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Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III coverage wrap-up

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III coverage wrap-up - read the full textThe first Samsung Unpacked event for this year is now over and, just as expected, it was all about the new Samsung Android flagship. After months of rumors, the I9300 Galaxy S III finally went official and it looks like it has what it takes to pick up, where the extremely successful Galaxy S II...


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> In reply to Imagewerx @ 2012-05-04 01:34 from 0pad - click to readI agree, The image sensor has improved. I was looking forward to better Optics. My comparison in this aspect is with the Sony Xperia S. I agree with you on the Pixel bandwagon too. But, I own a SGS2, I can visually tell a difference with every other phone including the Galaxy nexus. I run ICS and I know exactly how clear the images actually look. When you are viewing a display on a device like a smartphone with such close proximity the pixel density matters! Super AMPLOD plus soes not take up battery life anymore than the other displays and has already been pioneered by Samsung. Why on earth would they not stick to offering it atleast on their flagship?

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  • 2012-05-04 02:14
  • 02Z4

Disappointed....nope I wont trade it with my s2

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  • 2012-05-04 02:11
  • 2Avg

8Mp camera is perfect. Thank you Samsung for not contributing to the absurd pixel race. More pixels means smaller pixel size.
Please do not ask for 12 as it would be a sad move.

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  • 2012-05-04 02:10
  • mWQR

to those who say the one x is better: please explain to me how, is it the lack of microSD, the smaller non-removable battery, is it the smaller front camera or is it the slightly higher thickness maybe its the lack of features in general.

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  • 2012-05-04 01:57
  • vnId

Cheap design and quality..... and is it super AMOLED +??? Not impressed!!!

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  • 2012-05-04 01:56
  • 7w4H

this phone is overrated. I can just feel it that it won't live up to the expectations set by its predecessor.

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  • 2012-05-04 01:55
  • 2Aux

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-05-04 00:41 from nIGS - click to readBecause you dont have any money. You have a very cheap phone.

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  • 2012-05-04 01:48
  • v0qJ

phone?tablet?it's galaxy crap

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  • 2012-05-04 01:42
  • KiT5

performance is definitely IMBA.
but shape is tottally fail.
i definitely choose One X

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  • 2012-05-04 01:41
  • y$g4

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-05-04 00:41 from nIGS - click to readstill rely on hardware qwerty keypad is stupid

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  • 2012-05-04 01:41
  • PZYS

samsung you failed big time coz consumers or users dont rely on specs but majority is because of the design... Sg2 has far much better design than this sg3... but I still prefer the design of iphone.... and samsung you should replace your designing team... fail bigtime...

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  • 2012-05-04 01:40
  • HBEh

> In reply to PPK @ 2012-05-04 00:46 from 02Z4 - click to read@PPK: Why do people think increasing MP count on a camera magically makes the camera better.

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  • 2012-05-04 01:38
  • jTaE

Awesome phone:-D:-D:-D

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  • 2012-05-04 01:34
  • 7tx7

> In reply to PPK @ 2012-05-04 00:46 from 02Z4 - click to readWhy is it almost impossible to get the message across that in most cases such as this less pixels is more? Pixel numbers in mobile phones is now nothing more than a marketing game,so I'd like to give Samsung some sort of virtual prize for being clever enough NOT to jump on the pixel bandwagon that'll soon be rolling along so fast it'll go out of control and crash.
First and foremost this is a mobile communication device and secondly it's an optical imaging device,why not actually wait until you've seen some photos taken with it using the phone's NEW imaging sensor (not the same as the S2's sensor)rather than pre-judging it based on nothing more than a number?

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  • 2012-05-04 01:34
  • 0pad

Not 12 M.Pixel camera fssss...

And display screen not extended to bevel margin in order to save some width :(

I expected to see 3D display option in it or projector like galaxy beam >-<

its more like GSII se nothing more ...

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  • 2012-05-04 01:29
  • fkK3

I wish the camera is at 12MP at least... :(

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  • 2012-05-04 01:26
  • t7XH

Is extra gig of ram difficult to add? Epic fail, almost same as S2, this is more like S2.5!

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  • 2012-05-04 01:26
  • t7Px

> In reply to jacktackle @ 2012-05-04 00:47 from JxRh - click to readThe white one looks like a lumia 710

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  • 2012-05-04 01:16
  • 2Gnf

bloody hell to those people who wish it had 12 megapixel camera... its not like you're gona print out your pictures to a big scale and frame it up on a wall! who does anyway??!!

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  • 2012-05-04 01:11
  • 32MG

Cheap plastic build, ugly old design and Camera shutter key are the major flaws. Otherwise the features and benchmarks are amazing. But cheap look and feel are a deal breaker.

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  • 2012-05-04 01:07
  • swsW

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