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HTC in Barcelona: P3470 and Advantage X7510 revealed

HTC in Barcelona: P3470 and Advantage X7510 revealed - read the full textWith HTC it was time for a couple of Pocket PCs at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The HTC P3470 PDA and the HTC Advantage X7510 UMPC were the debuting gadgets, while the availability of HTC Shift was made official. With GPS obviously getting a good share of attention at the WMC, there was...


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First of all for Billy: the price of the shift is around $1700, and I think the advantage will be about $1200. Nowhere near $5000.

For r.0.c.k.: the driver problem was not an issue with every htc device. The biggest problem I've heard is cases like the at&t tilt/htc tytnII/kaiser which didn't have a problem with an actual driver at all, the proper video drivers were just not included. Why not? Good question. The advantage and shift include proper drivers. I'm simply not familiar with the other device because it doesn't interest me. I want only one device that replaces my laptop and pocket pc and cellphone (advantage x7510.)

For robert: If you look there are only 3 photos under the advantage x7510 section. All photos of Shift are under the htc shift section.

And for rony: xperia may be a great device, but if features mean everything and size is not an issue,the advantage x7510 is the best device available.

Excuse my grammar and typos since I'm currently pecking on the screen of my axim x51v.

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  • 2008-02-26 07:14
  • jIZU

Nothing special from HTC this time.. Go for Eten of some other=better:)

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  • 2008-02-16 11:56
  • 0BES

KTHubbybunch - what has ipod touch gotta do with pda?? or u meant iphone??

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  • 2008-02-15 13:16
  • PQ8U

hmm, nice phones, very nice phones, they look like mini laptops. however, i wudnt pay too much for them, as i believe them to be primarily business phones.

in other words, those who wud pay up to 5 grand for a phone, i disagree respectfully. :p

or not as the case may be

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  • 2008-02-13 13:30
  • nsSk

dang!! 3 HOT phones from HTC!
the advantage totally rocks!! 16gb? this is more OWNED the ipod touch. x]

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  • 2008-02-13 10:18
  • PGij

is the htc 'driver' problem fixed???

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  • 2008-02-13 00:37
  • 4akQ

Not really sure what is the need for the P3470: the Touch Cruise has better specs and you can get it for less. 450+tax means 540...

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  • 2008-02-12 22:51
  • nXdv

i really like it. i really want it. i want one now. ill pay up to 5000

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  • 2008-02-12 18:43
  • M3s@

i sniff a new o2 device from the p3470 hmmmmm

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  • 2008-02-12 18:00
  • iIR0

The photo number 4 of the X7510 don't correspond with this model, is a HTC-Shift photo !

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  • 2008-02-12 15:32
  • AS75

not too bad, but the first one is supposed to be affordable? that price tag still warrants hsdpa and wifi


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  • 2008-02-12 14:16
  • kc79

nice.....but still cant stop raving about the SE xperia x1.........yay!!!!

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  • 2008-02-12 13:02
  • 2SVi

Oh, nice gadgets :D forgot to mention it ;D

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  • 2008-02-12 12:50
  • M@T2

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