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Galaxy S III gets 9 million pre-orders from 100 global carriers

Galaxy S III gets 9 million pre-orders from 100 global carriers - read the full textKorea Economic Daily is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S III has received over 9 million pre-orders from 100 carriers around the world. This information comes courtesy of a Samsung official who remains anonymous. Whichever way you look at it, that's an impressive figure. We knew the...


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I think Apple is busy now scrutinizing Samsung Galaxy SIII...looking for anything that might infringe their patents.

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  • 2012-05-20 09:41
  • TrnM

sgs2 still hot. as well as sg note1. here comes sgs3. can't wait to see sg note2. damn in love with these phones!

btw, what's an iphone...?

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  • 2012-05-20 09:27
  • ucxp

price is 36000k in india.. Almost same price of HTC one x

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  • 2012-05-20 05:47
  • vIbm

sgs3 is good compare to other carriers, i'm a transfarent person before i judge,, i will look all the option first! after that i will choose what is the best.. i have no SG3, but base on myresearch this phone is the best, i dont know why people always buy a iphone that cost a lot of money and HTC too,.. i think they dont know how to analize what is the best.. sorry for my english,.

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  • 2012-05-20 03:34
  • P@dH

Look alike big and bold Ipod/3GS.

Anyway I want this not only one but two.

Why not release it now Samsung ?

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  • 2012-05-20 03:32
  • w4G3

i dont like the design of this phone.....
i actually want a phone in which i want OS like:
1. smooth like win phone 7
2. openness like android
3. app support like apple
4. build like lumia or n8
but i knoe this kinda phone aint gonna come.....
these phone manufacturers are so mean....

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  • 2012-05-20 02:54
  • utuw

Its an disturbing figure for apple. Looks like it can supersede the worldwide sales of iphone. Will be grabbing this amazing piece of hardware on the launch, i.e. on very first day itself.

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  • 2012-05-19 23:27
  • vG1a

> In reply to vicky @ 2012-05-19 20:42 from KIET - click to readI remember reading it somewhere that its preiced at Rs. 43,000 in India and $829 in US.

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  • 2012-05-19 22:30
  • kAmE

I will luv to hav one of dis galaxy S III

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  • 2012-05-19 21:04
  • fsWr

some one can tell me...dis cell price?

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  • 2012-05-19 20:42
  • KIET

> In reply to Imagewerx @ 2012-05-19 09:25 from 3GCn - click to readdont tell that to me bro, tell that to gulan, who wants to be that kind of a guy. i agree with u.

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  • 2012-05-19 20:10
  • vIhe

> In reply to gulan @ 2012-05-19 08:24 from uvXI - click to readShut up! you Samsung hater.

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  • 2012-05-19 19:47
  • 7t84

> In reply to God @ 2012-05-19 16:42 from n5ks - click to readA days work are you having a laugh this took me 5 years i have been working on this handset since before android was released

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  • 2012-05-19 19:36
  • iIR0

> In reply to [deleted post]You love me realy sam

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  • 2012-05-19 19:34
  • iIR0

> In reply to gulan @ 2012-05-19 08:24 from uvXI - click to readNot realy an answer to what i said but on a more relevant note im not saying the others are useless they all have their up and down points i just said that in terms of benchmarks its is at the top of the tree and in regards to the one s being on top in benchmarks it does come out on top in one or two benchmarks but thats paritaly due to the screen size

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  • 2012-05-19 19:33
  • iIR0

9 million at £500 each = A LOT OF MONEY well £4,500,000,000 not bad for a days work ?

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  • 2012-05-19 16:42
  • n5ks

if u think android and samsung are the better choice...i think u might wrong and could change ur mind after seeing the new nokia lumia 800. i never undermine the power of samsung and android but sometimes we need to see other options rather than stick to one brand.believe me once u test nokia lumia 800, u might tempt to them.

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  • 2012-05-19 14:30
  • RJ2p

quad core-wow
multi-touch corning glass-ok wow
1 gb ram! simultaneous recording! so many sensors! endless possibilities!!! WOW :D

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  • 2012-05-19 13:58
  • KIeL

this is one beast of a phone that will seriously will be the big game changer this year! good on you Samsung!

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  • 2012-05-19 13:50
  • vmAS

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