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AT&T announces Samsung Focus 2 - LTE-enabled WP7 on the cheap

AT&T announces Samsung Focus 2 - LTE-enabled WP7 on the cheap - read the full textAT&T just unveiled the Samsung Focus 2, which you might recognize as the mysterious Samsung Mandel that leaked a few days ago. The Focus 2 is Samsung's first LTE-enabled WP smartphone and the third one on AT&T's network (AT&T is quick to brag that it offers the only LTE-enabled WP7 phones in the...


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> In reply to iguano @ 2012-05-09 06:22 from LEZh - click to readHave you ever used android?Nope dont think so.the people who usually restarts their phone and lags are people who installed CUSTOM ROM.have you heard of it?NOPE.Official rom shouldnt have any problems unless they are the "hardcore" users.

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  • 2012-05-09 10:02
  • YT5w

> In reply to Ryder @ 2012-05-08 03:27 from 2SQP - click to readuh? who cares if the major part of the people dont know s*h*i*t about their phones... they just want to pay 300$ for the lastet plastic laggy quadcore android malware phone.

if you use your phone as a tool, you dont want a plastic laggy phone just freeze when you need it the most.

nokia wp are a diferent path between 4cores laguie malware phones and small glass phones.

btw my wife restart her iphone several times a week, i dont need to restart my wp in weeks, dont need to say that android phones need to be restarted everyday

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  • 2012-05-09 06:22
  • LEZh

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-05-08 11:53 from inV{ - click to readIt looks like the first Samsung Focus to me.

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  • 2012-05-08 22:12
  • pXJ1

Is there any chance about this handset available in India. It's good handset. I think if price will be in Rs.10,000/= to Rs.15,000/= .Handset will be huge hit in India in this segment......

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  • 2012-05-08 19:06
  • u7Y9

This phone would be perfect for the pre-paid market like Metro PCS, Cricket, Boost and Virgin. This is a market that Windows should attack very hard because there's only Android and Blackberry there.

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  • 2012-05-08 14:49
  • 0HbS

> In reply to Android-fan-lady-boy @ 2012-05-07 20:09 from rK11 - click to readOh snap the broken tape recorder is back with its annoying lag.

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  • 2012-05-08 12:30
  • IWP1

Oh, come on, this is the f*cking slightly redesigned version of Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G!
I didn't see any resemblance with Nokia Lumia 710

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  • 2012-05-08 11:53
  • inV{

I am thoroughly disappointed with the S3 in terms of design and the overall structure. TouchWiz has gone too far with customizing the skin which is absolutely crap. You never get a feel of ICS though ICS skin is much better than TouchWiz. What's the use of all those killer specs if the design and UI doesn't appeal you. Focus 2 is a much better, smarter design compared to S3. Had it been an Android phone I would have definitely gone for it. I'll may be prefer a Windows phone after seeing Apollo.

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  • 2012-05-08 07:10
  • i%Bm

How is it "On the cheap" ??

It's still a $100/month odd contract for 2 years!

I wish the US would get it through their thick heads that the upfront cost is totally irrelevant.

A "Cheap phone", would be $0 on a $50/month contract. Not simply shaving off $50 or $100 on a $2400 commitment !!

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  • 2012-05-08 04:00
  • vxYn

Samsung is successful in android... Hope it becomes successful in windows too... And who he hell now bothers if its cheap plastic or not... If u all bother about cheap then y r samsung galaxy mobiles selling like hot cakes.. Nokia has to shut its mouth and now its hightime for samsung to rise above... All nokia shits know only to manufacture symbian crap and just now have started windows lineup... Hope nokia atleast finds something in windows.. Poor nokia...

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  • 2012-05-08 03:27
  • 2SQP

> In reply to iguano @ 2012-05-08 00:08 from LEZh - click to readwell said and beautifl observation.

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  • 2012-05-08 03:08
  • N9@S

> In reply to samsung made cheaper @ 2012-05-07 19:51 from JxvF - click to readNew lumia 900 prices is 49,99 usd

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  • 2012-05-08 02:36
  • vNZB

> In reply to Mo @ 2012-05-07 20:22 from 9DaA - click to readso you are going to save 50$ and gona get 8gb storage (vs 16) 5mb camera (vs 8) a sucky vga front camera (vs 1.3 karlzeiss one) 4 inch pentile screen (vs 4.3 cbd rgb) a cheap plastic phone (vs polycarbonate unibody one).

no maps, no drive, no music, no transport, ect.


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  • 2012-05-08 00:08
  • LEZh

I don't think that people here (Germany) prefer the Nokia brand in general, but as long as Nokia is the only brand that offers awesome apps (navigation, maps, music,...) I wonder who would be so stupid to buy something else than a lumia (at least if someone is looking for a windows phone)

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  • 2012-05-07 23:38
  • gD73

since all windows mobiles have identical specifications, ruled by microsoft, it is obvious that nokia is the leader because its name is too strong yet. nly brand counts when you take a windows,and this is very bad for asian toys makers

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  • 2012-05-07 22:31
  • 0Cb2

samsung,lg,huawei,zte, since real european quality is in windows mobile game,nokia i mean, you can stop making your windows plastic toys. 86% of windows mango devices sold in the last 8 month at orange europe are nokia lumia 800 and 710.86%!!!! in the windows zone nokia have the same success that we have already know from nokia's best times. and it is normal, who can be so stupid to buy samsung instead nokia if he/she wants windows?!

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  • 2012-05-07 22:25
  • 0Cb2

Since there is not WP to copy from apple, they have decided to copy Nokia and that too Lumia 710 which runs WP7. I would have resigned as the head of Samsung Designing Department. What a shame!

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  • 2012-05-07 21:45
  • fJCp

Again it proves NOKIA is the Leader & pioneer....others are copiers and followers....LOL

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  • 2012-05-07 21:22
  • nC2J

> In reply to Android-fan-lady-boy @ 2012-05-07 20:09 from rK11 - click to readDude... Why buy expensive phone while you can get the phone that can do the same job, if not more for less price?

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  • 2012-05-07 20:22
  • 9DaA

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