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Here's why current WP phones won't get Windows Phone 8

26 June, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
Here's why current WP phones won't get Windows Phone 8 - read the full textMicrosoft caused a lot of excitement when they announced Windows Phone 8, but also a good deal of disappointment when it became clear that the new OS won't be coming to the current crop of Windows Phone devices. There's a reason for that - the two OSes may look similar on the outside, but they...


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> In reply to zztop @ 2012-06-27 07:50 from 3Yfp - click to readYa if app developer would do that. remember that 7.5/7.8 has different kernel version compare to WP8. If I will be an app developer I will only write for WP8 as it will be essier code.

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  • 2012-06-27 08:38
  • MxbJ

after using most of the phones out there.... im really satisfied and would consider window phone lumnia900 amoung the best beating s3 htc1x s2 iphone4s in internet speed(youtube,etc)try it yourself and its only single core *snapdragon.. welldone!

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  • 2012-06-27 08:30
  • u{EQ

I hope they will supoprt the Arabic language on the new WP8 OS, because simply this is the only reason stopping me from buying a device running WP.

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  • 2012-06-27 07:51
  • P$9r

> In reply to dothan @ 2012-06-26 18:35 from b$2W - click to readTrue, but do you have installed on your phone 100,000 apps, the fact that might want to try 2 new apps a day even for the next 2 years in a row wouldn't reach that number, which continues to grow till the launch of WP8 and who is to say that devs wont be able to put apps for both.

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  • 2012-06-27 07:50
  • 3Yfp

Another major blow for the Nokia-soft fans.
I m really sorry for them...
but in a way they kind of deserve it for their blind fanboyism...
Pll where trying to convince themselves of the superiority of the platform, the Nokia support and the bright future it has, but now it all bit them back.
The restrictions on the hardware MS imposed, created phones of average quality, when they finally hit the market, as expected.
And now, those very restrictions is what makes them incompatible with the next soft update.
Which is its turn has new restrictions and is destined to re-create the same problem.
Eventually, they will either choose not to keep up with the rest in the soft development or have the biggest market fragmentation of the lot and the most unhappy lot of owners, as the support for their brandnew device expires in less than a year...
Nokia lost the market because they always bet on brand-name and marketing.
They could never keep up in a direct fight with the competition, their phones were more expensive and were offering less.
With the WP and the spec restrictions, there have secured that they wont fall far behind, as the other firms have to limit their specs in order to come in line with them. MS will make sure not raise the specs in deep waters, where Nokia cant follow.
So Nokia will have a last chance to milk the remnants of their fanbase with this policy...

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  • 2012-06-27 07:14
  • gIV5

microsoft was right, the old OS was horrible... the new technology bring desktop, tablet, and smart phone with the same compatible OS will benefit many user. so icant wait to see the new windows phone.. hope the price as cheap as android phone..

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  • 2012-06-27 06:50
  • uCcw

blah blah blah blah... MS treat their costumers conveniently like ignorants

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  • 2012-06-27 06:06
  • PckR

Why are people so worked up about not being able to upgrade to WP8?

I don't get it - didn't you KNOW when you bought your Lumia that it only had 1 core, no SD slot or NFC?

Didn't you also know that the next version of WP would enable multi-core support?

So if you wanted power, why did you get this?

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  • 2012-06-27 05:47
  • tRnj

Nokia still doesn't get it. The main reason iPhones sell is bcoz it is part of an ecosystem. You get excellent software (iOS) that is married to an apps store (iTunes)that ensures your investment in a smartphone is secured for several years, not after a year (sorry Lumias)

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  • 2012-06-27 05:32
  • vxjy

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-06-26 18:36 from Ns9Y - click to readThat i agree wholeheartedly. There is nothing such as future proof phones in today's rapid technological advancement. Just buy a phone that suffice for your current needs, and don't harp too much about future updates.

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  • 2012-06-27 05:28
  • Mg@7

Thank god I bought Galaxy Note!

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  • 2012-06-27 04:59
  • vGAH

I am an android user for 2yrs now. But just wondering that are the people bashing are they dumb or trying to be one. Sammy does not release ICS for galaxy ace due to hardware limitations. The same with all other company's as well.

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  • 2012-06-27 04:48
  • P$uD

> In reply to Nokia Fanboy PRO @ 2012-06-27 01:50 from kJq6 - click to readWhay? You dont think nokia is a failure?

I will repeat their share prices.

Jan 2008 $39
Jan 2009 $16
Jan 2010 $13
Jan 2011 $10
Jan 2012 $5
Now $2.40

I am simply trying to alert nokia fans to the harsh reality. NOKIA IS GONE!

WP8 wont save them because all other phone manufacturers (except) apple will be able to create phones for WP8 as well.

ps i used nokia for 4 years so am not a hater just a realist.

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  • 2012-06-27 04:46
  • wgut

is still a dead platform look like happen to symbian when they were announced dead, no one in their mind is gotta program for a small 6 million base, only.

and old hardware

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  • 2012-06-27 04:42
  • Pv9c

really DISAPPOINTED with microsoft.
it feels like buying a high end rig 9 month ago, and suddenly you're told that your machine can't install the latest Windows. wtf ?

I think I make a mistake by buying a windows phone. I should buy and iphone back then, at least I will able to use latest iOS for next 1-2 years.

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  • 2012-06-27 04:28
  • XMiu

It's so typical for MicroNokia...

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  • 2012-06-27 04:21
  • Spx{

I want to wait until WP8, but my phone became brick last Saturday. So buy the Lumia 710. It has all function need for daily communication. No regret.

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  • 2012-06-27 03:47
  • ubcd

> In reply to Tarun @ 2012-06-26 16:36 from rK1w - click to readbecause the fact that nokia ditches symbian and meego and goes for crappy WP doesnt make sense, that's why

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  • 2012-06-27 03:43
  • vIgX

as a former nokia fanboy, i hate to say this;
nokia is going down, elop fcuks up big time

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  • 2012-06-27 03:22
  • vIgX

MS is blaming the current Windows Phone Specs that they strictly required to all current Windows Phone Manufacturer... Worst management decision ever...

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  • 2012-06-27 03:14
  • vLxj

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