battery life? i believe it would be as batterred as other masterpieces from the company.

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  • 2008-01-25 20:25
  • u1ts

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