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HTC releases unaudited report for Q2, revenue down by over a half

07 July, 2012 | Read the news | Post your comment
HTC releases unaudited report for Q2, revenue down by over a half - read the full textIt has not been a very good quarter for HTC - in Europe, the financial crisis meant lower demand, while in the US the patent battle with Apple meant delayed shipments, both of which hurt HTC’s performance. HTC has yet to release the full report, but the unaudited numbers (PDF) show that the...


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I purchased htc explorer.but in very little time, I think my phone is outdated as htc is not providong update to Android sad.....
Why should I purchase htc phones in future again as not providing customer satisfaction....

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  • 2012-07-10 13:44
  • rA$V

the user interface experience is awesome, but the quality of the devices begins to fall. Devices with death pixels directly from factory and lots of other bugs. Said, very said, I am a big fan of HTC and I had over 5 top models but from the sensation generation, the quality and finishing of the products begins to low.

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  • 2012-07-10 09:19
  • mARB
  • HTC Marketing issue
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The problem was HTC Marketing. Betting so much on the HTC OneX was a mistake, as having done more marketing for the OneS would have been smarter. Not all people like big screens. Then releasing the OneS in Asia suddenly with a Snapdragon 3 (1.7ghz) made it even worse. It did not surprise me at all for the quarter lows.

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  • 2012-07-10 04:26
  • 9xx6

The most important reason for majority of us to buy HTC phones is that they really stood out in the crowd with their quality and innovation and the user experience was unparalleled. Having said that HTC just can not (or for that matter any other company) rely on its manufacturing strength alone but it should have developed an equally impressive after sales/ customer support infrastructure but sadly HTC has failed big time in providing that much needed assurance to its customers, at least in India. And I dare say if they do not improve customer support (ICS update is one among many critical issue concerning after sales support) here in India, customers would not even touch HTC phones even with a barge pole.
Probably Indians can relate to similar case of FIAT in India, they make excellent cars but worst possible customer support and Indians are afraid to buy FIAT cars, save for some enthusiasts but that does not help FIAT to post profits in India. I am afraid HTC is going the FIAT way in India only a handful enthusiasts will buy HTC phones in future but not masses.

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  • 2012-07-09 17:39
  • bCeC

I love HTC but when it comes to a specific phone i want, they dont make it any more, i remember back when they made unique touch and keyboard phones, i love that, now they make touch screens that all look the same to me. I went from a desire z to a samsung galaxy glide as a hardware upgrade and i love it but if they made another beast phone like an upgraded my touch 4g slide for Canada, i would be all over it

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  • 2012-07-09 13:27
  • TbES

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-08 19:12 from my2Y - click to readDude, the One X has wifi disconnection issues (GSM Arena article) and HTC has confirmed this. 2 of my friends who owned HTC phones told me to stay away, as one of theirs exploded (HTC HD) and the other one had a hard time getting his phone fixed since the damned HTC service center in Manila is open on occasions only. I think this is where HTC is failing - customer care service.

You can still sync your files and photos in a cloud service even if you have an external card. It would not hurt if you have an external card to store your HD movies onto. Movies which can be downloaded directly onto your card. Cloud saving is logical if you have good unlimited internet connection, and what if you don't have connection?

Removable battery is the most convenient way to refresh power and does not make you worry about plugging in all the time, especially if you use your unit often with the internet. 5 hours of mobile internet is not enough for my work and entertainment, especially I download torrents with Atorrent. Plugging your smartphone unit increases the chances of theft or loss (oh, I forgot my phone since I was in a hurry to somewhere!) and charging the battery on a separate charger reduces the chances of explosions due to usage while charging (ever wonder why instructions tell you to turn off while charging?) and battery life cycles (drain fully and charge than "still not empty" but charge it anyways).

The reason why Steve Jobs wanted a sealed iPhone was that he didn't want anyone tinkering around his creation. Apple just replaces your iPhone if something is faulty inside, and therefore you can't replace the battery. Android smartphone designers are trying to follow this now, and I think they shouldn't since it gives Android users an edge in usage life with battery changing.

The problem about blind brand loyalty is that it numbs you from seeing what is better out in the market. Why is it then HTC is not holding up its profit if they are indeed making "quality" products? You seem to be a big customer. can you explain to use what it is that you see in HTC's superb products that we should see? Oh, we already know about the great designs it has and its HTC Sense UI.

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  • 2012-07-09 09:32
  • v0qx

Everyone here are just saying things which show that either they are fanboys or have no idea of what they are talking about. HTC is producing some excellent Handsets of late and the design's are much better than Plastic King Samsung who only thinks hardware is of prime importance as can be seen from a single design with different screen size's and prices in their products! And Apple are they competing fairly? There patent wars just show what kind of company it is and I have nothing against their products but the way they take on competition is simply pathetic from consumer point of view but who cares as many have bought their itoys and now after spending a fortune it's human to see comments like Apple is King. Meanwhile yes HTC is slow in getting to ICS but every manufacturer was and is doing it as it's a complete overhaul but who will understand? The best way to compete in market is launch ultra expensive iToy or PLASTIC with supreme hardware and then justify and comment on other companies who are atleast doing brilliant things quietly! also I am no fanboy but a nokia user for long which every one was if they owned a proper smartphone and I have used the device's in store and it's not worth to spend your hard earned money on these itoys or plastic garbage. Sony is releasing good phones but the battery part is simply surprising and disappointing. Motorola is offering really nice RAW devices. Nokia is just stupid to stick with WP and sleep. Well I just hope we see fair competition but people would understand only when they understand what they are paying for is it worth or not. No phone is perfect it's just what suits you

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  • 2012-07-09 08:49
  • t}mn

Unless HTC rolls out ICS update for the mobiles it promised, HTC will be on unfavourable side. Sony and Samsung already released ICS update for their mobiles, but HTC? Its already past due date mentioned in their website. Finally customer satisfaction is not met. Have you analysed this reason for your down in revenue?

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  • 2012-07-09 07:22
  • PxrM

> In reply to Hass @ 2012-07-08 17:45 from 0Bq5 - click to readI second that, HTC should follow the two other Chinese mobile makers, Huawei and ZTE and start making low-end and mid-range phones for the masses.

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  • 2012-07-09 04:09
  • q}%I

Nokia killed HTC on Windows Phone

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  • 2012-07-09 00:32
  • kg3x

Nokia!!! i saw what you did there!??? hahaha

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  • 2012-07-08 23:24
  • t7yj

> In reply to Nokia Fanboy PRO @ 2012-07-08 20:08 from kJq6 - click to readThat's funny, oh sorry I thought it was meant to be a joke.

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  • 2012-07-08 22:46
  • my2Y

Nokia killed HTC's profits.

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  • 2012-07-08 20:08
  • kJq6

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-07-08 02:52 from SHed - click to readProve it that its better !!

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  • 2012-07-08 19:13
  • my2Y

> In reply to TheNeighbor @ 2012-07-08 02:31 from v0qx - click to readI think you will find my friend that S Beam is a re branded name for Android beam.
As for getting a app for office. Then like wise for pop and play. You can download super video, which plays two video at once and you can also resize the screen.

As for the old argument about memory, Apple sale more phones than most as a single handset. And there biggest selling phone is a 16GB iphone. So the memory is not a major issue.
Also on the S3, you can not back up you apps to a memory card. But cloud storage is far better than memory cards. I have used some of the biggest names in memory cards and they have gone faulty.
So if I have my phone insured and I take some wonderful pictures at my sisters wedding. The I lose my phone or its stolen. The good news is my phone is insured. But my pictures are gone. . .BUT if its backed up to Dropbox or skydrive, then only do I get my phone back, but my photo too.

As for battery, again a old boring argument. Iphone seems to sell and have no issues there.

I use to work in a store and the amount of people that came in for battery issues was very very rare.
The main issue, software.

You call the features on the camera a gimmick. But the two most important parts of taking a picture, how sharp the image is and the exposer. Samsung have got wrong in the camera department.

Do you even understand F stop on a camera and what it does ?

Why do you think you get movement in your pictures. Because you shutter speed is too slow. Why is you shutter speed too slow, because its trying to let more light in.
The F stop on the S3 is 2.6 the F stop on the One X is F stop is 2.0. What does this mean. The F 2.0 means it a bigger hole, meaning more light, which means faster shutter speeds, which means no movement in your picture. Yes you can use a flash, but flash can drain your battery. Talking of flash, HTC have smart which reads the distance between the lens and the subject. Saving you from over exposing and battery life. The S3 does not have this, as for smart stay, it does not work most of the time especially on darker skin. And if you really want it, download iseeyou.

If the camera features were gimmicks, then why did Samsung feel the need to copy?

The Galaxy S3 is a really nice phone, if I said it wasn't then I would have to say the One series were no better. As for the screen, If its Super Amoled you want, HTC One S. Try comparing a video and see for yourself.

For a company as small a HTC, they are sure giving Samsung a run for there money and they sure have a lot of it.

HTC all the way for me my friend. There phone's don't feel cheap, the build quality is better than any other on the market and there features are benefits and not gimmicks.
Its HTC, HTC and HTC for me.

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  • 2012-07-08 19:12
  • my2Y

I really didn't like it when HTC said they won't be making lower end phones anymore, maybe they will be forced back to route 1. ZTE and Huawei are taking in shares now with low prices for very good features.

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  • 2012-07-08 17:45
  • 0Bq5
  • dozer the hackmaster
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when sgs3 was released it was kept for demo in all leading stores (bangalore),but nt the same with htc one X,,..

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  • 2012-07-08 17:06
  • vI75

And people have the nerve to say that Nokia should've went with Android?? Yet HTC is not doing very well with the platform it self smh...

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  • 2012-07-08 15:42
  • k7Pu

I honestly, had 2 htc devices: desire s and one s. Both of them look apart from other phones in their era. Very stong user experience, few software issues with desire s. I had several times when i had to remove battery, but other that that all the things that were meant to be there workee like a charm.

About htc one s i've just bought it 2 weeks ago so no real feed back can be obtained at this moment, except that in my opinion is the best oooking android phone (at least the black version) and the baterry is a huge stept forward compared with desire s.

As for the sales - samsung has very good phones, sgs IIi looks very good and have the most powerfull hardware in the market, but it is a matter of taste, because we do not use our mobiles to be champs in benchmark, and in day by day use you don't feel that difference that only benchmarks can tell.

I think that apple gave hard time with the temporarly ban of htc one x and evo 4 in usa, where htc has a very good position.

On the otyer hand, Europe is much closer to other brands, and takes time to conquer a better position in relatively conservatory market, where Samsung has better position.

I hope to recover because they have really good phones, probably the only trully competition to samsung ( including google phones). Sony is far in performance, Lg lacks support and updating in time the software, Motorala has some mobiles but isn't there yet. Maybe Huawei and Zte, Meizu will become strong challangers, but not today.

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  • 2012-07-08 14:43
  • 0UcH

> In reply to sanitycheck @ 2012-07-07 21:26 from I0Sq - click to readYou are absoloutely right, also to remember, Samsung, Sony, Apple, Nokia, have proper showrooms to exhibit their wares, whilst HTC uses third parties, who are in most cases useless.

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  • 2012-07-08 11:14
  • 9CVe

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