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Nokia 6650 and Nokia 6124 classic announced

Nokia 6650 and Nokia 6124 classic announced - read the full textNokia is obviously running out of numbers. That became clear with the announcement of their spanking new Nokia 6650 at the CeBIT 2008. The thing is that there is already another Nokia 6650 - one of the first 3G phones ever to come to life. The original Nokia 6650 was also presented at CeBIT but way...


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I liked Nokia 6124. By considering its features I would love to own this phone.

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  • 2011-02-17 09:28
  • uAi8

Honestly, i love the design.
But, exactly how much is this phone?
I think this phone is a bit rare in my region.
Hope i can find one here.

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  • 2009-01-16 19:16
  • 0Cps

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  • 2008-03-15 23:10
  • jJwR

hi i think nokia is also running out of ideas today every body is presenting new ideas like iphone is a great invention if nokia also added such feature then i think it will goes ion top again but we can wait and watch

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  • 2008-03-07 08:34
  • PxKj

plss tell how much it is..

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  • 2008-03-05 14:28
  • w0QN

Where are the updated E-series like E71 and E66? Very disappointed. Nokia, wake up! Flex ur muscle to fight back with other mobile handset manufacturers.

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  • 2008-03-05 05:41
  • P@TY

6124 is a nice phone, but it's definitely not the successor of 6233. Nokia, where're your decent S40 phone?

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  • 2008-03-04 12:34
  • PFiN

wow. looks great

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  • 2008-03-04 07:19
  • CRnA


if they will do that....they will continiously sound boring.

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  • 2008-03-04 04:00
  • PDPg

h0w can n0kia 'run 0ut 0f numberz'????

juss keep 0n d0ing what they d0ne did t0 d' n95!!!

first, there was d' n95(0riginal)..... then the n95-2(tw0)........ and then the n95-3(three/us version) came 0ut.........

hey, if they can implement diz 'filesystem' s0meh0w n0kia W0NT 'run 0ut 0f numbers'!!!!!


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  • 2008-03-04 03:06
  • M@T2

they release phones so quickly and now they're running out of numbers,though i guess they have reasons for this.but i guess nokia should start thinking for a new series of numbers so that their phones would not sound so boring.

Anyways, a great phone deserves a great name right?

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  • 2008-03-04 02:52
  • PDPg

Ugly nokia cellphones!!! No class!!!

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  • 2008-03-03 23:57
  • jBJA

Great, the first one looks like motorola class "under $100" :-D

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  • 2008-03-03 21:33
  • nsL1

Nokia is trying to cut on expanses and have transfered all R&D to the accounting department!!!!

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  • 2008-03-03 21:12
  • 01dV

The 6124 look stylish with lots of late N-series design influences. I would love to get that front and keypad for my 6120.

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  • 2008-03-03 19:12
  • SnCq

its preety similar to motorolla phones. Ne idea wat da price wud be?

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  • 2008-03-03 18:22
  • Pxxd

Thank God ..Nokia have made a Phone to upgrade from 6233.....

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  • 2008-03-03 17:55
  • nEw%

Shame the first one is T-Mobile only, it seems like a really decent handset.

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  • 2008-03-03 17:52
  • nSHG

That's what happens when you create a lot of models at a very short span of time - you will run out of numbers.

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  • 2008-03-03 16:03
  • 2AuH

rubbish design

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  • 2008-03-03 15:19
  • mCSY

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