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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and more

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and more - read the full textAs it seems, the Mobile World Congress 2008 is off to a flying start. The tone was set by Sony Ericsson making a huge announcement just a few hours before the start of the congress. At a dedicated event in Barcelona, as many as 7 brand new Sony Ericsson handsets were announced and almost...


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best phone ever

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  • 2010-03-19 13:03
  • nIjD

Hi to all.I am interested in buying the X1 SE but my question is does it has a stylus???Thx for those who will be able to answer my question.

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  • 2008-11-12 21:23
  • ptQ%

this phone is perfect the only drawback it does not have an accelometer so this means it wouldn't support at least the full option of the up coming windows mobile 7

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  • 2008-10-06 15:30
  • fv5J

It is not clear on external storage capacity. If it is 8GB, then it is worth to have Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1.

Can Sony Ericsson clafify on this.

I strongly believe iPhone idea is from Microsoft Surface technology.

I suggest readers to see Microsoft site for Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface technology is brought to Mobile Phones. I do not see any thing greater than Microsoft Surface.

It is worth to have sliding keyboard in Surface touch technology phones.

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  • 2008-09-04 11:16
  • vGCT

> In reply to abcyesn @ 2008-05-23 09:38 from 43jB - click to readI gave SE SA a call today to find out when they expect the X1 lauch in the country.
There response was 18 October 2008.

Just in time for my upgrade, and by then hopefully someone would have written an in depth review revealing the bugs and flaws in the phone so i know whether to buy one or not.

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  • 2008-07-18 19:25
  • N7$E

Anyone know when is this phone going to be released? says it's September of 2008. Anyone can confirm that?

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  • 2008-05-23 09:38
  • 43jB

why cant we choose between symbian and windows mobile?
cant they give us a choice to switch?

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  • 2008-04-02 01:34
  • Bp7y

What should i buy:nokia n96 or xperia.I like xperia for its touchscreen.I dont need windows mobile.I am twelve years old boy.
I like nokia n96 for its symbian especiali the n-gage program.
When these phones come out in Europa?
Ok, help me choose and mail to me.
(sorry for my bad english)

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  • 2008-03-15 15:55
  • m2JU

the XPERIA X1 has a very impressive display resolution. One of the finest yet made. Display must look sweet!!

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  • 2008-02-20 00:20
  • Schr

nokia wont release a windows based mobile why would they when there looking at the new google platform

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  • 2008-02-18 12:16
  • iIR0

This is just the first Sony Ericsson Win Mobile Pocket PC Phone.
You should wait for more Win Mobile Pocket PC Phones from Sony Ericsson.
Also wait for Nokia actions.☻☺

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  • 2008-02-17 03:04
  • SuAJ

I knew X1 doesn't support GPS.
All specs are true.

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  • 2008-02-17 02:57
  • SuAJ

The X1 only has A-GPS and not GPS as stated in the article.

Also, I doubt that the X1 would use expandable memory other than Sony's Memory Stick format (albeit the M2 most likely); not microSD/SDHC as stated by somebody here.

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  • 2008-02-16 16:50
  • vx49

I know Nokia will release the Win Mobile, sooner or later...

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  • 2008-02-16 10:19
  • SuAJ

sorry but your wrong on both there mate

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  • 2008-02-15 14:06
  • iIR0

To all:
Who cares about Symbian devices?
Windows Mobile vs Symbian.
This fight is like: Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD.
The winners are: Windows Mobile & Blu-Ray.

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  • 2008-02-15 12:08
  • SuAQ

so i dont quiet get why there is this massive nokia vs. se sorry but se have gone down hill in recent months with the poor prefomance and design of the k850 and the firmware issues on the w910i and the k850 they have lost many fans to other manufacturers.
the problem with se at the moment is that they are either designing handsets that are based on old models or outdated designs that no one will buy, nokia on the other hand do tend to rush there handsets out when they are not quiet ready however they are above the rest in the tech side of things.

at the end of the day it is personal preference which brand people go for and as of right now im afraid to say that nokia are the kings...well they will be untill iphone 2 makes an apperance next year!

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  • 2008-02-14 15:56
  • iIR0

Great fone SE. 5MP camera wud do more 4 me. I'm just wondering when will SE release the fone because I want it now.

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  • 2008-02-14 14:44
  • NanU

Rock on Sina. Teach 'em the lesson the hard way.

SE and samsung are the winners this year. Bye bye nokia. Adios motorola.

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  • 2008-02-14 10:35
  • ftjM

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