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MeeGo team says goodbye to Nokia, N9 quietly weeps

04 July, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
MeeGo team says goodbye to Nokia, N9 quietly weeps  - read the full textSo, this is the end of the road for the MeeGo team at Nokia, as Head of Development of MeeGo Sotiris Makrygiannis joined by other team members announced they are parting ways with the Espoo company. Those are the same people responsible for the birth of devices such as the N770, N800, N810,...


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Wow, this N9 is the best phone ever! Grab one for yourself and check it out.

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  • 2014-03-22 12:06
  • fuN1

AGREE!!! MeeGo is the best OS in the world,,,, its so awesome, so smooth and so easy to use.... So bad there is no one to develop this OS as much as the Android OS and the IOS :\\\\\\

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  • 2012-10-13 08:03
  • vGYJ

i have nokia n9 but it not supported firang nimbuzz y2sms whatsapp pls help me

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  • 2012-09-01 14:04
  • vb}k

> In reply to Killian @ 2012-07-06 19:19 from sXpJ - click to readget a Nokia N9, you will LOVE IT..i have one, its the best OS EVER.

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  • 2012-08-09 08:36
  • fuSJ

I've recently bought an N9 and also I had a Galaxy Ace. Meego could have been the best Operative System in the world. Android sucks.

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  • 2012-07-12 15:58
  • LxNh

Waiting for something better than Android,,,,i hate android and much samsung

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  • 2012-07-08 23:37
  • j012

> In reply to The Boy with Red Hat @ 2012-07-07 18:38 from 8V2G - click to readYeah...I work in a phone store, I have literally not had a single customer happy with the N9. It's absolutely ridiculous saying the N9 is better than Android. The Android system is far superior, has WAY less issues.

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  • 2012-07-08 06:33
  • PPRw

MeeGo is better than Android.

Check stability.

Android required firmware update every month.

Amezzzzing Nokia N9

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  • 2012-07-08 05:56
  • tE}P
  • The Boy with Red Hat
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I was predicted this long time ago. Sadly I was flamed because of that but now this becomes true. :P

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  • 2012-07-07 18:38
  • 8V2G

n900(meemo) d best though outdated,still can manage 2 catch up w/ ios n droid just hope they've more appz n license 2 games n application developer..n update on flash player stuckd w ver.9.4

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  • 2012-07-07 12:53
  • PG3c

What puzzles me is that Meego was supposed to be a great OS. Why did Nokia abandon it? Were there limitations that could not be bridged & Android was clearly better or was it a case of Nokia lacking the finance & commitment.
Presently Windows Phone OS is not as flexible as Symbian and has many limitations. Can Windows overcome its glaring restrictions or will it forever be second to Android?

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  • 2012-07-07 10:58
  • fuNc

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-05 19:45 from 3pwj - click to readDalvik virtual machine

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  • 2012-07-07 00:20
  • 04%u

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-06 03:45 from mc6Y - click to readSelf-fulfiling prophecy, anyone?

They *had* other choices. They were just to incompetent to transform those choices into products.

They had to rely on a company to do it for them. Now Finland's dearest is a second-grade hardware manufacturer for Microsoft. A joke, plain and simple.

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  • 2012-07-06 21:42
  • 8U2W

I wanted a stable OS ecosystem and all nokia managed to do was fragment massively.
I was banking on maemo/meego actually coming to something more than just a waste of £500 (N900)
Nokia sold out to MS because they had no otaher choice, I thought it was just until Meego got going but no, Nokia, you've lost a loyal customer here. I'll stick with my E71, until something better than android comes along. Baby OS.

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  • 2012-07-06 19:19
  • sXpJ

They should have kept working with MeeGo and fall back on it if the Windows thing doesn't work out. MeeGo had more promise...should have used it as a disruption tech. I just saw somewhere where it says Nokia has a backup plan just in case windows fail to reach up to expectation...wonder what the backup is.

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  • 2012-07-06 19:13
  • TfjR

elop is the death of nokia they should never go for wp7 i personally prefer meego over wp7

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  • 2012-07-06 13:08
  • 0TFG

Since 2001, I have been using Nokia and now that Meego is doomed, I don't think I will buy another mobile ever again. I don't want windows or iphone or android. I will just have to preserve my Nokia N900!

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  • 2012-07-06 12:45
  • utYw

All the fanboys here want to hate on Elop. Nokia was going down long before Elop ever came. Deal with it. People weren't lining up to buy Symbian phones. They wanted iPhones and Androids. Nokia's share prices dropped from around $40 to below $9 before Elope ever came. Most of the people posting here don't care about Nokia or Symbian or Meego. They're just bitter that Nokia chose WP7 over Android.

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  • 2012-07-06 03:45
  • mc6Y

Nokia spend a lot on research, but never been an market leader to introduce their findings. Nokia failed to introduce new concepts to lure the customers. First coloured screen phone in India... Not by Nokia. First camera phone in India... Not by Nokia. First flash on mobile... Not by Nokia. First touchscreen + smartphone... Not by Nokia. Remember the time in 2003 to 2006, when Nokia brought new phones to market on weekly basis without any changes inherent, and by just changing its look. On dozens of mobiles Nokia fitted the same 6600 processor & screen and made tiny changes to its camera pixels...and woo, new mobile is ready...!!!When iPhone makes drool the customers with ease of capacitive touch screen... Nokia just sited on compound... doesn't made any fast move... (just check the release date of iPhone and first iPhone "killer" 5800) And what it bring? same os60 with touch input... No innovation... fails to sense the requirement of market. Nokia never wish to upgrade from resistive screen, and continue to sell old hard pressing bricks to us. When it brought the capacitive phone, world already moved on to Android... All mistakes done by Nokia itself... So no wonder it is suffering so hard now... Note: I started to use mobile since 2002, and my current N79 is my 7th Nokia in line... along with iPhone4. Newer wish switch to samsung or cheap Indian brands, as I always love the Nokia & by heartily feel, if Nokia would brought a good Android phone, I would choose it over iPhone...

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  • 2012-07-05 21:25
  • utyy

> In reply to _mm @ 2012-07-04 18:06 from 3IwQ - click to readI have 36 processes running atm on my SGS1.
There is 75MB free RAM of 361MB available.
Everything runs smooth (on a custom ROM from XDA).
What seems to be the problem?

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  • 2012-07-05 19:45
  • 3pwj

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