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Sony Xperia miro gets officially unveiled on Facebook

13 June, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Sony Xperia miro gets officially unveiled on Facebook - read the full textApparently, Sony's Facebook counter, which we told you about a couple of days ago has reached its magic number, so here is the object of all the anticipation. Meet the Sony Xperia miro - the company's latest mid-range Android smartphone with a solid knack for social networking....


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atleast 200Mhz GPU should have been there in Sony Miro

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  • 2012-06-13 15:19
  • P@TN

Design concept (common block design) is ok with me - looks are subjective after all. However, practicality is somewhat universal thing. The phone is too long. To much useless space from the bottom off the screen to the bottom edge of the phone. Could have been used for a larger screen (or made a more compact phone) instead.

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  • 2012-06-13 15:18
  • t7V%

i am frustrated with no flagships announced i also was expecting worldwide version for xperia sx
but anyway sony would announce new phones on 20 june check the link

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  • 2012-06-13 15:17
  • iD6y

Xperia acro s is another high end phone from sony that will be launched in Q3 this year.

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  • 2012-06-13 14:37
  • rJSC

Was expecting a flagship phone worthy of the hype and you gave us this piece of garbage. Goodbye Sony. You are always a year or two late in technology. You just lost all my faith in you.

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  • 2012-06-13 14:35
  • t7Xh

> In reply to ali @ 2012-06-13 11:21 from 6QnX - click to readSame here.. I wonnder what about the xperia range that come out on certain region (japan) that hardly see the global light out here... I'm really cant wait for Xperia sx/gx to come out.. if it come, it will sure rise the company market sell... I'm sure...!

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  • 2012-06-13 13:51
  • KiAV

The miro has a front cam, go doesn't have one...ouch!

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  • 2012-06-13 13:51
  • v0qx

Disappointing!! All i was thinking that hayabusa might get revealed but what? Mid end phone again? R there not enough? Seriously Sony makes ur move or just steps down from the game. As a fan u really piss me off.

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  • 2012-06-13 13:12
  • tV0L

Nice devices.... cant wait to see the illumination effect.. good job sony

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  • 2012-06-13 12:50
  • ib42

miro whitepaper­aper_EN_st23_xperia_miro.pdf

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  • 2012-06-13 12:39
  • KiN}

> In reply to gilb @ 2012-06-13 10:13 from t7Xr - click to readI agree with u on this.
Even xperia u has the same problem.for a 3.5" device it's too long and even after considering the illuminating strip n bottom cap there's a lot of unecessary's narrow too which makes the potrait keybord cramped which on any other 3.5" device would be fine.
I Hope that miro is a bit wider.

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  • 2012-06-13 12:35
  • rKeh

sony is ready to rock

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  • 2012-06-13 12:28
  • t}Af

> In reply to andi @ 2012-06-13 09:13 from SY0n - click to readyou are right ... but at least they should change the shape or the way they advertise their phones ... i am not saying i don't like sony cause i do i just want them to be more creative

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  • 2012-06-13 12:08
  • SkE{

I would like to know, why most xperia phones look identical to each other? This phone looks like Xperia Sola, Xperia S looks almost like Xperia P at front side

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  • 2012-06-13 12:06
  • u{G{

> In reply to boosook @ 2012-06-13 10:18 from 0PJm - click to readperfect ... thanks

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  • 2012-06-13 12:05
  • SkE{

> In reply to Divy @ 2012-06-13 09:08 from fmZF - click to readwell, i guess the subject here is not about people learning english plus you should respect that not all nationalities speak perfect english ... Diva :) sorry ... Divy

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  • 2012-06-13 12:04
  • SkE{

> In reply to ali @ 2012-06-13 11:21 from 6QnX - click to readIf u could just stop crying u could see xperia s and xperia p are the highend devices from sony this year.
Sony has decided that it's quad core phone will use the cortex a15 cpu which is in developmental stage so don't expect sony to come up with their quad core flagship before 2013.

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  • 2012-06-13 12:01
  • rJSg

Sony is not learning from the mistakes of Sony Ericsson 5 years ago which allowed the media to force crApple onto the market. Releasing scores of devices that look the same is NOT a good strategy.

The model used by the 2011 Xperias was superior. All devices with same spec, merely different and unique form factors. (Though they did mess that up by not giving the Arc a front cam; luckily I bought a Pro :P) The 2011 Xperias all had a nice curvac design too.

PS: where is the next Xperia Pro :P

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  • 2012-06-13 12:00
  • sXAa

xperia miro spec

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  • 2012-06-13 11:35
  • KiN}

> In reply to Fachry @ 2012-06-13 10:21 from PDQg - click to readyep best looking phones on the market

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  • 2012-06-13 11:25
  • xqxr

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