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HTC admits Wi-Fi hardware issue on the international One X

19 June, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
HTC admits Wi-Fi hardware issue on the international One X - read the full textQuite a few owners of thе HTC One X have reportedly noted connectivity issues with Wi-Fi and strangely, it's something that can be temporarily solved just by squeezing the handset in the right place. Clearly then this is a hardware issue and not something that can be fixed with a...


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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-06-19 08:32 from YP9w - click to readNokia fan boy alert

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  • 2012-06-19 09:24
  • 3GKY

Atleast they have the guts to admits there mistake

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  • 2012-06-19 09:24
  • sxtT

I have a similar problem with the speaker on the back...sometimes the sound doesn't work and when I squeeze it on the back(speaker location), the problem is solved...

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  • 2012-06-19 09:17
  • LaK{

Never any problem with my HOX, this article clearly mentioned that this issue is on a very limited quantity.
All the phones out there have factories errors,nokia,samsung,apple,Sony...
Get a life!

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  • 2012-06-19 09:14
  • j012

> In reply to mikefmv @ 2012-06-19 08:49 from mtkx - click to readthey already admit the wifi hardware issue. lol

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  • 2012-06-19 09:13
  • t7Ph

I own a one x since it was relaese and my one x have that problem with wifi since a few mounth but is only at home where i can not connect it other wifi networks i have tried their the one x does a good job if this cant be fix through a software update then i will replace my one x

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  • 2012-06-19 09:12
  • UD{Z

What about the One S?? My wife has had the same issue with the wifi dropping out even when in the same room as the router!!! Come on HTC!

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  • 2012-06-19 09:12
  • MAIx

i own htc one x m facing wifi issues since i bought the phone. what should I do. Will I get replacement from the company.

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  • 2012-06-19 09:12
  • vGuZ

So they are just indirectly copying the iphone 4 saying your'e just holding it wrong? lol

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  • 2012-06-19 09:03
  • ftb}

What's wrong with you HTC? I heard lot of problem. Wifi, chipping problems, hardware...

Take you time n' build quality items. Buyers will appreciate it.

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  • 2012-06-19 08:59
  • iwpJ

I am the owner of a HTC One X and I had no problems with it so far.
I can say that I owned 2 more HTC phones and had no problems.I`m not a fanboy,but I was satisfied with the HTC products

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  • 2012-06-19 08:49
  • mtkx

Classic HTC...
And now that they admitted that they sold a very expensive faulty device, they will "torment" their clients with their support.

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  • 2012-06-19 08:44
  • nmAY

Faulty product recall them all...

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  • 2012-06-19 08:39
  • iien

wht a joke...useless hardware, go with Nokia!

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  • 2012-06-19 08:32
  • YP9w

Ha ha ha ha ....
Paying 35,000/- to make fool ....

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  • 2012-06-19 08:32
  • u1D4

Well this sucks, couldn't have they learned from Sensation's mistake?

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  • 2012-06-19 08:31
  • 3IJt
Anyways..Instead Samsung is far better than then HTC..
HTC released its two flagship model Sensation and one x...both are having can a company with flagship model be plagued wth such problem..

on the other hand samsung released s2,3 and uptill now no major issues...
HTC has only bunch of devices to monitor ,produce ,sell still such problems....

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  • 2012-06-19 08:29
  • PRTN

hardware issue? so the updates won't fix it......what will htc do now?

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  • 2012-06-19 08:22
  • H4tx

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