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Motorola announces RAZR V XT889 for China

15 June, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Motorola announces RAZR V XT889 for China - read the full textMotorola has announced a new version of the RAZR exclusively for the Chinese market. This version is called the RAZR V XT998 and has a completely new design compared to the current RAZR. The front side gets new thin, long grilles on the top and bottom with the 4.3-inch display (probably the...


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what difference to Razr Maxx? Maxx is 3300mah battery, how about this one? same as old Razr but just becoz sold in China?

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  • 2012-06-19 09:00
  • tZ9p

why this kolaweri. . . why moto releasing devices only for china market..?

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  • 2012-06-16 18:15
  • P@T}

This is a nice phone but I think that bezel could have been smaller..apart from that its sweet !

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  • 2012-06-16 15:43
  • LKnZ

> In reply to weh @ 2012-06-15 19:25 from IVZg - click to readSure there are many different options, but smaller sensors and smaller antennas, as well as slimmer speakers means worse quality. Besides, where are you holding the phone? That's right, where it's slim. And the bump - in addition to the rubbery back - will keep it from slipping out of your hands.

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  • 2012-06-15 21:30
  • m}iU

cant wait for the bullet :D

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  • 2012-06-15 20:36
  • n556

too much bump. Motorola loves the bump. I don't know why they ALWAYS have to put that bump on their new models. you CAN make it flat with the camera module but you just LOVE the bump. sheesh.

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  • 2012-06-15 19:25
  • IVZg

It gets ICS??? if motorola doesnt get it fast to verizon..back to samsung or apple i go. NEVER to buy another motorola product EVER.

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  • 2012-06-15 18:06
  • j3jW

It's a disgrace that Moto puts the name "Razr" on those products. It's not even near the perfection of old Razr.

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  • 2012-06-15 17:18
  • YPb1

my motto s d best

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  • 2012-06-15 16:43
  • v0qT

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-06-15 14:48 from ftb} - click to readHA! I totally agree this handset better be coming to north america, it seems like moto is sniffin the asain crack.

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  • 2012-06-15 16:22
  • jn}u

Yes, a lot of really good moto phones are heading to china

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  • 2012-06-15 15:25
  • 7XcZ

Seriously Motorola...why dont you just move your HQ to China and be done with it seeing you so in love with that country!

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  • 2012-06-15 14:48
  • ftb}

The only bad thing about this phone is, it adds 1.3mm to the thickness, kinda killing the main selling point

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  • 2012-06-15 14:47
  • Ik1G

in the first line you call RAZR V XT998 and at the end called RAZR V XT889. so RAZR V XT998 or RAZR V XT889???

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  • 2012-06-15 14:24
  • tsWn

in the first line you call RAZR V XT998 and at the end called RAZR V XT889. so RAZR V XT998 or RAZR V XT889

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  • 2012-06-15 14:21
  • tsWn

hello moto

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  • 2012-06-15 14:11
  • 9xpe

in india

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  • 2012-06-15 14:04
  • 9xpe

moto comeback in philippines...

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  • 2012-06-15 13:32
  • t7G5


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  • 2012-06-15 13:30
  • smbp

looking for something different moto . But luv you still . Sony samsung htc sony xperia xolo omg how many of you same android phone wit just 1 spec different from another boring guys

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  • 2012-06-15 13:29
  • vIfu

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